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Stone Cold

(OOC: Rp is open for anyone to join. OC's and canons alike)

[In a jungle somewhere]

Negaduck ducked behind a tree as his doppleganger ran past. He grinned as he glanced around, "Finally ditched him." he began to run back the opposite direction the other caped duck had gone. After several feet he skidded to a halt and listened for a moment. Not far off, chanting could be heard. The yellow clad duck quickly made his way towards the sound until he was close enough to see. As he pulled some leaves and branches out of the way he immediately recognized the boars in front of him.

A witch doctor was chanting with his two followers doing a similar chant. A third follower walked up to them and began chanting as well only off key and off beat. After a few moments of this the witch doctor looked fed up as he pulled out an amulet with a red ruby with white stripes. He rubbed it as he began a new chant. Instantly, the gem began to glow and shot a beam that engulfed the follower and left him as a solid stone figure.

Negaduck's jaw dropped for a moment as it settled in. He then jumped through the brush and rubbed his hands together, "Just think of what I could get away with with that dohicky!" he then ran up to the witch doctor and snatched the amulet out of his hands, "I'll be taking that!" he sneered as he made a mad dash through the jungle.

It took a moment for the doctor to realize what had happened before he reached in his pocket and produced a small pouch. He grabbed some of the contents inside and tossed it on the stone figure. In a second it was once again a breathing being. "Duck stole magic amulet, stop him!" they all four quickly began chasing after the yellow-clad menace.
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