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The ThunderBolt (Chapter 4 uploaded)

Darkwarrior Duck Wrote:wow. you weren't kidding when you said it was long but, it was a good story. Is it finished or is there more?

Of course there's more. lol. I have more plans to involve other characters to torture the poor rookie. Who knows, I might want to drag Darkwarrior into the fray if the opportunity presents itself. *laughs evilly* ;)

Ghost Cat Wrote:Neat, you have captured Megavolt's character quite well, and I loved the other Role-Play references such as the new aggressive fighting style that Posiwing/Dustin had learned from Darkwarrior. The fighting sequence was impressive, I would hate to be anyone who will have to face a enraged pikachu after almost ruining her party. Anyway I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

thanks. I find Megavolt easy to role write for. Since his temper matches up with mine in real life. lol.
Yeah, I loved reading that part and tried to picture what it looked like as Darkwarrior was teaching Posiwing several new moves. that was so unvillain-like of him and I loved it. lol.

Hehe the fighting sequence was fun to right for. I only regret not letting Posiwing join the fun but, I figured it would be too much for both Megavolt and Darkwing to handle. Since Megs would be outnumbered 3 to 1 and Darkwing was already not happy about Shade joining the fight. (him and that ego, I swear!) lol.

I do promise that Posiwing will get his fighting sequence when the next bad guy tries to rip the place asunder. Annnnnnd that lucky villain will be, " :licky: "

Yep. The mayor wants to make sure that Shade's beloved club gets flushed down the drain.

For some odd reason I picture the mayor as the head chairmen at the comic book company from the episode, "Comic Book Capers" I know that's not the actual mayor but, that's who I put as the mayor in this story. Why, I have no clue. *shrugs*

Anyway, Posiwing will get his chance to fight against Liquidator. Promise. ^^
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