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When Futures Collide.

Rated PG-13 for mild language, violence, and I'm pretty sure there will be blood.

(OOC: It may need a better title. I just went with the first title I thought of. This is reserved for Ghost Cat and myself. The story takes place after the 'Heroes Vs. Villains' role play. After discovering that Negawing tried to kill Darkwarrior when he was down, the armored mallard wanted to exact revenge.)

A strong thunderstorm was unleashing it's fury upon the city below. It was normal for this time of year. As rain flowed into storm drains a certain secret hideout was kept safe from the elements.

Darkwarrior was sitting at his work desk. Several new weapons were laid out and being checked. He was making sure they were ready to go up against a foe who was as equally familiar with new age tech as he was.

The armored mallard had promised payback when he found out that the villain had tried to kill Darkwarrior when he was unconscious and injured. He had wanted to get his revenge sooner but, with the type of weapons that Negawing uses, he'd have to get ready for whatever he could dish out.

He even went as far as to get super expensive material that was fire proof including a new metal that wouldn't melt. He was pretty confident that Negawing had no clue that he was being marked for death. He had only told two people and they had no interest blubbering to Negawing.

He picked up the weapon and examined it, smiling as he admired his handy work. "Just you wait Negawing. you'll regret the day you ever heard my name."
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