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Duty or Family (Part 3 Uploaded)

Chapter 3: The Truth Is Overwhelming.

Drake was no early bird. Slowly making his way to the kitchen he reached for his coffee mug. After turning the coffee maker on he noticed a note sitting next to the toaster. He rubbed his eyes so he could read it properly.

~Went with Honker and the Muddlefoots to the park for some soccer practice. Be back later.
Love, Gos.~

Drake sighed. "Doesn't that girl know she's still grounded?" Shaking his head he'd let her get away with it this time. As he was mixing the cream in his coffee the Flash Quack zoomed through the double doors from the living room and came to a hovering stop right in front of him. The hatch popped open to revealed a rolled up note.

"Can't a hero sit and enjoy a cup of coffee before being called to action?" He said bitterly as he snatched the note and sat down. Taking a sip he read the note over mumbling it out loud as he scanned it. "..*mumble, mumble*....escort...*mumble* of SHUSH's top agents...*mumble mumble*...important mission....*mumble*.

Catching the scent of coffee Launchpad walked in. Seeing Drake at the table the sidekick grabbed a box of cereal from the cupboard. "Whatcha got there DW, The funnies?"

"No, it's an important escort mission from SHUSH."

"Oh, are they finally moving SteelBeak to a bigger prison?" Launchpad asked as he poured the last of the milk into the bowl. "Thanks to that over-stuffed bear Grizzlykoff, SteelBeak escaped a few days ago." Drake finished his coffee in a hurry as he figured he'd better get over to SHUSH Central to see what was so important about one agent. Secretly, he hoped it was Derek Blunt. It'd be nice to go on another mission with him. they may not have gotten along at first but, by the end of their last mission Blunt had admitted to respecting the masked mallard.

"Well, I'm off. Do me a favor and wait here for when Gosalyn gets home." Launchpad nodded then called to the hero as he walked out of the kitchen. "Oh and DW, don't forget the milk. We're out." Drake poked his head back in the door with an annoyed expression. "Funny LP, reeeeeal funny." He headed for the twin arm chairs in the corner. "Sheesh, you have a fridge drop on you a few hundred times and everyone makes a joke out of it." He grumbled as he punched the head of the mouse statue in between the two chairs. A few spins later and Darkwing was riding out of tower on his Rat Catcher.

SHUSH Central was a lot quieter then normal. Many agents were out on important missions leaving only security staff, the medical staff, and a few minor agents who had let their paper work pile up on them. Director Hooter was walking down the hall with Cindy. "I apologize for keeping you stationed in Japan for so long, but, we still don't know who it was that wanted to kill you all those years ago. We didn't want to take anymore chances." Cindy looked down as they walked. She had hoped he wouldn't bring up that incident. Especially after she had been dwelling over her for the past few days.

"I understand. So, there aren't any new leads to the ones responsible?" "No, I'm afraid not. But, don't worry, I've assigned someone very capable to be your escort." Cindy managed a smile. He must be very talented to have such praise coming from you sir."

As they came up to Hooter's office door they heard a commotion coming from inside. Hooter opened the door as both agents were engulfed in a dust cloud that was filling the room. "What's going on here?!" The director coughed. The dust cloud settled to reveal a strange sight. Grizzlykoff had Darkwing by the neck trying to strangle him while Darkwing had his foot shoved into one of the bear's eyes. "Gentelmen, please stop this at once! You are agents of SHUSH not pro wrestlers." Hooter shouted.

"Bet ol' Griz could pass for a sumo wrestler." Darkwing commented. "You imply that I am fat?" The bear growled. "Gentlemen PLEASE!" Hooter waved his arms. "What is this all about?" He asked. Grizzlykoff dropped the hero on his head. "Duck is unacceptable for escort of one if SHUSH's top agents. He is incompetent fool!" Darkwing got up and folded his arms with a smug grin. "Coming from the agent who let SteelBeak escape with fifty armed guards."

The bear turned, with a ferocious growl was about to tear him limb from limb when Cindy walked in. "My goodness, if all SHUSH agents had half the spirit as you two then FOWL would be shut down entirely by now. Darkwing noticed her standing there for the first time and pointed a finger at her. "Hey,your the lady who had her purse taken by those thugs in the back alley last night."

"Ah, so you've already been acquainted with Agent Mallard. Then you should be alright with assisting her in her mission." Darkwing looked at Hooter with a look of confusion. "Agent...Mallard?" "Yes, is there something wrong with my name?" She asked. Darkwing pulled his turtleneck collar with his finger. "Ah, no not at all. The name just seems familiar is all." Darkwing had always assumed his last name was rare but, perhaps not as rare as he first thought. "Then it's settled. Darkwing, you will assist Agent Mallard with her mission." Replied Hooter as he handed Agent Mallard the mission file.

She flipped it open. As she went further and further down the list she couldn't believe what she was reading. "Sir, this is..." "I know. I think you've dealt with the unknown long enough. You deserve to have some closure and with Darkwing's help I'm sure you will finally be able to put your tragic past behind you." Trying to stay professional, Cindy held back her tears. "Yes Director Hooter I'll get right on it."
She got up to leave with Darkwing following her. The hero looked back at Griz and stuck his tongue out at him. "The bear growled at him. "Now, Agent Grizzlykoff, about SteelBeak's escape." The bear stopped growling and cringed at the topic.

In the SHUSH agent's cafeteria Agent Mallard set the file down on the table next to her iced tea. Darkwing sat down opposite of her. "So, what'd Jay Gander mean by closure?" Cindy opened the file folder so that only she could see it. Looking over at him she asked, "You said the name Mallard was familiar to you yes?" Darkwing nodded. "Yeah, there was a guy I saved a while back by that name. Why, you related to him?" She couldn't help but smile slightly at him. "I was hoping you might be able to answer that." As she said that she turned the open file over to him. "My husband and son were killed when the family car was forced off a cliff road and crashed into the ocean. My mission is to find those responsible and bring them to justice."

Darkwing saw the file and choked on his iced tea. The realization what this meant was like getting hit by a freight train. His drink went down the wrong way and he couldn't stop choking. "Here, just relax." She said. As he choked she was behind him and rubbed his back. It soon did the trick. "I may not have been a mother for as long as I should have been but, I was a good one." She said taking her seat.

Darkwing didn't know how to tell her, or even if he should. Should he tell her that her son survived? Should he tell her that it was him? Or should he leave things as they are to save her the guilt of not looking for him. Perhaps she had looked for him but couldn't find him. He had moved to many places throughout his life as a child. Mostly moving to different orphanages. Finally, he decided to wait. The case was only half solved. They still didn't know who tried to kill them that day.

"I understand the pain your going through. I never found out what happened to my parents either. I promise you though, no matter how this case gets solved, You'll have a happy outcome." She looked down. "The only happy outcome will see these murderers brought to justice for their crimes." She said finishing her tea. "I can do much better then that" The hero thought to himself. Over the next few hours they went over all the leads they could explore.
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