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Inner Turmoil

Inner Turmoil

Summary: Quackerjack is back in action, and this time he will go to every length to destroy Darkwing Duck even if it means framing the masked mallard for murder.

Disclaimer/Author Notes: I do not own Darkwing Duck or any of its characters, they belong to Disney and the ever popular Boom! Studios, Sonia Ross was used with my permission. Also this is the fourth episode of the Fourth Season. This ‘episode’ makes references to the new Darkwing Duck comic-book series and it even features one of its new characters. Also this story’s setting of the future takes in a alternate timeline, about five years ahead. And as a final note: “Justice Teens” are a parody of “Young Justice”, and credits will not be used this time.

Written by: David Brown (A close friend of mine)

Production Code: 104

Inner Turmoil

Saint Canard, it was considered to be the closet city on Earth to be hell. Except for maybe Duckburg. People lived in fear. Murder, destruction, crime, supervillains were all home to Saint Canard. But yet there was one duck who was determined to make the city a better place. A duck who had experienced a sudden tragedy at a very young age. Ever since that moment, the young man vowed to ensure that what happened to his family would never happen to anyone else. He trained for years, going all around the world. One night he returned to Saint Canard and began his crusade.

He was Drake Mallard, but he had another name. By night, he was Darkwing Duck. The moment criminals saw him, fear struck their hearts, for they knew that no matter what that the masked mallard will foil their schemes and send them back behind bars, even the supervillains had proved to be no match for him as well.

There was one enemy, who was constantly causing Darkwing trouble. This man had looked identical to Darkwing, and was evil as opposed to good, and was one of the city’s darkest threats. He was so terrifying that even most of Darkwing’s rogue gallery was afraid of him, and more than once had he nearly came so close of demolishing the entire city. This villainous duck was Negaduck, the leader of the Fearsome Five and the city’s Public Enemy. But this story does not focus on him, but rather it focuses on a different enemy and one of his minions: Quackerjack.

Quackerjack was once the best toymakers in the world and had once own a toy company with the same name he is now known as today. However he had eventually was driven to the path of villain when a video-game franchise called “Whiffle Boy” had drove him out of business, turning him into a villain. In Quackerjack’s mind, all the atrocities he committed were just harmless jokes, he was nowhere near as dangerous as the likes of Negaduck or the late Taurus Bulba, but when Negaduck had destroyed his best friend who was in the form of a banana headed-doll called “Mr. Banana Brain”, that’s when he became more darker, more twisted.

Inside of his new hideout, Quackerjack schemed. He looked at the plans, he wrote up. He smiled as he examined it over and over. “Mr. Jack?” Asked Wacky Weasel, his loyal (as he put it) hench-woman. She saw him as her boyfriend, although Quackerjack didn’t necessarily see their relationship the way she did.

Claire was a young woman who Quackerjack had fallen in love with, who had loved to play video-games. But eventually she had developed strong feelings for Quackerjack, to the point where she had joined him in his villainous plot. Upon becoming a villain he had named her “Wacky Weasel”, since it was difficult for him to find her a more suitable name since the best villainess’ names were already taken.

“Yes what is it Wacky Weasel?” he asked.

“Well, the boys are waiting for you to give out your plans,” Wacky said.

“Are they now? Well, I’m ready. Let’s go,” Quackerjack said, smiling. Inside the (as Quackerjack called it) Living room. Quackerjack explained his plan down to the last detail. “We hijack one of Saint Canard’s blimps and nuclear weapons that are hidden in this city. We get at least fifty miles away, threaten the city for one million dollars, with the promise we won’t blow the city up, which we will of course do anyway.” Then Quackerjack broke into hysterical laughter, but then he stopped. “Any questions?”

The henchmen, who were made to look like clowns with banana shaped helmets, looked out each other, until one stood up. “Yeah uh boss? What about Darkwing? Isn’t he going to try to stop us again as usual?”

“Very good question Mr. Banana Brain One,” (Quackerjack had named his three henchmen after his precious destroyed Banana-Headed doll.)

“Actually, boss” the thug said, coughing to clear his throat. “That’s not my name. My name is---“

“I don’t care what your name is! To me you’re Mr. Banana Brain One!” Quackerjack roared, seething with rage but regained his composure. “As for my plan I’ve got that planned. We won’t defeat Darkwing, this time Darkwing is going to defeat himself.” Then he broke into hysterical laughter, which caused him to fall over in his seat…

Inside the Mallard Residence, where Drake Mallard had lived, was a small suburban house and seemingly ordinary. But the house was nothing but ordinary, for it was the home of Darkwing Duck, the city’s caped crusader. On the couch sat two kids. These two were Darkwing’s partners in his night work. One was a girl, one was a boy. One was Gosalyn Mallard, one was Honker Muddlefoot. Gosalyn is Drake’s adopted daughter, before she had even came to his life he had spent his lonely life living inside his Darkwing Tower, it was until then when he had adopted Gosalyn following the aftermath of the incident of the Ramrod had he resurrected his Drake Mallard alias (having abandoned it since the day he became Darkwing on the day of his senor prom) and settle to a life that was close to normal.

“So how are the Justice Teens doing?” Gosalyn asked, she was a very young woman, though she was more girl than woman and her crime fighter alias, Quiverwing Quack, reflected that. She had long red hair and pretty green eyes.

“They’re fine,” Honker started. He was Gosalyn’s childhood friend and like her he was also a crime-fighter although he was more like her sidekick than a hero. “Aquaduck is still trying to get used to the whole ‘super teen’ group. Superduck is also trying to get adjusted to the idea, and Speeduck is still the juvenile prankster. And Falcon is making modifications to the hideout’s security defense systems, I did offer to help him but he insisted that he wanted to do it alone.”

Honker was a member of a group called “Justice Teens”, a small young group of superheroes. Each superhero was a former sidekick of a famous superhero. Falcon was the sidekick of the famous hero called “Batduck”, and was the team’s leader. Superduck is the strongest member of the group, and he is the clone of the original Superduck. Like Superduck, both Speeduck and Aquaduck were also teenage heroes that share the same name of the heroes that had taken them under their wings. And then there was Ms. Venus, a young intergalactic super-heroine and she was the niece of the Red Star, who too was from Venus.

“Oh,” Gosalyn said, she grinned. “What about Ms. Venus?”

Honker stared blankly and blushed. “What about her?”

“I notice that you didn’t say anything about her.” Gosalyn said.

“Well Venus is just being Venus. I hear she misses me a lot though.”

“Aw,” Gosalyn said, still grinning. “Honk, you know she likes you a lot.”

Honker’s face turned redder. “What do you mean by that?”

