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The ThunderBolt (Chapter 4 uploaded)

Everything is still basically the same She still lives in the small forest outside of the city on the other side of the bridge. However, One morning after heading home from a quiet night of searching for minor villains to fight, She found yet another reason to stay in the city.

She jumped onto the roof on an old building. One of the oldest in the city. It was very close to the bridge but, wasn't really in the bad side of town. After landing on the roof she kept walking minding her own business when a small piece of the roof caved in on her.

After landing hard on a table then rolling to the floor she rubbed her head and stood up. She looked around the room. It was huge with tons of space. Suddenly she had a vision. The room was filled with different colored streams of light. and there was music that filled her ears and people dancing.

Shade's eye's suddenly snapped open. She had unknowingly begun to dance to the music that she had envisioned. a smile spread across her face. After climbing through a broken window she ran over to the library to get information on the building. Turns out it had been an old Music store that sold records in the 60's and 70's but closed down thanks to the ever growing 'bad side of town'.

Shade smiled. That place had been vacant for years so, chances of her plan succeeding were good. Her next stop was city hall. She wanted to speak with someone who would be interested in a deal to rebuild the rundown music store. Shade had a different idea then reviving a music store.

Along her travels, Shade had fallen in love twice. Once with her love, Ryu. Her first love however, was music. And she wanted to bring music to St. Canard. She was going to be a D.J. and rebuild then open 'The ThunderBolt'.

In city hall the mayor was getting ready to head home after another boring day of sitting on his rear reading and signing paper after paper. The phone on his desk rang. He answered it. "Yes?..." He sighed and rubbed his temples. "...Send her in." Shade walked into his office with a smile. The mayor folded his hands over the papers on his desk and looked down at the strange mouse. "Look Shade, I know you've worked hard to help protect the city and St. Canard thanks you however, As I have told you before we can't build a pokemon center. As far as I know your the only current pokemon resident."Shade shook her head. "I'm not here about that. I'm here because I want to open up a Club." "a what?" He replied. One of Shade's ear's fell to the side.

"Obviously, this guy doesn't get out much." she thought. "A club, complete with a DJ, neon lights, a dance floor and a snack bar." She took out the papers of the building in question from her backpack. "That place has been empty for years, I did the research on it.The mayor gave the pages a quick glance. "I see you've done your homework....but,-" He gave her a spiteful grin. "How do you plan to pay for it? I don't suppose Pokachu's make much money."

"I think you mean, Pikachu's and I've already thought of an idea Mr. Mayor." Shade spoke through gritted teeth. She was trying with all her might to hold back her tempter. The mayor snorted a chuckle. "Ok, let's hear it Ms Shade." The lightning mouse smiled. "Whatever money I make goes straight to city hall. Being a pikachu I have no need for money. So, paying for the place shouldn't be a-" Her statement was drowned out by the mayor's obnoxious laughter. "OhohohohohohoHahahahahaha!! In all my years I've never EVER heard of such a ridiculous idea! I thought pokemon were dumb but, I never realized they could be that stupid!" Without a word Shade took the papers off the Mayor's desk and walked out without a single word. the Mayor's laughter echoing in her ears. She placed the papers in her backpack then ran over to the park.

Once there, she sat on a bench and looked around. There were some kids playing in a soccer field and other people playing with a frisby and others that were jogging and walking their dogs. Suddenly a shadow appeared next to her blocking out the sunlight. She looked up with a start. The stranger raised his hands and smiled. "Hey! Sorry, didn't mean to surprise ya." Shade relaxed. although oddly dressed he seemed friendly enough. "Sorry, don't mind me, just having a rough day."

The stranger was dressed like a pilot. Complete with a scarf and pilot's cap. She didn't worry about it though, looking odd enough herself. She pulled out the papers of the 'never-to-be' club house and started to feel tears welling up in her eyes. At the sound of a sniff the pilot looked at Shade again. "Aw c'mon, how can you be so glum on a day like today?" Shade didn't want to make her problem someone else's but, she couldn't keep it bottled up any longer. "I failed. I wanted to bring music to the city and actually do something that I really enjoyed and that other people would enjoy to but, that stupid mayor laughed me right out of his office!"He took the papers and looked through them. He then smiled and gave them back to her. "What an awesome idea! You should revive that old music store!"

"It's impossible! I was rejected by the most powerful person in St. Canard! It'll never open! The ThunderBolt will never exist!" Shade balled up the paper and threw it in the trash can that sitting nearby. After she had left the pilot picked the paper out of the trash can and smiled. "The most powerful person in this city might have said no but, I know someone with more power and more money."

The next day Shade was walking in the park. She was still depressed about the day before. When she turned a corner she saw the pilot. "Hey there! Been lookin' for ya." He waved. "For me?" Shade tilted her head confused. "Yeah, I want you to meet someone who can help you open that club of yours." Shade shook her head. "I told you yesterday, no one in this city could find a way to change the mayor's mind." "Who said anything about someone in this city?" He asked. "Follow me."

