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The Purr-Fect Crime

Purr-Fect Crime

Summary: Ghost Cat plans to steal a valuable ruby and Darkwing Duck is hot on his trail, determine to stop him in any way as possible. But what happens when the panther outsmarts the masked mallard? Is that even possible? Find out.

Disclaimer/Author Notes: I do not own Darkwing Duch or any of its characters, they belong to Disney and the ever popular Boom! Studios. But I do own Ghost Cat, who is the main villain of this episode, not an henchman like he was in the two-parter. Also this is the fifth episode of the Fourth Season.

Written by: Jacob White

Production Code: 105

Purr-Fect Crime

On the roof of the Saint Canard Museum, Ghost Cat was so happy he could purr with delight.

But he was as quiet as he could possibly be. It was the middle of the night; any noise could set off the alarms outside. And that would draw the unwanted attention of Darkwing Duck, the renowned vigilante of Saint Canard. He simply wanted to get his plan accomplished and return to his home as soon as possible.

Ghost Cat carefully cut a hole into the glass skylight with his glass cutter. The hole was just big enough for him to wiggle through. He smiled as he dropped a rope through the hole. Quiet as a cat, he went down the rope into the dark museum.

The week before, he had stolen the blueprints of the museum’s alarm system from the security company in his Kanaye alias (those security guards were never so smart anyway). So he knew just what he would find after spending several nights of carefully reading the blueprints.

Four feet below him was a maze of hidden laser beams. If anything passed through any one of the beams, it would trigger the alarm. So Ghost Cat pulled a small spray can from a bag on his belt, spraying the floor underneath him. A cloud of smoke spread through the darkness, the beams of light shone brought red.

Ghost Cat dropped safely to the floor between the beams, like a cat who always lands on his feet. He pulled out a small handheld device from his pocket, smiling brightly he pressed a single button and a visible V appeared from within the first box on the left corner underneath a single row of printed text. The text from within the small monitor was his personal check-list, which step was apart of his plan. Step one was done, it was time for step two.

Inside the glass display case in front of him were the very things he had come to the museum to steal: The Cat’s Eye Rubies.

Ghost Cat could not resist a valuable cat motif, and the twin shinning gems known as the Cat’s Eye rubies were worth a lot of money. The rubies, on loan from the McDuck Industries, were a pair of large glowing rubies and a small diamond in the center of its ‘eye’ had resembled that of a feline. The rubies had originated from somewhere in India a few thousand years ago but had been obtained by Scrooge McDuck from one of his many past adventures, instead of keeping the rubies to himself he had donated them to the Saint Canard Museum for the public to see. However when Ghost Cat had received word of the rubies’ existence from a tabloid, he had sought to steal it for himself and only for himself.

But Ghost Cat was by no means an idiot; he knew that there was alarm on the display case. And the slightest touch to the case would set it off. He pulled out a second spray can, he sprayed the thick glass with a special freezing gas: Liquid Nitrogen, and watched as a mist settled on the case. Within seconds, the case and the alarm were frozen soldier.

Ghost Cat tapped the glass with a single clawed-finger, and watch in satisfaction as the case shattered into pieces before his eyes. With a happy purr, Ghost Cat picked up the first ruby.

Ghost Cat was not just an ordinary thief, for he was among one of the greatest assassins in the world, only working for those who can afford his talents. Normally he is hired by a crimelord by the name of Unknown to exterminate underworld types to diplomats, however this time Ghost Cat was working for himself for his own needs, not for anyone else’s and he intends to keep it that way. He often trusted cats, not people.

“This is all too purr-fect. Everything is going exactly according to my plan,” Ghost Cat said as he put the first ruby into his pouch. But as he reached for the second one, he heard a familiar voice.

“A little late to do your grocery shopping, don’t you think?”

And with that, the lights had came on, announcing the presence of another figure. A figure that Ghost Cat had known too well and had been a constant annoyance to the criminals of Saint Canard.

“Darkwing!” he hissed, whirling around to face the masked mallard, he looked quite startled to see him. “This is quite unexpected. How did you know of my plan? I was so careful not to leave any clues!”

The caped crusader stepped from the shadows into the light. “I only had to wait for you,” he said, his arms were folded in front of his chest. “As soon as I heard about the Cat’s Eye Rubies, I knew Ghost Cat wouldn’t be able to resist trying to steal the rubies for himself. After all I can read-you like a book like any other villain.”