“Oh well,” Gosalyn said, she turned her head and grinned again. She continued to speak. “Don’t worry, Honk. School’s summer dance is coming up in a few short weeks. Why don’t you take her to it?”

Honker started blushing furiously. “What do you mean? We’re not… not yet. Uh…”

Gosalyn just chuckled. “Well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea don’t you think?” She asked.

Honker shook his head. “Enough about my love-life, Gos. What about you? Have you found anybody attracting at your own high-school? Like a certain popular quarterback for an example?” He smiled slyly.

Now it was Gosalyn’s turn to blush. “Uh… well I…” she started, but she was interrupted when Drake himself entered the room. He was a short mallard with no hair and pale blue eyes. He was dressed in a lime green sweater. “Dad,” Gosalyn said, standing up. “How did your interview go?”

“It was fine,” Drake said. “Good thing you’re not causing any trouble early at this morning, Gosalyn. But anyway I’m glad that you and Honker are both here.”

Gosalyn sheepishly scratched her head. “Oh, why’s that?”

“It’s time for the night shift. You two get into your costumes now.” He said.

“Oh…” Gosalyn said, slightly disappointed. “Well, you heard the man Honk.” She said, trying to wave it off and not let her father notice. “Let’s go.” Gosalyn and Honker headed towards the blue armchairs that were located in the dinning room, with a slap on the head of a small statue of a famous detective they were sent to the Darkwing Tower, which was the secret location of Darkwing’s crime fighting headquarters. It was located at the Audobon Bay Bridge and was dark, and dreary. The tower had served as his hideout for over five years.

So they changed into their costumes, and within a matter of moments they had finished changing into their heroic alter-egos. Drake’s was a purple double-breasted jacket with a light blue turtleneck shirt and a pink-lined purple case, a purple mask and a wide-brimmed fedora. This was his Darkwing Duck attire. Gosalyn’s was a green costume, a fancy hat, purple boots and a purple cape, and a sack of arrows on her back, her insignia was a little “Q” on her chest. This was her Quiverwing Quack attire. Honker wore a large red arrow headpiece and a arrow pack on his back. Like Gosalyn and Drake he wore a mask to cover his face. This was his Arrow Kid attire.

“All, let’s go,” Darkwing said. As he began walking towards the Rat-Catcher, the purple and red motorbike was Darkwing’s primary source of transportation.

Meanwhile Quackerjack was inside Saint Canard Square. “Ah. Fighting. Death. I couldn’t ask for a better day.”

“Quackerjack!” came the voice of a police officer. It was the commissioner of Saint Canard who called out the voice. “Put your hands behind your head. Do not resist! You are clearly outnumbered!” The commissioner backed these words up well, for behind him were at least a dozen cops with guns and clubs.

“Perhaps Commissioner.” Quackerjack said, that smile still showing on his face. “But I am never outclassed.”

“Only in your sick mind, Quackerjack.” Said the unnamed commissioner. “All right! Open fire!” He sand the other cops began pointing their guns until Quackerjack suddenly vanished. “What the hell?” He shouted.

A laughter echoed on the skies. The police officers looked up and on top of the nearest building was Quackerjack. “You see Commissioner? I’m always one step ahead!” Quackerjack roared with laughter again and ran off.

“Darn it! Get copters after him now!” The commissioner started, but before he could process that order, he saw a dark purple dot. “Actually I’m not sure we’ll need it now.”

The purple dot was that of Darkwing as he came down at Quackerjack, who still running on top of the building. Darkwing landed in front of him. Quackerjack stopped in his tracks. “About time.” He whispered to himself. Quackerjack smile still flashed as he and Darkwing looked at each in the eyes. Darkwing’s fierce and angry. Quackerjack’s happy crazed looking. They were enemies. Quackerjack was one of Darkwing’s most hateful enemies, Quackerjack thought the same of Darkwing. Except Quackerjack desired to play with the Masked Mallard more than anything else.

“I am the terror that flaps in the night,” Darkwing shouted dramatically, running as fast as he can after the villain. “I am the virus that wipes out all the precious data in your computer! I am Darkwing Duck!”

As he ran Quackerjack couldn’t help cock an eyebrow, “I already know who you are, silly! Must you always introduce yourself in that stupid speech of yours?” He grinned when he saw Darkwing scowled at him.

“Your fun ends now Quackerjack!” Quivering said, as she and Arrow Kid appeared behind Darkwing.

“Oh! Brought the kiddies with you, I see. Not a problem.” Quackerjack said, mildly laughing. Then he broke into a run in the other direction. “Run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me I’m the Quackerjackman!” Quackerjack laughed more and more with each joke. Darkwing and his team ran after him as Quackerjack jumped from building to building.

“Quackerjack!” Darkwing shouted, bringing out his gas-gun and fired a gas cartridge in an attempt to knock the clown on his stomach, but it missed and Quackerjack kept running.

“Nice try, Banana Beak!” Quackerjack laughed, as using his own grappling hook went at least ten feet through the air to a faraway building, but Quackerjack stopped and turned around, and began jumping around and making funny faces. “Come on! Throw one of your gas cartridges right over here! I dare you!”

Darkwing and his partners stopped in their tracks. “This is no game Quackerjack!” Darkwing yelled.

“It is to me!” Quackerjack mocked. “Come on! Throw an explosive cartridge I double dare you!” Quackerjack mocked him. Darkwing’s hand reached into his cape and pulled out a cartridge and begin switching the attachments to his gas gun.

You can’t do it. You won’t do it. You are Darkwing Duck, protector of peace. You can’t attempt to kill Quackerjack.

But on the other hand, Quackerjack is mocking you and has called your brilliant intro speech stupid.

Don’t let him get to you… you won’t do it.

You know you shouldn’t… but you will.

With this final though, Darkwing raised his gas-gun at Quackerjack’s direction and pulled the trigger.

“Darkwing! What are you doing! That’s gonna kill somebody if it misses Quackerjack!” Quiverwing shouted.

Quackerjack smiled, as he turned on his communicator. “Begin it now!”

“Right Quacky!” Wacky said, as she watched from a nearby building, she motioned for the three goons to ready the body. On the streets, there lay a man, who was in his thirties. He was already gone, but they were hoping Darkwing did not realize this. The goons set him down and ran out of the way, giving Wacky the “okay” signal. “All right!” she said, taking a switch from her pocket, she pointed it at the nearby building.

Inside was a giant magnet, it activated as Wacky pressed the button.

The gas cartridge was getting closer and closer to Quackerjack, but he stood there smiling. Then suddenly Darkwing snapped back to reality. “What have I done?” he said.

