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NegaDuck's Journey (updated to part 3)

*This is my version on how I think that NegaDuck may have originated, who knows? I thought it would be nice to just write something fictional and interesting, please leave your comments.* (note: the person writing this is NOT who I normally am in the rest of the forum, it was written by my alter-ego, Taylor.)

PART #1: After what had been happening over the last few months, it looked like no one was ever going to adopt this child. After being un-named and left in the streets as a small duckling, he had grown wild and dangerous (not to mention extremely evil). The caretaker for the orphanage had finally stopped trying and just let him go. It had taken too much out of her to constantly bail out this child from prisons and the fines were starting to REALLY add up. So she just told him that he could no longer stay there, and within two seconds he was gone. Apparently the child HAD a name whether he had given it to himself or someone else had, she didn't know, but she knew that it MUST be his name, because it was carved into the wall with what looked like it could have been with a chainsaw...NEGADUCK.
Finally, he was free of that annoying woman and her rules and constant yammering. He didn't WANT to be bailed out of jail, he wanted to BREAK out. All his life, no one had wanted him, so he created weapons to at first defend himself, but that was only for a few moments. After his first chainsaw, he knew what he wanted to do, what he wanted to be. Yes, he was no longer the pitied disowned, unclaimed, and nameless boy. No, he was NegaDuck and he would be forever.
'Now' he thought, 'All I need is to find a place to learn my own ways of being TRUE self' He rolled out in his new tank that he had just recently grown to like a whole lot, and set forth on looking for a secret hideout that he could call home for a little while. After two days of searching, he came up upon a large bridge with two towers. When he got a closer look, he thought better than to pick such an obvious place to choose, he couldn't put his finger on it but he knew that somewhere else there was someone doing similar things that he was. He searched other places and found the oppostie of a lonely and boring tower; an abandoned factory that used to be used as a weapons manufacturing plant, he was feeling right at home already.
He spent the next few years robbing banks and making his wn weapons to use to torture and torment the innocent people of this city. Then after all this time he was finally reeady to do what he had been planning for quite some time. It was time to take over St. Canard.

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