“Try?” Ghost Cat said. “I’ve got one! And you can’t catch me!”

Then Ghost Cat leaped for the rope that still hung from the skylight. Agile as a cat, he began to climb, but Darkwing was right behind him. “Surrender now, Ghost Cat!” the vigilante declared in his dramatic voice, one hand gripping the rope while the other reached into his cape and pulled out his gas-gun, “Or suck gas!”

However Ghost Cat had chose to ignore the purple-clad duck as he pulled himself through the hole in the skylight, he could see Darkwing climbing after him; his gas gun was clenched tightly in his beak so he can use both of his hands to climb. But he would never make it in time to stop him. As soon as Ghost Cat was on the roof, he untied the rope. “Bye-bye, duck!” he shouted, waving after him as he watched with a smile as the rope fell down the hole.

“Uh-oh,” Darkwing squeaked in a low voice as he saw Ghost Cat dropping the rope, the laws of gravity soon became to take over as he begin to fall. “Whoa!” He yelped in a louder voice as he landed with an audible thud. “That’s gonna leave a mark,” he muttered in a low growl as he moaned on the floor in pain.

“I hate it when something like that happens.” Picking himself up off the floor he saw no signs of Ghost Cat at all, and one of the rubies was still missing but apparently the panther had taken his time to make his escape. “Geez, typical that the cunning crafty criminal had decided to take my fall as an distraction to make a cowardly getaway.” Sighing heavily, he then added. “Why can’t things go my way once in a while? It will definitely make my day better. One thing is certain though: this isn’t over by a long shot,” he vowed, walking out of the museum and headed towards his motorbike.

“Hey, DW I guess Ghost Cat escaped again, eh?” Launchpad remarked, sitting in the passenger’s seat as he watched his friend climbed onto the motorbike and took out his helmet and begin to fasten it onto his head.

“Yes, he got away LP, but mark my words I will have him caught by tomorrow night!” he declared and seconds later had drove off towards the direction of Darkwing Tower.

“Um, can we stop by at Hamburger Hippos for the Triple Bacon Cheddar special now that Ghost Cat is long gone?” his sidekick asked when he felt his stomach growled, “And get a large order of French Fries and a huge slice of Apple Pie? Ooh, while we’re at it how about a triple thick dar chocolate chunky fudge milkshake?” He asked, smiling at the thought of the meal he had wanted to eat.

Darkwing’s eyes widened as he shot his sidekick a look of disbelief, he could not believe what he had just heard “What?” he said, exasperated. “You just had dinner!”

“That was almost four hours ago,” Launchpad protested. “I’m a growing boy, DW!”

Darkwing heaved a big sigh, deciding to give in as he also felt a bit hungry. “Oh, alright! But only because I know you’ll never be able to concentrate on fighting crime otherwise!”

Darkwing quickly made a U-turn, switching directions as he made his way to Hamburger Hippo.
Ghost Cat didn’t want to leave behind the second ruby, but he had no choice. He could handle himself in a fight but he knew that he was no match against Darkwing and would not only have been humiliated in battle, but also would be sent to prison, he could not afford that risk at this time.

“Darkwing is always one step ahead of me,” he muttered underneath his breath as he leaped across the rooftops, heading towards his apartment. “How does he always know where I am?” Then he remembered something, Darkwing expected Ghost Cat to steal the rubies. “What if I were not Ghost Cat? What if I were somebody else?” he mused to himself, already a plot begin to form as he escaped into the night.

Darkwing sat at the master control center in Darkwing Tower, he looked at the giant computer monitor. Launchpad came through one of the tunnels in the Darkwing Tower from the blue-armchairs which were used to transport anyone from Darkwing Tower to his own suburban household, his sidekick was using his scarf to rub off the crumbs from his face, and apparently it was from his last meal.

“I gotta admit the pie wasn’t half bad as I thought it would be,” he remarked as he walked over to his friend, “although I wish it was a little bigger, it kinda was on the small side.”

Darkwing casted Launchpad an annoyed look, “To you everything is on the small side,” he told him as he turned to face his computer again. “I still can’t believe Ghost Cat escaped with one of the rubies.”