The gas cartridge narrowly missed Quackerjack. “Nice try Darky! But… whoops!” He said, pointing at the building. “Look out Mister Innocent Bystander!” Then Quackerjack laughed when he saw Darkwing’s face overcome with horror. The gas cartridge hit the side of the building.

“Yes!” Wacky yelled in triumph. “Right on target!”

“Good work Wacky Weasel, well done. Now get ready for your other role.” Quackerjack said through the communicator.

“Right!” Wacky said.

Darkwing looked on with horror as it exploded, causing the building to collapse. While one may think that much power could be inside such a little gadget, Darkwing had made it so that in case he needed to blow up something that was incredibly large that it could blow something up as large as a building.

He was about to regret it. The rubble came down, burying the dead man beneath it. Wasting no time Darkwing quickly grappled down to the sight. “No!” he said to himself.

“What just happened?” Arrow Kid asked.

“I don’t know, Honk!” Quiverwing said. “But come on!” she said.

How could I have been so stupid? So irresponsible. I let Quackerjack get to me… now an innocent life might be about to pay the price. With these thoughts flowing through his mind, Darkwing began to dig through the rubble. Other civilians gathered around as Darkwing dug through the rubble, more furious with each swipe until finally he saw a hand. Reaching in, he pulled it out, the sight of the man was heart wrenching, his eyes were closed. Darkwing knelt down and put his ears on the man’s chest, looking for a heartbeat, there was none. Darkwing sat up.

“He’s dead.” He said, shaking his head. Quiverwing and Arrow Kid just looked down at him; they didn’t say anything as Darkwing stood up.

You promised never to let yourself lose control. Well, Drake, you just lost it. You never seemed to have it…

Wacky walked onto the scene, she was changed out of her costume and into a civilian outfit to hide her identity. “What have you done?!” she shrieked. All eyes turned were then to her as she ran to the dead man’s body. She knelt beside it.

Meanwhile Quackerjack watched filled with flee. “That’s it, Wacky, don’t let him off.”

“He was my husband…” she started to fake her crying.

Darkwing moved to comfort her. “I’m sorry…” he started.

“Sorry?” she yelled. “I saw everything! You were the one who killed him. Admit it, murderer!” Darkwing looked at her accusing finger. Darkwing just turned around and began to walk off.

“Darkwing?” Quiverwing asked. “Where are you going?” she sounded worried, and rightly so as Darkwing didn’t answer her. Instead he just kept walking. Quiverwing casted a sidelong glance at Arrow Kid, who exchanged a sorrowful and worried look with her.

“That’s good, Wacky. Real good. If all goes well, we’ll never see him again.” Quackerjack laughed, as he continued to watch from the building he had taunted Darkwing on.

“Boss?” came Mr. Banana Brain One’s voice.

“What is it?” Quackerjack asked.

“We have the blimp and nuke.”

“Excellent.” He smirked.

The Ratcatcher parked inside its usual parking spot. Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing’s original sidekick and best friend stood there and watched as his friend climbed on. “Good evening DW, I trust-oh.” He said, as he saw his depressed face. Darkwing walked right past him. Quiverwing and Arrow walked up to Launchpad.

“Gosalyn? Honker? What has happened?”

“It’s…” Quiverwing started, as she took off her mask. She stopped and sighed. “You don’t want to know.” She said.

All three’s eyes were set on Darkwing, as he stood over the darkest corner of the tower, looking across at the window, staring at the city down below…

Days and days past, Darkwing remained in the tower. It was dark. It was lonely.

Are you happy now Drake? You’ve been obsessed with your parents’ death ever since that moment. Look inside yourself. Look where it’s led you. Move on Drake. You never did… Darkwing’s subconscious spoke to him. Darkwing looked across at the window, staring at the city that had lay before him, not looking behind him.

Meanwhile at the Mallard Residence, Honker sat on the couch watching television. Launchpad brought him some food, while Gosalyn was in the shower.

In the shower, Gosalyn thought to herself. Poor Dad, he must feel terrible. I wish there’s something I could do…

Honker sat on the couch, thinking to himself. What’s going to happen with Mr. Darkwing? Whatever it is I think I need to stay here so he won’t try to do anything extreme…

Gosalyn came out of the shower; she wrapped a towel around herself and walked out. “So has he come out yet?”

“No, he has not, Gos,” Launchpad said, sighing sadly.

The doorbell rang. Launchpad opened the door outside was Fenton Crackshell; he was Scrooge McDuck’s accountant and was the famous Gizmoduck from Duckburg and was one of Launchpad’s old friends. He and Darkwing had known about each other’s secret identities for quite some time, but had each promised to keep it a secret. “Thank goodness you came, Fenton, he’s even worse than the time where Morgana was shot.”

“If it’s that bad, Launchpad, we’re in trouble,” Fenton admitted, nodding his head sadly.

“Indeed.” Launchpad said.

Fenton turned and saw Gosalyn. “Hello Gosalyn,” he greeted with a small smile on his face, still a bit surprised to see the nine-year-old now almost a grown woman. Things had changed a lot since he had last visited Saint Canard.

“Hi.” Gosalyn said, responded as she went to dry her red hair.

“I’ll just go talk to Drake,” Fenton said. “How ya doing Honker?” he said to Honker, trying to sound happy.

“Fine,” Honker replied quickly, though he knew (as Fenton did) that he was lying.

“That’s good to know,” Fenton said, as he sat on a blue armchair and punched the statue, there was a whirring sound and seconds later the accountant was nowhere to be seen, now being transported to Darkwing Tower.

“Should we follow him?” Gosalyn asked, as she went to dress.

“Soon,” Launchpad said.

Fenton clutched his head as soon as he had arrived at Darkwing Tower, he had never gotten used to the ‘ride’ as he had called it. Shaking off the dizziness he walked down the small tunnel, reaching the end in a matter of moments; he looked around to find Darkwing still staring at the very same spot as he had been for days. “Drake, you got to come up soon. Stay down here any longer than you usually do, you’ll end up-“

But Fenton stopped after a fierce glance from Darkwing. His eyes were pale, and tired, his lower face had been nearly been covered by a haggard looking beard.

“Um…” Fenton said.

Gosalyn, Honker, Launchpad had then arrived the tower a few moments later as evident from the sounds of the whirring arm-chairs.

“DW, you’ve barely eaten anything the past few days.”

“I don’t want food, LP.” He said.

“But Dad, it’ll make you feel better to the rest of us,” Gosalyn was trying to sound her best to be happy, to hopefully cheer her father up, but judging her parent’s pale expression it wasn’t working.

Darkwing walked away, leaving the others in utter confusion and fear. Suddenly he collapsed to his knees, holding his head in pain, as suddenly without warning a scream that stunned all that heard it echoed throughout the tower…

Birds that had been perched on-top of the tower had all flew away in fear and the civilians from outside had stopped their cars, some were getting out, scratching their heads in confusion and worry as they look around for any source from the scream that had been heard.

