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Angie, Shelley is pulling her hair out!!!! Deviantart is driving me insane, it will not let me do almost anything! And it's the ONLY site giving me issues! I don't know what to do! I don't think this is an issue I can call my internet provider on and even if I could get to deviantart FAQs and such, dunno if they could or would help me.

I can't even post THIS in my DA journal!

"It has been two days since I have been able to view my comments and responses with my computer, my watchlist, or fullview pictures or add anything to favorites on there and this seems to be the ONLY site that is giving me issues! Yet I can do some of those things just fine from the bloody cellphone! What the HELL?! Just so you guys know and don't think I am ignoring your art or comments (sighs) I've already used virus and malware scanners and zip! Nada! I apparently can't even use my "More options" button at the bottom of this post to change what I am reading!"

Any ideas?
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