“He is rather a sneaky one.” Launchpad looked over at the monitor and saw that Darkwing was currently looking up through Ghost Cat’s criminal file, with a photo of the villain was attached on top of the document, below were dozens of text that had given details of the assassin. Darkwing had kept every single file of his rogue gallery on the data banks of his computer that might become useful to him in his cases.

“Yes he is,” Darkwing agreed as he scrolled down, searching for any clues that might help him in the long-run, “But I can usually guess where he’ll strike next.”

“He’ll try to steal the second ruby, of course,” Launchpad pointed out.

“He’ll try,” Darkwing said. “He’ll certainly try.”

Two days later, Darkwing was at the McDuck Industries in Duckburg where the second Cat’s Eye Ruby was being returned for safekeeping. In a little while, an armored car would pull up in front of the building. Police officers would carry a safe with the statue inside it into the building.

Darkwing knew Ghost Cat would try to steal the ruby. But this time he was ready for him. He made sure this event was on the news, and through connections with his sidekick’s employer, Scrooge McDuck himself, he had made it possible. And he hid inside the guardhouse on a busy street.

Exactly on time, the armored car drove up to the building surrounded by four police cars, among with the city’s cybernetic hero himself: Gizmoduck, who was signing autographs to officers and civilians alike. Through a crack in the guardhouse door, Darkwing saw the cars pulled up in front of McDuck Industries.

He watched as Scrooge McDuck came out of the building to meet the armored car. Two uniformed police officers pulled the special safe out of the car. Then, following the multibillionaire, the police officers, one a goose and the other a panther, hurried inside the building, carrying the safe.

Strangely enough there was no sign of Ghost Cat anywhere.

“I expected him to appear long ago. Where could he be?” Darkwing muttered in a low voice, snorting with impatience as he placed his hands on his hips. “He could never resist trying to steal those rubies.”

Darkwing was trying to understand his mistake when the armored car drove away, followed by three police cars. He was about to leave the guardhouse when he saw one of the police officers ran out of the building alone. He hopped into the fourth police car and sped away.

“Didn’t the police officer go into the building with his partner and Scrooge as well?” Darkwing said, speaking out loud. “Where did they went?”

He dashed out of the building and zipped past Gizmoduck, “What seems to be the rush, Wingy?” The cybernetic hero asked, after delivering a final autograph to a small child. “I got everything under control!”

“Something strange is going on,” Darkwing said as Gizmoduck followed after him as they rushed into the building and found Scrooge McDuck and another the goose officer on the floor. The open safe lay between them, it was empty.

“It seems the conniving culprit is nowhere to be seen in sight,” Gizmoduck remarked as he looked around the room, searching for any sign of the thief but had found nothing, “but this is strange the only person I saw coming out of the building was an officer, so how did this happen?”

Darkwing sniffed the air and recognized the scent almost immediately: Knockout Gas. “Because that was no officer,” he told the other hero, “It was Ghost Cat! I should had known something like this would happen. Stay here while I’ll go after that fiend!” he told him quickly as he ran out of the door.

“But wait, maybe I can help…” Gizmoduck called after the hero but had then trailed off when he saw that he vanished. He then snapped his black gloved fingers. “Drat!”

But then he began to wonder: who was Ghost Cat anyway? The name did rang a bell but he is not familiar with most of Darkwing’s enemies. And he doubt it was a Beagle Boy since it didn’t follow the traditional letter “B” names. His eyes then widened as he then remembered something a month ago, when he, Darkwing and some members of the Justice Ducks along with a woman called Sonia, had stopped a sinister crimelord by the name of Unknown from using a data chip to conquer the world. When they had defeated him it turned out to be a panther that was impersonating him who Darkwing identified him as “Ghost Cat”.

Well it looks like the villain had escaped from prison once again and had stolen the Cat’s Eye Rubies for whatever reason, he knew that Darkwing would stop him but while he goes after the thief Gizmoduck needs to find a way to calm down Scrooge who is bound to get upset at him for letting the thief get away as soon as he wakes up. And judging from the way his employer is stirring he didn’t had much time left.

Ghost Cat purred as he drove away from the building, the second small ruby sat on the seat next to him. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been this happy, he had accomplished what no other villain had done before: outsmarting the masked mallard! And now both rubies were now in his possession.

