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I think I metioned the idea before: Clovis travels back in time and creates an alternate timeline where she saves Taurus Bulba from the explosion (or maybe she doesn't, but shows up in the beginning of Steerminator and convinces Bulba to use a better plan).
Bulba, still "Kingpin of St. Canard" hires several supervillains, but of course Darkwing beats them, because the hero always wins. So they get some upgrades. I already thought about some for the Fearsome Four (only four, because Negaduck of course does not work for Bulba). Bushroot gets a symbiotic mold fungus that can cover his body and serve as armor and as gas mask, as well as as energy ressource when he is locked away from sunlight. It's mostly made for defense, since Bushroot clearly does not need help to attack someone (he has trees to do this). The Liquidator gets a swarm of nanobots. They can change colour and surface and let him appear normal, and they have several sensors which allowds him to, for example, flood a library and read all the books in a few seconds. Megavolt gets black shiny armour that absorbes heat and light and produces electricity - and protects him from water. Quackerjack gets the strangest upgrade and becomes kind of a clockwork cyborg with some reaally disturbing (yet funny) surprises.
But I feel, this four aren't enough. Do you have any ideas for upgrades for other villains?
“Darkwing Duck just won because Morgana summoned this yak. Can you block her spell?”
“I left the academy!”
“They didn’t accept me at all!”
“I’m a sorceress, not a witch. I need a pathway!”
“Well… So I have to nail her hand to the chair!”

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