Meanwhile, inside Quackerjack’s hideout there was silence, no sound except for one. A laughter echoed throughout the room. Wacky Weasel and the goons watched with fear as Quackerjack went insane with the laughter. Oh, he loved it! “Anyway,” he said, suddenly snapping out of his mood. “When are we ready to take off?”

“We will be any moment now boss,” said the second thug, identified by Quackerjack as “Mister Banana Brain Two”.

“Good,” Quackerjack said, smiled and rubbing his hands. “Send our message to City Hall. I want to enjoy this.”

By now Darkwing had stood up, he slowly walked over to the window. “I broke a promise I had made… to my family, to myself.” He then turned to his adoptive family. “To you. If I cannot hold myself true then I no longer deserve this.” He removed his mask slowly, until it came off his face. He held it somberly and then opened the window, and threw it off into the night below.

Darkwing is dead. Darkwing is no more. There is only Drake Mallard.

A day later, Drake reached into the Darkwing computer’s communication line, on the screen was Sonia Ross. She was also known as Nightshade, due to her vampirism. She was like you would imagine a vampire to be, wore black, had pale yellow eyes, dark hair and fangs curling down from her mouth. “Darkwing,” she said, showing no emotion in her voice.

“Sonia, before I say anything.” He said. “I want you to promise me you won’t read my mind.” Sonia gave a slight nod. Drake returned the nod. “I’m-“Drake paused for a moment. “-resigning from the Justice Ducks. I’m giving the position as leader to Gizmoduck, from then you will be taking orders from him as your assignment whenever the team is assembled.”

Sonia let out a bit of concerned look. “Are you feeling all right?”

Drake just stared into Sonia’s yellow eyes. Neither flinched. “No.”

In the Living Room of the Mallard Residence, Gosalyn and Honker sat in thought. “Well, what do we do now?” Honker asked. “I mean, who takes over.”

“Well, nobody.” Gosalyn said. She sighed for a moment and then spoke again. “What about you? Going back to the Justice Teens yet?”

Honker remained silent. The thought had just come to him. Could he go back to his super-hero friends? With the current situation it seemed as though he had to do something, but wait. Was his loyalty to Saint Canard or the Justice Teens? He bowed his head and held it in his hands. Gosalyn placed a hand on his shoulders. Though she too had her doubts on what the future would hold.

“I’m going out.” He said, as he stood up.

Gosalyn jerked her head in surprise. “What do you mean?”

“Just what I said. Quackerjack had a hand in this. I know he did.” Honker said, his face was serious.

Gosalyn half laughed. “Honk, I know Quackerjack can be a dangerous threat but I don’t think even he is behind this one. I think it just happened natural.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Gos,” Honker said sharply. “And don’t even think about following me.” He said coldly in a nasty voice that wasn’t his. Gosalyn watched in stunned surprise. This is not good. She thought sadly as she watched Honker leave.

Inside Quackerjack’s hideout, the clown watched as the blimp was loaded with the nuke. Quackerjack smiled with delight. Things were finally going his way. After many years of fighting Darkwing, revenge had been obtained. Though Quackerjack’s ignorance blinded him as the Arrow Kid snuck into the building through the open ceiling, carefully walking along the catwalk. Trained to use stealth, Arrow Kid proved to show great potential perhaps someday to surpass both Darkwing and Quivering. “Things are going just as planned for once. Darkwing’s weak partners cannot stop me and the man himself is gone. Not a sight from him in days.”

Wacky chimed in. “Not to mention, a certain guilt over a certain already dead man.”

“Yes.” Quackerjack smiled, devilishly. “How fun it was to kill that man, I would’ve put a smile on his ugly face, but that would’ve been too much of a give-away.” Upon hearing Quackerjack’s words, Arrow Kid jerked his head back. Quackerjack had manipulated Darkwing. Quackerjack had manipulated them all. Arrow Kid growled with a deep anger, but as he was doing this Wacky took notice of the vigilante. She nodded to herself and walked over to a nearby control switch. “Wacky?” Quackerjack said, curiously. “What are you up to?”

Wacky didn’t answer. Instead she flipped the switch. Suddenly before Arrow Kid could move, the floor under him broke. “Aaaaahhhhhh!” he screamed as, he fell uncontrollably, before Arrow Kid could think to reach for his utility belt. Arrow Kid hit the ground on his back when suddenly a cage shot forward and dropped around him. A sounding clang echoed as Arrow Kid suddenly found himself trapped. “Darn, I fell for this trap like an amateur.”

“That you are Arrow Klutz.” Quackerjack laughed, as he crept forward. Arrow Kid placed his hands on the bars that contained him and growled as Quackerjack walked forward. “Well, I guess you heard every bit of my plan.”

“Every single detail.” Arrow Kid growled. Suddenly his anger began to delve deep.

“Oh.” Quackerjack smiled. His voice filling with laughter with every word he said. “Good boy. Anyway, Wacky and I have a city to threaten so I’ll be seeing you.” Quackerjack then reached his hand and put it up against his forehead. “As you were, Arrow Klutz.” Quackerjack then led Wacky onto the blimp. “Come on Wacky!” he said.

“Coming Mr. Jack!” Wacky called back.

“Uh, boss.” Mr. Banana Brain One said, stepping out of the blimp.

“What?” Quackerjack said, crossing his arms. “I just know I’m not going to like this one bit.”

“Well…” Mr. Banana Brain One began, clearing his throat. “We’re having trouble. The engine won’t start.”

Quackerjack put a hand to his chin. “Oh well, get it fixed, then we’re taking off immediately after that.”

“Not a problem boss.”

Unbeknownst to any of them, there was another who had snuck inside and onto the blimp. Quiverwing used her stealth skills to sneak inside the blimp. Quickly taking cover under a sheet, she knew she had to wait.

“Actually boss.” Mr. Banana Brain One said, sheepishly. “We found out everything’s alright.” Quackerjack walked over, impatiently tapping his foot. The thug nervously continued. “Just a minor problem, easily fixed…”

Quackerjack stared deep in the thug’s eyes, for ten seconds, all he did was stare at him, the thug began to sweat until finally Quackerjack began to laugh. “All right then, let’s go. We’ve got a city to destroy. Come Wacky!”

“Coming Mr. Jack!” Wacky said, cheerfully. “Buh-Bye Do-gooder!” she said, waving to Arrow Kid.

