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Darkwing returns!

Category: General

It's official: The Darkwing Duck comic book series is returning!

For more information about this exciting news, I've added a new comic section, "Definitively Dangerous". Keep an eye on this page, because it will be updated with future news, previews, and more goodies related to the upcoming comic!

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Older news

September 19th 2014, 8:09 PM Disney Afternoon podcast!
May 10th 2014, 8:14 PM Another Disney Adventures comic added

Image of the day

Negaduck takes up a second job mastering the fine art of the Swedish Deep Tissue Massage.


What's your MOST favourite arc from the BOOM! Darkwing comics?

The Duck Knight Returns (Issues 1-4) – 9 votes
Crisis On Infinite Darkwings (Issues 5-8) – 7 votes
F.O.W.L Disposition (Issues 9-12) – 1 vote
Campaign Carnage (Issues 13 - 16) – 0 votes
Dangerous Currency (Issues 17-18, DuckTales Issues 5-6) – 1 vote
The Annual (Toy With Me, Terror of the Time Turtle) – 0 votes