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The Beginnings of X

Ch. 9

X zipped around the bank listening for anyone, mainly eggmen but police. She had listened eagerly when NegaDuck had told her what she needed to do.
"It's not my usual blast in and terrorize, but this way Darkwing dimwit won't have a clue as to who robbed the bank." he said as she began with the plan.
She had never made anyone else transport with her before, but wSs ready to givebit a try as she grabbed NegaDuck's arm and started to concentrate. 
NegaDuck watched as she concentrated hard, then noticed that he was starting to disappear with her. After a moment he looked around the inside of the bank vault. 
"Well, well, well. Impressive, I thought I told you outside the safe though...I wanted to vlast into something!"
She was a little dizzy after transporting them both. "Oh, well sometimes I poof in the wrong place...hehe." she chuckled a little nervously waiting to see how NegaDuck would react. Then she notice that he was stuffing the cash that surrounded them into a few large bags. "Oh well, I can just blast us out of here." he said without any acknowledgment of X's comment. When he had finished with what he knew he could carry, he turned to see her standing with twice as many bags full. 
"Hey, I don't think that even you can carry all that out in the run out of here." he said "Besides, I get the majority if whatever we collect remember?"
She looked at the bags then back at the villain. "Yeah I remember. That's why I get more money, I need as much as I can get for FOWL."
"Right. And you don't want to keep ANY of the loot? Just hand every cent back to the people who experimented in you instead of letting you keeping the money to fund your own evil schemes?" "Yeah. That sounds much more profitable." he said with sarcasm.
She threw him a glare and just turned to pick up the bags like they were pillows. "Are you going to blast the door open or are we going to stay here all night?" she had to admit that NegaDuck had a point though. Why should she just give up what she had worked for? And why to the very people who made her endure so many excruciating experiences as a child? As she thought about this NegaDuck was throwing a bomb against the door if the safe. The door flew open and the alarm started going off. She quickly ran up ahead if NegaDuck as she heard the sirens of police cars coming from a few blocks away. 
When they were both safely back at his hideout, NegaDuck dumped out the loot and quickly counted it. $15,000,000...not a great night, but it was good enough to see this rookie in action. Maybe she could be an asset later on.
X put about $5,000,000 in a bag and threw it over her shoulder as she turned to NegaDuck and put out her hand warily.
"Well NegaDuck I think that we might see each other again soon."
He saw her hand and just brushed it away. "Sorry. I'm not one for hand shakes...your name?"
She thought about it for a minute. 
"Just call me X." she said with a smirk.
"Alright, X, go on and get out! I've got some money to spend. I've had my eye on a thermo-nuclear warhead that I need for a upcoming job."
She turned and transported outside and quickly turned invisible as she ran to her warehouse.
She woke up at the crack of dawn laying on an old couch in the warehouse. She was used to waking up early and prepracticing before her daily routine. She threw the large sack of money over her shoulder as she sped away to the FOWL headquarters. She noticed when the eggmen finally found her after the past day of searching. As she strode in, she was confronted with the same eggheads from the previous day. 
"Hey sweetheart, whatcha got there? A present for little old me?" 
She simply punched him, which sent him all the way across the room as she got into the elevator and hit the button. When the door opened she went to Steelbeak's office and poohed in.
"Well well, look whose back, and with some dough I might add." 
She threw the bag onto the floor and watched some if the cash slip onto the floor. As he snapped his fingers, a eggman ran over and handed him the sack. After he weighed it in his hands for a moment he looked up at her. 
"Well looks like youse did a good job. I'll talk to High Command about your agent ceremony later." 
Then he sent her away to go train a little more. When he came by the training center later, he saw her knocking out a few dozen eggmen in the sparring ring.
"Good news, youse can have de ceremony tomorrow. Until then, keep training." and with that he left her to beating the eggmen senseless.

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