But how had he done it you might have asked? It is quite simple, really. He had realized he had to steal the second Cat’s Eye Ruby, not as Ghost Cat but as plain old Kanaye, your regular “average Joe” type of guy who seemed to have a basic normal life. That morning, he had put on a policeman’s uniform over his costume. He had taken the place of the police officer who was supposed to help carry the ruby. Then he had walked right past Darkwing, without drawing any suspicion.

Ghost Cat knew Darkwing must have been near the building, watching for any signs of him. But he also knew he had been looking for Ghost Cat, not Kanaye.

Ghost Cat purred again as he drove through Saint Canard’s streets, then the car radio crackled on.

“This is Darkwing Duck, contacting any available units with the commissioner’s permission! A police car has been stolen. It was last seen heading towards the direction of the ‘Bad Part of Town’.”

But Ghost Cat was not worried the slightest, he knew Darkwing would figure out what had happened. No plan was perfect after all, not even his own. He had came-up with a getaway plan. He made several turns through the busy city streets, he made sure no one was following him. As he drove, he had recognized some other familiar figures from the criminal underworld. He saw that Megavolt was perched on top a lamp-post, attempting to ‘liberate’ the large light-bulb from slavery, he had also saw a watery figure in the shape of a canine, exiting a bank carrying a sack of money. He also spotted Bone Crusher approaching a soon-to-be victim, without a doubt he was about to stir some trouble.

He was not sure where the rest of the Fearsome Five were, probably still serving their sentence after having their crimes foiled by Darkwing or causing trouble elsewhere at the crime-infested city. It didn’t matter to him, for it had brought more distraction for Darkwing to handle and given him more time to perfect his getaway plan. Then he drove into a deserted alley.

There, the feline felon abandoned the stolen police officer’s uniform into a nearby dumpster, he was Ghost Cat once again. Then, clutching the ruby, he then begin to climb a fire escape and ran across the rooftops towards his apartment.

Suddenly, a small canister was thrown over from a chimney and dark smoke erupted, enveloping Ghost Cat’s path in a thick purple hazy. “I am the terror that flaps in the night!” a familiar voice cried out, “I am the flaw to every criminal’s scheme that goes horribly wrong! I am Darkwing Duck!” the purple-clad mallard declared in the most dramatic voice he could muster as he stepped out of the fading cloud.

“Darkwing!” Ghost Cat stammered, eyes widening in surprise to see the vigilante standing before him. “You’re not supposed to be here!” He protested, taking a small step backwards.

“Nice try, Ghosty,” Darkwing said, with a huge smug grin on his face as he placed his hands on his hips in a arrogant fashion. “Maybe you can run from the police, but you cannot escape my Wing-Tracker. It led me right to you.”

“Wing-Tracker?” Ghost Cat repeated, looking quite confused.

Darkwing pointed to the ruby-shaped cat-like eye, Ghost Cat turned it over. There he saw was a small blinking object.

“An electronic tracking device,” Darkwing said, the grin on his face widened a bit in smug satisfaction.

“No!” Ghost Cat cried, his anger almost outweighing his confusion as he realized his mistake.

Ghost Cat hissed and threw the ruby at Darkwing, and then he started running the other way. Darkwing caught the priceless ruby with one hand before it could had fall to the ground, shattering to pieces. Darkwing then walked over towards the villain’s path, cutting him off from his escape once more.

Ghost Cat clenched both fists in an anticipation of mano a mano, glowered Darkwing down as they both adopted martial arts stances. And a invisible gunshot had sounded as the fight begin, both fighters lunged at each other. Ghost Cat and Darkwing begin to exchange punches and kicks at the other; although both trained fighters had neither successfully landed a solid blow to their intended destinations as the other had anticipated it and had dodged it even before it could had been struck.

“Hold still already!” Ghost Cat snarled, baring his fangs as he delivered a low, sweeping kick at Darkwing’s legs, only to have the purple-clad crime-fighter jump into the air, delivering a closed fist towards the panther’s chest.

Ghost Cat sidestepped to his right, narrowly dodging the attempted blow as the standoff between them continued, delivering and blocking the attacks.

The panther felt his jaw almost dislocated when the first blow struck his face. Blood splattered at the force of the punch, displacing Ghost Cat from where he stood, and then he felt a solid kick connecting to his lower abdomen. He staggered a few steps before he turned to his attacker, who sends another fist which was speeding in the area of his face.

