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Darkwing's Pokemon Pest Problem

"Alright pipsqueak," Negaduck growled from a few feet away. He had two bazookas trained on them all, "you can defeat those incompetent little fur-buckets, but I'm another matter entirely."

Gos quickly peeled Darkwing off the ground and shook him, "Come on dad, this is no time to leave us alone!"

He shook his head, "Gos, Gos! I'm fine, more or less." he jumped up and got into a rough fighting stance, "Come on Negaduck, you know I would win in a fair fight."

The menace smirked as he pointed one of the bazookas at the hero, "Since when do I fight fair?"

An explosive shot towards Darkwing causing him to duck. "Yipes!" the missile flew past him and into the wall, "Hah! Missed me, missed me." he stuck out his tongue as a shadow loomed over him. Several bricks had come loose and were now falling. One fell next to him causing the mallard to look up, the next fell just inches away from him. Now he was dodging as best he could hobble.
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