“You won’t get away with this!” He shouted, banging on the cage. But they just ignored him. He could only watch helplessly as the blimp’s door shut and the ceiling above opened… it slowly lifted itself into the air, silently and quickly. Then it rose into the sky as several civilians watched in shock, it seemed as though Quackerjack’s laughter could be heard outside.

Inside City Hall, Mayor Prescott sat at his desk, tapping his pen as he went over city notes. Suddenly the TV clicked on. “What the heck?” Prescott said, surprised, he even dropped his pen.

“Hello, Mr. Mayor.” Came Quackerjack’s voice. “I trust I haven’t disturbed you.” He smiled. “Oh and Commissioner Jordan, how's it going? I guess you’re getting ready to summon your favorite costumed superhero buffoon? Well trust me, he won’t show his face if he knows what’s good for him!” Suddenly he broke into hysterical laughter.

“Darn you Quackerjack.” Muttered Jordan as he watched inside SCPD Headquarters.

“Anyway, the point is that I, the greatest toy inventor that has ever lived.” Said Quackerjack, proudly. “Drum roll please Wacky.” (Wacky began beating drums off camera). “I have a nuclear weapon, pointing straight at Saint Canard.” He had no doubts now, that the citizens of Saint Canard were screaming in fear, breaking windows and causing riots at this very moment. He wished above anything else that he could see it. But alas, duty calls. “Mr. Mayor, I promise you I will not blow up the city in return for one million dollars.”

“One million dollars?” Prescott shouted in surprise. “That’s outrageous!”

“I know Mr. Mayor, you’re probably saying…” Quackerjack began to do his best impersonation of the Mayor. “One million dollars? That’s outrageous! Oh that Quackerjack is just one big son of a-oh wait! Heheheehe! I can’t say that on television! Or perhaps Mr. Mayor you’d rather the whole city blow up? Think about it. You have two hours. Pay up or the city will become a memory.” With these cruel final words, Quackerjack’s broadcast disappeared.

Prescott quickly picked up the phone and dialed in a number. “Craig?” he said.

“Yes, Mr. Mayor. I saw it all.” Jordan answered, his voice serious, but concerned at the time. “What do you want me to do?”

“Evacuate the city as fast as you can, it’s our only option. We can’t pay that madman a million dollars!”

“I understand Mayor Prescott.” Jordan said, solemnly as he hung up the phone. Well, old friend. His thoughts instantly turned to Darkwing. I just hope that what Quackerjack says isn’t true. You’re our only hope. “Harold!” he said, calling to the outside of his office.

“Right here Commissioner.” Harold Weaver said, a detective for the SCPD, Harold was everything you did not want in a cop. He was a bit short, fat and was eating every five seconds, (yet somehow he got the job done) he also was probably the only cop to have something against Darkwing, who he claimed he saw as nothing more than a freak and menace, though deep down Harold had some amount of respect for Darkwing, he would never admit it.

“Start a full scale city evacuation.” Jordan said. “Now! Don't waste a minute!” He said, his voice rising with each word.

“I’m on it Commissioner.” Harold responded firmly.

“Then why are you standing here still talking to me”" Jordan barked. With this, Harold immediately ran out the door as Jordan sulked back into his desk. He knew as full as anyone else that an evacuation wouldn’t save many lives. He knew that it looked hopeless. He knew that Darkwing was the city’s only hope… wherever he was.

Meanwhile up in the blimp. Quackerjack twirled and danced around the blimp as he sang a song (much to the chagrin of the still hiding Quiverwing) “Saint Canard is blowing up. Blowing up! Blowing up! Saint Canard is blowing up! I’m so happy!”

Quiverwing carefully switched the cartridges of her own personal gas-gun to that of a knockout capsule under the sheet she was hiding. I don’t know if I can do this by myself, but I’ll try for Honker, for Fenton, for Launchpad, for Morgana, and especially you Dad. Reading herself, she prepared to spring her trap, but suddenly a gun cocked and Quiverwing saw that Mister Banana Brain Three had pointed a gun to her head. “Crap…” she muttered.

“Drop it girl.” The thug said, menacingly. Quiverwing reluctantly complied as the gas-gun fell with a clang. The thug reached down and grabbing the girl by her cape pulled her off the ground. But as Quiverwing got to her feet with a bit of a karate sound, the thug was on the floor. This sound was more than enough for Quackerjack to turn around.

“Quiverwing!” he said, surprised at first, but that grin quickly returned to his face. “Well, I shouldn’t be that surprised really. In fact, I’m glad one of you is here actually.” Quiverwing didn't answer instead; she braced herself for anything and walked forward.

“I'm taking you back to prison Quackerjack.” She said. Saint Canard Prison was where the most dangerous criminals were held. Quackerjack along with the rest of the members of the Fearsome Five had been there countless times already.

“Right.” Quackerjack said, through laughter. “You and what army? I don’t see any Justice Ducks or Justice Teens to back you up. Wacky!” He said, clapping his hands.

“Right Mr. Jack! Put ‘em up girl!” said Wacky, taking a karate stance (which was to Quiverwing’s eyes pathetic.) Quiverwing smiled as Wacky came at her; Quiverwing avoided Wacky’s kick and punched her across the face. “Ow!” Wacky cried out.

“I’ve got a lot more where that came from.” Quiverwing smiled.

“So do I sister. So do I.” Wacky said, smiling. “Get her boys!” Quiverwing turned around to see Mister Banana Brain One and Two tackle her from the side. A dirty tactic, but one that seemed to work for a moment. As Quackerjack watched the struggle happening before him, he just smiled. He wished he had a bag of popcorn with him. Quiverwing kicked One in the stomach and swung him down to the floor. Two came at her, but she did a back flip and kicked him in the chin. Quackerjack watched as Quiverwing appeared behind him. He turned around him, only to have her punch the clown in the chest, but what was strange was that Quackerjack didn’t feel a thing…

“What kind of punch was that?” he said, mocking the young crime-fighter. “You’re not even trying.” Then he grabbed the girl by her hand and threw her back over his shoulder. But Quiverwing’s intention was never to hurt the Quackerjack; instead, she slowly hid a mini bomb into her glove compartment. But as she stood up, One and Two had come up behind her and grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her. Quiverwing tried to break free, but their grip on her was too strong.

“Darn….” She said sadly. Two reached down at her waist. “You better watch where you’re putting your hands!” she said, threatening him. But the thug was merely grabbing her cape and took it off her shoulders.

“Let’s see how good you are without your toys.” He said, laughing. Quiverwing could feel the thugs beginning to bind her hands together with rope. She tugged, but her hands had been bound too tightly. Then Two grabbed more rope and began to loop them around her chest, which completely immobilized her arms.