He led her to a clearing that was hidden from the rest of the park. The 'ThunderQuack' was sitting right in the middle. Shade's eyes grew wide with pure joy and a amazement. She knew who that belonged to! "That's....That's Darkwing's Jet!" She stammered; too shocked to say anything else. "Yep, I build her from scratch. So, C'mon hop in." As she jumped in she couldn't hide her excitement. "I can't believe I'm actually IN the ThunderQuack! So ah, where is Darkwing?"

As the jet started to rise into the air He smiled. "DW is busy working on another case for SHUSH so, I'm taking care of things 'til he gets back but, we're going to meet my old boss. I told him about your idea for the dance club and he wanted to see it for himself."Shade was curious. "So, you know Darkwing and someone with enough power to trump the mayor?.....Lucky." She really didn't know what to think then again, this guy looked like he could befriend anyone.

Shade soon found herself in Duckburg. The jet landed at the foot of a large building with a golden money symbol on it. Shade was speechless in awe at the size of the building. She remained silent as they rode in the elevator. All the way to the top floor. Launchpad smiled. "I'll wait for ya on the first floor. He wants to see you alone.

Shade nervously stepped out of the elevator and knocked on the door with the same golden money symbol that was on the side of the building. "Enter." came a voice from inside. It sounded annoyed and stern. Shade gulped and pushed open the door. A duck in a blue outfit and back top hat was sitting at a large desk. on the wall Shade expected to see a book shelf or a large picture frame but, a huge back vault door was sticking out of the wall. "What can I do for you? speak."

Shade gulped then nodded. "Well, um...." She froze, she never did ask the pilot what his name was. "Your pilot said you were the one to see. He said you had more power then St. Canard's mayor." The old duck's gaze hardened as she starred at her, which made her more nervous. "I should say so, At least I didn't get where I am today by buying all my votes. I got where I am today through hard work and I made it fair and square. Now," He extended his hand. "Let's see that paper of yours." Shade gave him the paper and he began to read it over.

It was taking a while. Shade was sitting on a chair on the opposite side of the table and was twiddling her fingers nervously. Finally He looked up from the paper but then grabbed a pen and paper and started writing what looked like a letter. He then handed all the papers including the letter back to Shade. "Here, give that to your mayor and let him say no to that." Shade looked at the envelope curiously.

He smiled and answered the question that was on her mind. "I, Scrooge McDuck, Offer to buy the building in question for the disclosed amount and hear-by accept the offer that the previous buyer proposed. She gets all the supplies and support she needs to get it running and thriving in return while all profit made in said location goes to Scrooge McDuck."

Shade smiled. "So, that means that the money that would go to city hall goes to you instead?" "Aye lassie, that it does. Now, if he still doesn't take your word for it have him give me a ring." "Thank you Mr. McDuck!" As Shade went to leave he called after her. "And tell that oaf of a pilot, Launchpad that he needs to visit more before my nephews drive me crazy with question about him!"

On the way back to St. Canard Shade told Launchpad everything that happened. "See, I told ya he could help." "Thank you Launchpad, I won't forget this. When The ThunderBolt kicks off you'll be treated like royalty. Free food, drinks and endless tokens in the arcade whenever you want." "Oh boy! Gos'll sure love that." "Who?" Shade asked. "A good friend of mine. She loves arcade games." He replied.

After saying farewell to Launchpad, Shade walked to city hall. The mayor was reading the newspaper when the door slamming scared him. When he got the courage to come out from his hiding place under his desk he saw Shade standing on his desk glaring at him with a victorious smile. Thinking she was going to turn villain he aimed a chubby finger for the emergency button for the police. "Relax mayor. If I was going to attack you you'd be dead already." He gulped. "Then what do you want?"She plopped the papers and the letter on his desk. "Read my new proposal, I'm sure you'll have no choice but to agree to it." The mayor did and his jaw almost hit the floor. He picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Shade smiled as she heard Scrooge's voice on the other line. The mayor tried and failed to explain to Scrooge but, it was very hard to say no to the richest duck in the world. "Yes but,... Yes sir I understand that but, it's's a yellow rat! How can you expect it to make any money?"

Shade's eye twitched at being called a rat but, kept her calm, plus it helped that Scrooge seemed to be offended just as much as she was. She made out "It doesn't matter if their yellow, green or blue with pink polka dots a customer is a customer!" Shade smiled as the mayor said goodbye and hung up. "Here," he said as he pushed a paper over to her. "Sign this and the dump is yours under the ownership of Scrooge Mcduck."

Shade smiled, signed it then took her copy and walked out of the building. She headed for her new property. She had a busy night of planning ahead of her. The Thunderbolt would soon start on it's way to opening day.

~End of part 1~
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