This time, he sharpened his eyes and raised an arm to block the blow. Then he delivered a strong kick to Darkwing’s side, his red eyes lit up in enjoyment as his opponent grunted at the hit. During the time the masked mallard was distracted with the ache on his torso, Ghost Cat shot a series of punches which Darkwing surprisingly evaded a few. After being hit by one under his chin, however, he received the next batch of punches in full until he raised his left hand to react to the attacks and gripped Ghost Cat’s cuff with his left hand while his right snatched the stunned panther’s right bicep and then head butted him.

Vision spinning wildly, Ghost Cat attempted to focus at the suddenly numerous Darkwing Ducks.

“Yow,” three Darkwings groaned, as they all clutched their heads in pain. They returned their attention to Darkwing. The impact of the head butt must have made him forget the importance of the battle as Darkwing curiously asked, “Is it just me, or is your brain starting to leak, Ghosty?”

Tracing slightly trembling fingers over his forehead, Ghost Cat felt warm liquid trickle on to his hand. A tendril of black hair soaked in blood flicked towards his view. The drop dangling at the tip of the hair travelled downwards. Before the blood even hit the floor, the dark-clad panther clenched both fists tightly at his side and screamed skyward until his throat was raw.

The panther was furious for his pride had been wounded upon seeing the sight of his own blood. He was angry at Darkwing for foiling his plans, angry at him for reclaiming the rubies from him and angry at him for causing him to blew. Now the only thing he sought now was revenge and he intended to make sure to accomplish this in anyway as possible.

“Whoa,” Darkwing commented in a placating manner, raising both his hands. “Calm down, geez. You’re gonna pop a vein if this keeps up.”

“You incorrigible, impudent, repugnant, infuriating costumed caped circus clown meddler!” Ghost Cat screamed in incredible speed that the sentence almost blended into one big word. “So ludicrously, indefinable obtuse you have affected my superior intellect!”

“Hey!” Darkwing reacted half-heartedly, feeling the need to respond even if he couldn’t quite understand the rant. He was just certain that it had something to do with him and was possibly insulting. But before he had a chance to say anything else Ghost Cat had lunged at him, tackling the Duck Knight to the ground.

And with that the fight had continued for several more minutes in the form of a smoke cloud, neither of them gaining the upper hand of the other as they appeared to be equal in terms of strength and speed. It was until now that the smoke cloud had cleared when it was evident that both fighters were now ragged; the battle not only just worn them but had exhausted their energies and nearly pushed their bodies to their limits and now they were tired. Both were panting heavily, trying to reclaim their breath as they stared at the other as if daring the other to make the next move.

“I am giving you one last chance to relinquish the Cat’s Eye Ruby to me or I shall mangle your person until I can ascertain you are no more than a horrible dream,” the panther threatened, stretching a hand demandingly at Darkwing, panting lightly.

Darkwing panted heavily as he wiped some of the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand; panting heavily although he realized that Ghost Cat wasn’t panting nearly as bad as him. He wasn’t sure if Ghost Cat was suppressing his own tiredness or had more energy to spare. But either way he had to end this battle for good he was not sure how long he can last. But then, as if struck by inspiration, an idea formed in his head as a bold smile slowly crept across his face.

“Too bad for you that there’s always an option three, Ghost Breath!” Darkwing retorted, holding the arm that had held the small ruby in his hand closer to his chest as he saw Ghost Cat’s eyes flashed with a strong anger, “After all, you have a trip to take!” With his other hand, he pulled out a gas-gun and fired a grappling hook at him, the rope wrapped around the panther’s feet before Ghost Cat realized what had happened and he fell down hard onto the cracked and dirty floor of the rooftop.

He then felt a foot begin planted firmly on his back and looked up over his shoulder to see a grinning Darkwing standing on top of him. “Yep, yep, yep, once again the valiant forces of justice triumphs over the vile vain efforts of villainy thanks to the dashing daredevil of derring-do; Darkwing Duck!” Then smiling at the camera, he then added, “Which is me, of course.”

A moment later, Darkwing walked over to the fallen form of the beaten panther, pulling his arms behind his back and snapping a pair of handcuffs onto his wrists.

“I thought I had finally outsmarted you, Darkwing,” Ghost Cat said, with a grim expression on his face.

“You almost did,” Darkwing said, admitting that the panther had nearly outsmarted him. “But you should know better than anyone that a leopard can’t change his spots.”

The End
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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