“You won't get away with this Quackerjack. I will make sure of it. One way or another!” Quiverwing shouted angrily. Two then finished tying her waist. Quiverwing strained, but they made sure she was bound so tightly that she couldn't even have a chance at breaking the ropes. They then reached down and began to tie her thighs.
“Poor Quiverwing.” Said Wacky, in a mocking voice. “All tied up with nowhere to go, I wouldn’t have it any other way for Mr. Jack’s big day.” She then flung her arms around Quackerjack, who smiled.

“Baby! You’re the best!” Quackerjack smiled. Quiverwing mutter slight gibberish to herself as she watched them finish tying her thighs and moving on to her ankles. Getting back in the moment, She then tried to hop out of the way.

“You won’t be getting me without a- fiiiigggghhhhht!” she yelled as they tackled her before she could get any further. They finished tying her ankles and forced her to her feet. “Actually the floor’s fine thank you.” She said, angrily.

“Ah Quiverwing.” Quackerjack smiled as he watched Quiverwing’s struggles. “Feisty to the end. I think I’ll spare you for the next two hours so you can witness the end of the city you’ve fought to protect for so long from creeps like me.” He smiled as Quiverwing began to growl.

“You’re a monster Quackerjack!” she yelled. “I heard everyone about what you did to Darkwing! That’s not right! You cheated! He didn’t deserve that!”

“Oh Wacky?” said Quackerjack, pointing his finger. “Can you please shut her up? I don’t want her big mouth to ruin my fun.”

“Gladly, Mr. Jack! Sheesh!” she said, with annoyance in her voice at Quiverwing. “She doesn’t know when to shut up does she?”

“Indeed.” Smiled Quackerjack. Wacky pulled into her pocket and pulled out a white cloth.

“Hey! That thing better be clean-Mmmmppphhhh!” Quiverwing shouted as Wacky wrapped the cloth over her mouth muffling Quiverwing’s angry protests. Wacky tied a knot in the gag.

“There that’s better. Peace and quiet, just the way I like it!” Wacky smiled.

“Mmmpphhh!” Quiverwing yelled back. This was bad. She could barely make a sound. Now bound, gagged and struggling she was flown back into a corner. “Mmmppphhhhh!” she shouted, painfully.

“Let’s see…” Quackerjack said, looking at his watch. “Only thirty minutes have passed? Geez! Why must waits be so long?” He then sighed, and beamed up. “Oh well let’s watch Quiverwing struggle! That should make the time go by faster!”

“Mmmppphhhh!” shouted Quiverwing. Idiots. I let you take me; you just wait till I get myself free then I’ll show you. Hey wait a minute. Where’s that knife I hid in my glove?

I hope Gosalyn doesn’t mind that I borrowed her knife. Arrow Kid thought to himself as he used the knife to undo the bolts in the cage. The cage began to rattle. He stood back and broke himself into a run. With a cry in his throat, the cage fell to the ground. “Alright!” he yelled triumphantly. “Now to get to Darkwing before it’s too late.” He had seen Quiverwing sneak aboard. What did that idiot think she was doing? He didn’t know. But he knew that she didn’t stand much of a chance trying to stop Quackerjack by herself. Getting to his own version of the Rat-Catcher (which was his primary mode of transportation), he raced against time to get back to Darkwing Tower. The motorbike seemed to barely touch the ground.

When he did arrive at the Mallard Household, he found Launchpad, dutifully waiting for him. “Welcome back Honk-Man. May I-“ But then Launchpad paused, noticing Arrow Kid ran right past him without so much as a hello or nod, Launchpad began to wonder. “Oh dear.” He said.

Arrow Kid raced over to the arm-chair, sitting the statue on the side-table and was whirred over to the Darkwing Tower; it was like his feet were barely touching the ground as he ran over to the tunnel. “Drake!” he yelled into the empty building of Darkwing Tower. “Drake! Where are you! We gotta talk!” For a while there was no answer. Arrow Kid began to pant at yelling so loud, but then Drake stepped out of the shadows.

“No need to yell Honker.” Drake said, solemnly. “I’m right here.”

“The Quackerjack he’s…” Arrow Kid started, but Drake interrupted.

“I know. I saw it all.” Said Drake.

“Well then!” said Arrow Kid, desperately. “You must know that you gotta do something about this! You’re the only one who can!”

“That’s enough.” Said Drake, turning his head sharply. “Darkwing is dead.”

“No!” Arrow Kid yelled. “He’s not dead because you’re not! Face it! Drake is Darkwing! Darkwing is Drake! And that’s the way it always was and how it’s always gonna be!" Arrow Kid began panting.

“You don't know what you're saying.” Said Drake, beginning to lose his patience.

I know exactly what I’m saying! ”Arrow Kid shouted in the air. “Darkwing’s not dead! If he is, then Saint Canard’s dead too!”

“Don’t talk to me with that tone of voice…” Drake started, but Arrow Kid kept shouting.

“He has Gosalyn!”

Suddenly Drake lost all sense. “Quackerjack… has…” He struggled with what he was about to say next. “Gosalyn?”

“Yes.” Said Arrow Kid, toning his voice down. “He has her and he’s gonna kill her.”

“She couldn’t have…” started Drake. “Why did she do that? What made her think she could beat Quackerjack by herself?”

“She didn’t think she could.” Arrow Kid said, admirably. “But she tried anyway.”

Drake buried his head in his hands, while Arrow Kid continued to talk. “Drake, I need to tell you something.” Arrow Kid said, taking a deep breath. “That guy you ‘killed’? You didn’t kill him. Quackerjack set it up. He wanted you to think you killed that guy so you would disappear and he could threaten the city with ease. That’s what I gathered.”

“Are you sure you heard him right?” Drake asked, inquisitively.

“Yes!” Arrow Kid was beginning to get angry again. “Of course I did! I know what I heard!”

Drake turned away and walked over to the supercomputer. Gosalyn couldn't have gone after him. Drake thought blankly. So much had just happened. Ever since he day he had first met her during the Taurus Bulba event, she had become like a daughter to him. He couldn’t bear it if anything happened to her. But on the other hand, how did he know if Honker was telling the truth. What if he really did kill the man? Could he really don the mask again?

“Drake…” came a voice inside his head. Drake gasped as inside his mind he saw a figure walking towards him.

“Who are you?” he yelled, startled. “Don’t come any closer!” In fear, he absent-mindedly took a step backwards.

“Drake. I’m you.” The figure came into the light.

“No!” Drake said in shock. “It can’t be you!” The figure was Darkwing Duck. Darkwing walked forward.

“Drake. What are you talking about? I’m you. You are me. We are one. It’s always been that way ever since the night your parents –our- parents died.”

