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He had Been the Best

The home was stale the air damp with the odor of age and the passing of time. Time what was the point of it now? His wheels squeaked across the cool linoleum floor they always kept it so clean here shining so bright you could see your face in it, your worn and bitter face. Hard to believe this is where he had ended up in The Saint Kanard Asylum for retired Criminals. His name back then had been Crazy Jimmy or the Chaos Man or just plain unpredictable.

He laughed a dry cracking sound rasping from the back of his throat "yeah those where the days" he muttered allowed me and old Darkwing Duck one on one taking his tripple reverse paddle drop boom boom kick to the gut and coming back for more and how many times did I take that gas gun? Oh the laughing gas during that jewelry heist was some punch he smiled his teeth protruding from his wrinkled beak DW was gone now last he had heard he had been killed in one of Nega Ducks traps or at least that is what the old Quak kept saying during dinner "I killed em he would say chainsaw right to the beak and it was suck blood goody beak" He didn't believe it The Duck Knight was not that easy to take out he probably just passed away of old age or something.

"I could have beaten you you old buzzard he muttered gimme one more chance and I would show you strap you to a bomb or send you whirling into another dimension yeah I would give you something to quack about "He rose from his chair and coughed I was always your most worthy opponent and you know it! I was better than Quaker Jack, Bushroot and all of FOWL cobined I made you the terror that flaps in the night!

He slumped back down in his chair a tear dropping from his eye I...I was the best and now I am done and you are gone.

A hand tap him on the shoulder it was Nega Duck "Couple of us are playin cards in the common room you in?" He grinned "Yeah he muttered long as Quacker Jack doesn't cheat again those exploding cards of his are a real pain in the tail feathers" They laughed and stared to wheel down the hall "Say" said Nega Duck have I ever told you about the time I killed Darkwing duck? There I was my back to a vault...Here we go again was all he could think.

The end

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