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The Beginnings of X

Ch. 1

She was busy playing with her toys alone at their home on the coast of St. Canard's sea of water. The tv was on and the news was playing. Her parents had just left to go and get some things at the grocery store that was only a few miles away. They had only been gone for about ten minutes when she saw their picture on the tv screen.
At first, she just sat there and watched their pictures, but after a minute or two she realized what the anchorman was saying:
"In the last few minutes a married couple has been murdered after exiting a local grocery store, the police are searching for leads, but have found nothing so far." 
She just sat there taking in the situation. Being only 6, however, she didn't understand what they meant by murdered so she went back to playing. She was interrupted when a bunch of people in black came and took her though, as she reached for a small toy one of the men were about to leave it when another said "Let her have it, its just one ting that el not even make a difference." she guessed that he was their leader as she eagerly grabbed the doll.
As they stormed out of the house she looked back at it and cried out for her parents as they loaded her into a van. They drove on and all the way into a place somewhere deep in the city, where the criminals lived. She had never been this far in the city before and looked anxiously around as they pulled up to a large building.
As they got out, dragging her along with them, she saw a bunch of men with guns and egg shaped helmets standing at the entrance. The man who was in charge walked in with the snap of his fingers and the other followed him. 
When they were inside of a small room she remembered one of them putting her down on a cot and throwing a blanket at her. 

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