Suddenly the memory of his parents’ death filled Drake's mind, he collapsed to his knees and began to sob. But still Darkwing continued to walk forward. “Do you want to forget that night? You want to forget how Mom and Dad died for no reason! Just because of some punk with a gun?”

“No….” Drake said, looking up with tears in his eyes. “But….”

“Now another one of ours is about to die because of a madman. It’s the only way we can save Gosalyn. Remember, you need me and I need you. That’s the way, it's always been and that’s the way it's probably always going to be. Accept your destiny.” With the tears gone from his eyes, Drake stood up and nodded. Suddenly they both began walking towards each other, suddenly as they did on that night so many years ago, they became one once again…

“DW?” called Launchpad concerned. "Are you all right?”

“Darkwing, LP.” Drake said, proudly. “I’m Darkwing Duck.”

Drake walked into the costume room for the first time in days. As he walked up to his Darkwing attire, he wiped some of the dust off and picked it up and looked deeply into the empty holes of his purple mask. Suddenly one by one, the costume was coming on. Then slowly he slid the mask across his face. The Duck Knight had returned.

Thick purple smoke poured out of the changing room, and a dramatic voice could be heard. “I am the terror that flaps in the night,” A disembodied spoke from the dissipating smog. “I am the shiver that runs down your spine. I am Darkwing Duck!” The smoke had now cleared to reveal Drake Mallard, now dressed in his Darkwing attire had his cape wrapped around him before unfolding it and posed dramatically, arms by his side.

“Looking good Drake!” said Arrow Kid, flashing thumbs up. Darkwing nodded as he walked past the young hero.

“I’m going after Quackerjack.” Darkwing said.

“Of course.” Nodded Launchpad.

“Should I come too?” Arrow Kid asked, worried.

“No, this is something I have to do by myself.” Darkwing said, as he walked to the Rat-Catcher. “You and Launchpad stay behind while I go after that twisted toymaker.”

“I understand. Go get the bad guy.” Smiled Arrow Kid. “Meanwhile, there’s something I have to do for the summer.” With that Arrow Kid turned to the supercomputer and picked up the phone and dialed a number. He was sweating, but he kept telling himself. I can do this. I can do this. “Hello? Venus? Yeah, it’s me. Yeah, I know. Good to talk to you too. Listen, I’ve got a question I’d like to ask you…”

Meanwhile in the blimp, Quackerjack impatiently waited, “One hour left and still no calls from the Mayor. Oh well, I was going to blow up the city anyway even if they were to pay me.” Then he laughed again.

“Mmmpphhh!” shouted the still struggling Quiverwing. For the past half hour, Wacky had done nothing but watch Quiverwing’s struggles. She was taunting her with each failed attempt to free herself.

“Quackerjack?” Wacky asked, sheepishly. “What should we do now?”

“Eh, I’m bored let’s get ready to fire the nuke.” He said, smiling. Wacky beamed up. “They’re not going to give me the money, that’s fine with me. Once we’re done with Saint Canard, I say we go after Duckburg, that city needs demented insane villains like me.”

“Uh, boss…?” said Mister Banana Brain One, scared.

“What?” Quackerjack barked. “Can’t you say I’m in the middle of my gloating?”

“Yeah, but there’s something you gotta see.”

“Oh, alright put it on monitor!” Suddenly as he ordered, this time Quackerjack immediately began to lose all sense. “No! No!” he shouted angrily. “He’s going to spoil my playtime!”

“Mmph?” she said through her gag. Confused, she turned her head to examine the scene, then her spirits were lifted.

In the sky, heading straight towards the blimp was Darkwing’s plane, the Thunderquack. “No! No!” Quackerjack shouted. “No fair! He’s supposed to be…. Anywhere but here! Do we have missiles on this thing?"

“Yes…” Mister Banana Brain Two started.

“Then fire them now!” Quackerjack shouted angrily.

“But boss…”

“Darn it! I said do it!” Quackerjack shouted angrily. Mister Banana Brain One then begins to press the buttons that controlled the missiles. The missiles shot into the sky, heading straight for the Thunderquack. “Come on! Blow him up!” The missiles roared through the sky and connected with the Thunderquack. The plane suddenly flew out of control. “Yes!” He shouted, triumphantly. Suddenly the Thunderquack exploded and Quackerjack could no longer contain his laughter. Quackerjack laughed and laughed as debris flew all over the blimp. “You see that girl!” he said, to the bound Quiverwing who had stopped struggling to grasp the sight. “He should not have come back!”

Suddenly Quiverwing began to lose control of herself. Darkwing wasn't, couldn’t, be dead. Suddenly she tugged harder and harder at the ropes that bound her and was shouting more and more furious from her gag that was the only keeping her cursing from being known. She had to get at Quackerjack now. “Mmmpphhhh!” she shouted angrily, where suddenly she broke completely free of her ropes. Quackerjack pulled back, when suddenly Quiverwing kicking him in the chest. Quackerjack hit the ground hard. Did he break his neck? Quiverwing was hoping he did. She stood up, she had never been so angry in her life. She almost forgot that the gag was still over her mouth; quickly she pulled it from her mouth and threw it to the floor. “You’re a monster Quackerjack!”

“Thank you.” Quackerjack smiled, as the jester stood up and brushed himself off. “You ruined my good uniform! Oh, you just bought yourself a ticket straight to hell.”

“After you.” Quiverwing responded, as she pulled out what he had hidden in her glove compartment. Quiverwing held up the tiny bomb up much to Quackerjack's horror.

“Wait! Where did you get that?” Quackerjack actually sounded frightened.

“I took it from your pants pocket when I ‘punched’ you. I'm more resourceful than you give me credit for Quackerjack.” Petrified Quackerjack stepped back as Quiverwing walked forward.

“Stop! You’re crazy!” he shouted, desperately. “You’ve had a busy day.” He said, trying to be calm. “You’ve got to understand, the pressures of holding a city for ransom! You don’t know how much powerful that thing has! It’s-“

“As powerful as a regular bomb?” said Quiverwing, finishing his sentence for him. “Perfect.”

He began to panic, tugging the bells at the sides of his jester’s hat. “We’ll die! You won’t survive! None of us will!”

“I know.” Said Quiverwing, bowing her head. “But you! You killed Darkwing! That's something I can’t overlook! I can stop you for good with this. I know I won’t survive, but I owe him that much…” Resigning herself, Quiverwing tilted her head up. “Now then Quackerjack…” she started preparing to throw the bomb to the floor.

“No! Don’t!" Quackerjack fell back petrified. But it seemed both Quiverwing and Quackerjack had forgotten about Wacky, who grabbed an electric razor.

