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Darkwings taste in women!?

Am I the only one who got the sense that Darkwing per definition only likes reaaaaly strange women, I mean he is differently a romantic character, he his a romanticiser, but I just can't help but think he only ever falls for the weird women. And had Morgana not suddenly become such a prominent figure it was supposed to be the running gag that he just falls straight for the bizarre women. I mean the only other female where it were apparent Darkwing thought her very attractive by the first sight of her was the eye patch lady from "Twin beaks." he was so turned on by that eye patch.

And not only that, he truly hates everything mundane an ordinary, that is basically why he can't stand the muddlefoots, they are nice people rubbing him the wrong way. If not for Gosalyn, he would have been a hermit for sure. And well, Gosalyn to! he recognised her spirit as the first thing upon meeting her, and I also believe that is the element in her that swept him away and decided to adopt, I think he kind of likes the challenge she provides. I don't think he is able to stand people who can't think for themselves either..

This is not to say that Darkwing is a bad person, I don't believe he is. It's just that whole. "when you are spirited everyone else temps to seem empty." thing playing in. He is a good person at heart, he just have a difficult time with most people. :/

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