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Darkwing's Dove (Chapter 8 Uploaded)

Darkwing's Dove

Summary: After helping Grizzlikof stop F.O.W.L. from controlling the Arctic waterways, S.H.U.S.H. Agent Paloma Malarkey returns home to St. Canard. What dangers will await her there?

Chapter 1 - Scrambled Eggmen

"She will never be your babe, Chicken."

"What's dat? Oh, dis is beautiful. You jealous, Grizz?"

"You flatter yourself. I keep telling you I am not interested."

"Cute… All right, Paloma. It's yoir choice, babe. Just say de woid and I'll have you outta dos chains in one bite."

"Put a cork in it, Steelbreath."

"Paloma, Paloma, Paloma… I go outta my way to provide such… secure accommodations for you and dis is how you repay me?"


"Now yoir speakin' my language."

"Steelbeak, I know it's hard, but just because you are a cock doesn't mean you have to act like one."

"Oh, dat's it!" he shouted and backhanded her across the face. Grizzlikof growled menacingly but Paloma merely stared straight ahead, which angered Steelbeak even more.

"Fine!" he continued. "I'll deal wit youse two later, after we're done wit our little Icecapades. Come on, boys!"

As the Eggmen followed Steelbeak out of the room, Paloma shouted, "Guess you won't be receiving any presents from Santa this year, Steelbreath!"

"What the hell was that?" Grizzlikof asked her after the door slammed shut.

"What the hell was what?"

"Guess you won't be getting any presents from Santa this year?"

"Well… You know I like having the last word. And besides, if F.O.W.L. succeeds in slicing up the North Pole, then Santa being homeless will be one more disaster added to the list. In addition to scores of people dying from coastal flooding, of course."

"Then we will have to prevent F.O.W.L. from succeeding."

"But how? If you haven't noticed we are a little tied up right now."

"You who question S.H.U.S.H. uniform policy, watch and learn."

Grizzlikof maneuvered his wrists as best he could. They were pinned behind him as chains wrapped around his body several times before bolting into the concrete wall he stood in front of. After a few seconds the chains clattered to the floor.

"Acid cufflinks," he said as he started working on Paloma. "Agent Malarkey?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Remind me to thank Sarah Bellum when we get back to St. Canard."

"We? Really?"

But Grizzlikof didn't respond. He grabbed Paloma's hand and rushed out the door. "Let's go! We have got some Eggmen to scramble!"


"All right, men. You know de drill. A few slices from dis doohickey and F.O.W.L. will control all de Arctic waterways. High Command'll make a fortune, and reward us handsomely to boot. I know I need a vacation. How's 'bout youse guys?" Before any of the Eggmen answered, he continued, "Well, you know what to do. I'll be downstairs keeping our guests entertained. See youse boys later." Leaving the work to his subordinates, Steelbeak left the room.

He spotted the two S.H.U.S.H. agents as soon as he entered the hallway.

"Aw Paloma, you missed me afta all."

"Hello, Chicken," said Grizzlikof as he punched him in the face. Unconscious, Steelbeak slumped to the floor.

They found a gun hidden under his jacket before tying him up and tossing him against the wall.

"Should we go look for another gun sir?"

"No time. Here, you take it and cover me. You're a crack shot. I trust you."

Together they entered the control room. The Eggmen looked up in disbelief. Paloma raised the gun, but no one made any moves to stop them. Apparently they weren't getting paid well after all.

"Turn. It. Off. Now," growled Grizzlikof. He didn't have to tell them twice.

Three hours later Steelbeak and his gang were in prison awaiting extradition while Paloma and Grizzlikof flew home to St. Canard.
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