“Laugh this off you brat”" she yelled as she shocked the unsuspecting Quiverwing, who could be nothing, but scream. She dropped the bomb as it began to fall to the floor. Quackerjack gasped in shock, suddenly the clown found himself running to catch the bomb, and he jumped in desperation. He let out a yell of adrenaline. He closed his eyes and when he opened them he was relieved to see that he had caught the bomb in his hands. With a groan, Quiverwing dropped to her knees and then to the floor.

It's over. I failed. I’m sorry dad…Quiverwing was sure that these would be her last thoughts as her eyes closed.

Quackerjack stood up, now angrier than ever. “No more games! I’m sick of playing nice to troublemakers like you!” he said, pulling a gun from seemingly out of nowhere. “I shouldn’t have let you live earlier. Oh well, you know what they say! You learn from your mistakes! Playtime’s over!” He said in a sing-song voice as his finger prepared to pull the trigger as he aimed the gun at Quiverwing’s head. Then suddenly he found the gun flying out of his hand. He let and saw the gun clattered on the ground a few feet away from him. Angrily, he turned to the side and saw Darkwing standing in the doorway. The door had been knocked off to the blimp. “Oh! Why can’t you ever stay dead! How did you survive?” the jester shouted angrily at him.

“I wasn’t in the plane, instead I took the Rat-Catcher.” Darkwing walked inside. “What kind of game you playing Quackerjack? First, you trick me into thinking I’ve killed a man and now you hijack a nuclear weapon?”

“Simple.” Quackerjack smiled. “I got tired of always losing, so I created the perfect scheme to which I thought would destroy Saint Canard for good.”

“I should’ve suspected it from the start, it wasn’t normal for my gas cartridge to just come at the building like that.”

“Oh, yes.” Quackerjack smiled. “I figured you’d be too devastated to worry about that.”

He frowned at the clown. He turned his head to see Quiverwing lying on the ground, unconscious. He was horrified. Was she dead? He didn’t dare think of that, instead he walked towards Quackerjack. “You’re going back to prison.”

“Over my dead body! Wacky! Boys! Take care of him! I’ll fire the nuke!" Laughing he ran to the controls. Darkwing turned to see Wacky and Quackerjack’s goons approaching him from all angles. Now here, things looked hopeless, he was outnumbered. It seemed impossible. But he’s a hero. Doing the impossible is what he does best.

As Quackerjack tried to block out the sounds of struggle that was going on, he quickly prepared the controls. “At last! Saint Canard is-“

“Hold it right there!” Darkwing sneered. Quackerjack jerked his head back to see Wacky and the others tied up. Darkwing opened the door once more. And threw the four of them out the window (much to Wacky’s screams) however a parachute opened up, allowing them to fall to safety.

“Nice going Darkwing! But you won’t stop me this time!” Quackerjack pulled the switch. Darkwing gasped as the wall to the blimp opened up and the nuke pointed at the city. “Too late Darkwing Dud! You can’t stop it now!” Suddenly, Quackerjack began to laugh, but then stopped. “Wait.” He said. “Why isn’t it doing anything?”

Darkwing walked over to the warhead and after examining it, he stood up. “Because it’s a dummy Quackerjack.”

“What?!” Quackerjack yelled in surprise, watching in shock as his enemy smiled at him.

“Simple, you picked up a dummy warhead by accident.” Darkwing said, still smiling. “I have to admit Quackerjack. If it wasn't for this miscalculation you made, you might’ve actually won.” Quackerjack growled.

“No! You did this! You’re always ruining my plans! Well, I’ll rip your bloody heart out through your lungs!” Quackerjack had lost his temper and flung himself at Darkwing, soon the two were grappling on the floor, with Quackerjack trying to get his hands around Darkwing’s neck. “You’ve ruined my plans for the last time, Deadwing! I’m taking you down even if I have to go down as well!”

Darkwing growled and using both legs kicked Quackerjack out of his grip, who angrily reached behind his back and pulled out a bag of mini grenades. Darkwing kicked them out of Quackerjack’s grip. Quackerjack fell back from the impact and the grenades fell out of the bag. Suddenly the grenades began to explode. Darkwing shielded his eyes from the explosion. He turned and saw Quiverwing still unconscious. I must save her. He thought desperately. Suddenly Darkwing was running at the girl. Quickly he scooped her in his arms and ran towards the door. In a jump filled with adrenaline, he jumped out of the blimp, as explosions began to rock the ship.

Meanwhile inside, Quackerjack watched as his ‘toys’ began to cause the blimp to crash as the controls went out of control. The autopilot had been shot. Quackerjack ran towards where the parachutes where kept, but he was quickly thrown back by the tilting blimp. “Whoa!” he cried out, landing on the floor face first, he looked up and gasped as he saw the grenades heading straight for him. But instead of screaming for help or in horror, Quackerjack just smiled. He began to laugh uncontrollably. The laughter was so loud, Darkwing could hear it coming from outside as he landed safely on the ground below. Quackerjack continued to laugh until suddenly the blimp erupted in flames and the laughter stopped. Then the blimp descended onto the ground below….

With Quiverwing still in his arms, Darkwing looked at the wreckage. Was Quackerjack gone? No matter how much he'd wish if was true. Deep down, he knew that somehow, someway Quackerjack was alive. “We’ll meet again soon Quackerjack.” He said, silently. He looked down at the still slumbering Quiverwing. “Okay Quiverwing, you can wake up. You’re safe now.” But the girl did not stir. Pausing for a moment, Darkwing tried again. “Gosalyn?” he said, worried. Suddenly thoughts that she might be dead began to fill his mind. She couldn’t be dead. Even after all he had done to save her. He placed down on the ground and began pounding her chest in order to get her to choke up air. Bending down, he touched her lips to give her air. He switched back and forth. “No! Breath! Darn you! Breath!” But it was no use. His hands fell limp, and then suddenly he screamed his lungs out. His screams filled the air. Picking up Quiverwing, he held her in his arms, his eyes closed. He had failed…

But as Darkwing silently began to cry, a hand touched his face. “Why, Darkwing I didn’t know you cared.”

Darkwing looked down and saw Quiverwing looking up at him, smiling. Suddenly Darkwing found himself filled with joy. He smiled back down to her. He lifted her up in his arms again, and she wrapped her arms around him. She felt as though she didn’t want to be out of his arms again. Darkwing gazed out at Saint Canard. It shined brightly as the sun began to set in the sky. Saint Canard seemed to be a corrupt city, filled with crime and violence, but for once when Darkwing stared at it now; he saw what could one day be there with a lot of hard work and patience. A city truly safe from crime, corruption and greed. Perhaps someday it could be achieved and Darkwing was sure of one thing; he wasn’t going to stop until that day came.

“For you Mom and Dad…”

The End
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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