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Trouble Through Time (Chapter 4 Posted)

Chapter 4:

"Dad, what was it that Negaduck actually stole?" Gosalyn asked her father from across the room. Since the five villains had disappeared Darkwing had been on the computer while she and Launchpad had started cleaning up the wreckage they had caused.

"A folder from my early days as a crime fighter." he answered half-heartedly as he looked through the files on his supercomputer. 

She stopped and looked back at him, "Early as in Drakey early?" 

He turned in his chair so that he could see her, "No, not that early. Right after highschool up until I found you." he smiled before turning back to the screen, "Right now I'm trying to find out why Negaduck would want those files..."

"Maybe he knew about that one Christmas party." Launchpad suggested as he put some books back on the vast shelves.

Darkwing tugged on his collar, "Heh heh, I don't think I had that in that folder." he then added to himself, "I hope not."

"Well, what was different about then that changed when you fought Taurus Bulba?" Gosalyn shuddered at the thought of that horrific bull.

The hero rubbed his chin, "In the very beginning I was unsure of myself I suppose."

"and probably extremely cocky." 

He shot her a playful glare, "But aside from the stolen files, I need to find out how they were able to make such a quick getaway!" he typed several things into the computer and let out an exasperated sigh, "I've searched everything that I can possibly think of! Nothing comes up to explain how Negaduck created that freaky opening or how he disappeared into it!"

"Hey, uh DW?" Launchpad called from the piles of books. He had been flipping through one and seemed to have found something.

"What is it LP?" 

"Whats this old scrapbook for? It looks like it's been through enough crashes to compete with the 'ol ThunderQuack." 

Darkwing looked up and smiled before jumping down next to his sidekick, "That's my old hero's book. I used to keep all the newspaper clippings from my cases in here." he took the leather bound book and flipped through a few pages as Gosalyn hopped down next to him. 

He flipped back to the very front and pointed to a picture of MegaVolt trapped in a giant disco ball. "You remember that story don't you?" Darkwing asked his daughter.

"Duh, when you battled him and wigged out all because your mask came off." she said as she turned the page to a picture of her father standing next to a police cruiser while some officers were putting the convict into the vehicle. 

"Jewelry store robbery." he clarified as she flipped through the next few. They were mainly little crimes from small shops to stealing purses. She stopped on one page. The heading of the clipping read "This Rookie's On His Way!" she smiled.

"Oh I remember this one! It was my first real bank heist case and no one could believe that I had actually stopped the criminal." he sounded as if he were actually replaying what happened in his head as he spoke. 

"Keen Gear! Kinda like when I went against Negaduck as Quiverwing?" Gos asked as she looked up.

"Heh, something like that." he said as he ruffled her hair then pushed himself up to resume his search. 

Gosalyn sat back, not really paying attention, on the dormant time cart and looked down at the picture while imagining herself in his place.

As Darkwing sat down in his chair once more, an invisible ripple came through the building. Gosalyn looked back down a the news clipping and nearly dropped the book.

"Uh, Dad?" Gosalyn asked nervously. But Darkwing didn't turn around, "Dad?" nothing. Was he ignoring her? "Darkwing!"

He turned around and rolled his eyes, "What now kid?"

"Wait, 'kid'? What's tha-"

"Listen, I don't have all day I've kinda got important things to do right now." he sounded a little agitated.

Why was he acting like that? She decided to push through anyway, "The clipping changed!" she exclaimed holding it up. 

Darkwing sighed and slid down the ladder to get onto her level. Then took the book and peered at it for a moment, "Nope. That's the same as it's always been." 

She snatched it back and looked again. The clipping that had said "This Rookie's On His Way" now said "Nutjob Imprisoned For Attempted Burglary". "How is that the same?! It says they put you in jail!"

"Yes, that's because they did." the mallard said sarcastically, "For a good two years." he eyed her for a moment, "Is there anything else that you wanted to point out that's obvious?"

"Bu-but" she started flipping through the other pages and saw that they were of him foiling crimes but he didn't look as happy or heroic in them.

"While you continue to stammer, I'm going to go and finish up before the sun rises." Darkwing said, interrupting her thoughts. "Are you going to stay here all night or are you going to get some sleep?" 

Still clutching the scrapbook, she went over and sat in one of the blue chairs. "Where's Launchpad?" he was mysteriously missing and she needed to know if he would be acting as weird as her dad. 

"He went home to get more parts for the ThunderQuack." 

"What? There arent any plane parts at our house. Why would he go there?" now she was just confused.

"To his home. Not everyone gets to crash at my house." he said before he walked over and pushed down on the head of the small statue himself to stop any further questions. 

As soon as she got home she crawled into bed, hoping that everything would be normal by morning.

Gosalyn ran up to her father and lept into his open arms. She laughed as he tickled her before wiggling out of his grasp to be chased in their usual game. She ducked behind a chair and waited for him. Suddenly she was yanked out of her hiding spot. "Come on dad, it's just a game." she said between laughs. Then she opened her eyes to see two glowing red orbs looking back at her through a black mask. 

She gasped as her eyes traveled down his chest and saw the normal purple suit slowly transform into thick spiked armor. He looked down on her then let go. Letting her fall into an endless casm of gas canisters, villains, and masks. Above everything she could hear Negaduck laughing maniacally.

"No!" Gosalyn fell to the floor gasping for breath as she woke from her nightmare. "I have to find out what Negaduck's been doing before things get worse!" 
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