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Darkwing's Pokemon Pest Problem

((This role play is reserved for Shade Hero Project-X and Negaduck13.))


The city of St. Canard was unusually quiet tonight. Other then the odd police siren there wasn't much else going on. Then, without warning;


A large explosion rocked the First National Bank. the windows shattered and the double entrance doors swung open. Out of the smoke, a pikachu with blue and red markings Jumped out and two sacks filled with cash clenched tightly in her teeth. Once she was clear of the damaged building She dropped the sacks and sat down to catch her breath.

"Whew, I think I overdid it with the TNT."

She looked around in a hurry. She had a partner in crime who was suppose to be taking out the bank just down the street but, it look untouched from the outside. NegaShade picked her haul back and up and walked closer to the bank in question.

"What's taking you so long newbie? The cops'll be here soon or worse." She said to herself. She decided to call out to the new chu on the block by cupping her paws over her mouth.

"The boss doesn't give points for taking your sweet time!" Police sirens could be heard from a distance and they were getting louder. Their time was running out and if he didn't get his butt out soon NegaShade was going to leave him behind.
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