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Casting Call for a new Quiverwing Fic

Hm... That reminds me of something...
Back then, when Der Gelbe Gallimimus was little more than an expy of Darkwing Duck, I tried to create an equivalent to the Justice Ducks for him. BEAS, a person in mechanical armor much like Gizmoduck was the first choice. Garra, basically a Morgana-expy (well, she became much more later) was the second. I later decided to make her the descendant of a family of magic using priests. For Neptunias' role I invented an axolotl that was used as a lab animal and mutated by accident. Now she has human-like intelligence, super-strength and the ability to create sticky or slippery secrets from her skin. I forgot why I named her Gabriella, I think she found this name somewhere in the lab...
The fouth one was supposed to be different from Stegmutt, so, and that's the coincidence I feel reminded of, I used a shapeshifter. Indeed I simply took the legendary charcter of Rübezahl (I have no idea if he has an english name) and portrayed him as a neanderthal who, long ago, mutated to a powerful genie-like being, but whose powers are connected to his realm, so that outside he can use his magic only on himself, what makes him a shapeshifter.
“Darkwing Duck just won because Morgana summoned this yak. Can you block her spell?”
“I left the academy!”
“They didn’t accept me at all!”
“I’m a sorceress, not a witch. I need a pathway!”
“Well… So I have to nail her hand to the chair!”

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