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Trouble Through Time (Chapter 4 Posted)

(OOC: This story should eventually take place at some point in the future, not 100 years, but around the point in Time and Punishment. With all the Darkwing stories of him going to the future, I mixed DW in with a few other storylines from other shows and their plays on this subject.)

Trouble Through Time

Chapter 1:

Darkwing ran into the building and pulled out his gas gun. "Surrender you scurrilous scum or suck gas!" 

Negaduck slid to a stop in front of a large stack of boxes and crates. He turned quickly and ran up several that were stacked like a staircase. 

Darkwing slid and slammed into one of the boxes. He peeled himself off and pulled his beak back out of his face. That's when he saw a familiar logo on the box, "QuackerJack? What are the odds?" He looked around as he stood up, "Now where did Negaduck go?"

"Up here dimwit!" 

Darkwing whipped his head in the direction of his double's voice on top of all the boxes and crates. He was standing next to a miniature version of the time top.

"Hmm, this could be my lucky day." he looked down at Darkwing and grinned, "And Darkwing Duck's most unlucky day!" 

Down below the hero looked up at Negaduck with an unamused look on his face, "Well, Negsy it looks as though you're up a tree with nowhere to go. Time to face the music!" he kicked one of the bottom boxes causing them to all begin to rock unsteadily. Darkwing looked up at the teeming stack of boxes and crates filled with deadly and most likely explosive toys. He turned and ran as quickly out the door as possible. Within a few minutes the storage building exploded. Darkwing looked up at the smoldering wreckage. "I doubt even Negaduck could've survived that blast." 

Negaduck shook his head and looked up to see an elderly duck standing over him. "What are you looking at Gramps?!" he growled.

"I am Cronos, master of time." he said simply, "And I am looking at a duck that knows how to get a job done." 

The yellow-clad duck narrowed his eyes, "So, your point?" 

"You're interaction with the Time Top and the explosion sent you here. To where I dwell in-between time and space. I knew that you would come, but that is another story entirely. I have a job for you." 

"A public enemy, like myself, does not take orders. They give them to other lowlife knobs." he growled at the insult to his image.

"Ah, but I've got something that any public enemy would die to have." The elderly duck reached in his cloak and pulled out a metallic belt with a large glowing red stone in the center, "This will allow you to travel through time with ease. All I ask is that you retrieve one little thing for me."

Negaduck raised an eyebrow. He wasn't about to be anyones messenger boy, but the idea of traveling throughout time intrigued him. 

"The feather of a true hero." he held up a mirror in front of the menace, but instead of showing his own reflection, it showed that of his double's. "I believe you know the one." 

"You want me to take orders from you all for a lousy feather?" he growled.

"Yes, but from the time before he had anyone. When he didn't have any friends, or a daughter." 

The menace rubbed his chin. He could always send the rest of the Fearsome Five to get the feather then he could run rampant through history...he liked the sound of that. He looked down at the duck's, now outstretched, hand and shook it. As he did so the belt shot around him and latched firmly around his waist. 

A portal then opened up looking similar to the one that led to the Negaverse. He stepped through and into the streets of present day St Canard leaving the other duck in his dimension. "Now to get those knobs so that I can get to using this baby." he glanced down at the belt as he jumped on his motorbike. He grinned at the thought of using it against Darkwing as he pressed on the gas and sped downtown.

Inside a building across town, the four villains were sitting around looking somewhat anxious.

"So, what do you think he's got planned?" MegaVolt asked, breaking the silence.

"I'd bet its another one of his take over the city schemes." QuackerJack said as he pulled out is sawdust-filled banana doll. "Now thats a fact, Jack." it mimicked.

"The Liquidator guesses that it must be something big." the watery K-9 said in his waterlogged salesman voice.

Bushroot looked around at them for a moment, "I think he probably will be wanting to take out Darkwing."

"Well, you dimwits are all somewhat close." Negaduck growled. All four heads whipped around to see him standing near the door. QuackerJack was the first to notice the belt around his waist.

"Oh-ho-hoo what's that?" he asked in a playful voice.

The evil mallard rolled his eyes as he approached them, "This," he said as he motioned towards the metallic device, "is a device that allows time travel. I believe that ruining a certain mallard's life will suffice as a good enough use of its potential."

Both QuackerJack and MegaVolt grabbed each other, "Mess with Darkwing's future!?" MegaVolt asked nervously, "No way!"

"Last time we did that, Darkwarrior came out of it." QuackerJack finished and they both shuddered.

Negaduck grabbed them both by their scruffs, "Listen, you idiots." he growled, "We aren't going straight to the future like you knobs did. We're going back in time first to ruin his life so that "Darkwing Duck" never exists. Got it!?" he then dropped them promptly to the ground.

"Oh yeah, sure we got it." they both said quickly as they nodded their heads.

"Now then," the yellow-clad duck continued as he stood by a window. By looking out of it, one could easily see the entire city. "all we need is information...And I know just where to find it." he grinned as he pointed out over the city towards the Audoban Bay bridge.

(OOC: I changed it, the prologue is scratched. But this way seems to have promise. UPDATED FURTHER.)
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