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NegaDuck's Journey (updated to part 3)

"So, I've got a look-alike who likes to play hero, huh?"
NegaDuck looked at the robber who looked nothing more than a little nuisance than an actual villain. All he did was sit there and cower, waiting to see what he would do.
"So your p-planning to go after Darkwing Duck?" the criminal said nervously.
NegaDuck looked at the beagle and sneered at him.
"I don't see any reason why I shouldn't. I love to cause unnecessary pain, and something tells me that an opportunity to do so is coming up. HEHE."
The beagle's eyes got wide fast as he realized what the villain was planning, "B-but this is D-darkwing Duck we are talking about! Not some little bank robbery!"
NegaDuck just scoffed at the thought. "HA! You think that I should be scared of THAT baffoon? If everyone in this universe is as soft as you, I'll take over with ease."
And with that, he got up with the loot and was about to leave when he turned towards the criminal and threw something to him. "Hope you have a blast. HEHE." Then he left without another word.
The beagle looked down at the sizzling thing in his hands...then he realized that it was a bomb.
NegaDuck was about 20 yards away when he heard the building explode. He made his way to a place where he could see a television. Something told him that he would be on tv soon...or at least his deeds would be.

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