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Casting Call for a new Quiverwing Fic

For those of you who've read my first Quiverwing Duck fic ( ... al_Express) and enjoyed it, I was struck by inspiration the other day to make a sequel fic set in the same universe about the appearance of the Justice Ducks in that Universe. However, I'd like the makeup of the Quiververse Justice Ducks to be different from the Duckverse Prime. Specifically, I'd like it to be almost completely different. The only members in common will be Gizmoduck and Quiverwing/Darkwing. The other members should be as follows: One Magic-user, One Shape-shifter (of some kind) and one superbeing created by a scientific accident (like Bushroot, Stegmutt or Liquidator, but a good guy/reformed bad guy) I'd like at least one, but preferably two to be female. They can be Original Characters or Canon Characters (since this is an Alternate Universe by definition, a canon character can have his backstory changed if you want to) If you give me a pure OC, then please tell me a little about his/her Primeverse counterpart as well. Finally, while I am looking for those specific things characters, I'm not limiting myself to three characters, I'll take more if need be. I really want a diverse cast. I'm also open to new ideas and any other thoughts or powers that you guys suggest. I look forward to hearing all the suggestions. Thank you for your time.

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