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The Bull and the Assassin ( Chapter 4 Uploaded)

((NOTE: This is just a raw idea that I'd like to expand. Part of it was from a dream but, I really liked it and wanted to turn it into a story plot. The dream was really fuzzy so, none of the events took place in the dream since I only remember three characters and the idea.))

Chapter 1: She Hunts at Night

As the moon rose over the skyline of St. Canard. The lights of the city shimmered and sparkled like diamonds in the night as their light tried to outshine the stars. On one of these rooftops a shadowy figure was looking at the city streets below. However, the scenery was the last thing on her mind. She had a job to do and she was being paid well for it. She reached into her bag that was slung over her shoulder. A sudden wind kicked up as it caused her black cloak to flap in the wind. Taking it as a sign she looked through the binoculars that she pulled out and scanned the streets. Her lips curled back into a devilish grin as she spotted what she had been searching for.

A motorcycle that was decorated with large silver spikes was tearing through the city streets. Using the wind to her advantage, She took out a pole from her bag and jumped. Pressing a switch on the pole it opened up into a hang-glider. She quietly soared after her prey. She was still several stories above to make sure that she wouldn't be spotted. That was when another motorcycle followed close behind the first. This one was strange to her. It was red and purple in color and had a duck's bill on the front. It's driver looked eerily similar to the other duck she had been following.

She wasn't sure about the target of her mission. She had been looking for a caped duck but, there were two? Should she kill both or stick to the original plan? Sounds from down below reached her ears as the two bikes collided and rammed into each other. At one point the spiked motorcycle began to slow. Had it been damaged? No, As the Red and Purple bike slowed down to match the other's speed the first bike rammed into the other's wheel and the spike that had been sticking out of the rim shredded the second bike's front wheel causing it to lose control and spin out. A fiendish laughter could be heard as the rider of the first bike sped off.

Deciding to stick with the original plan, she followed the victorious motorcycle. Unknown to her, the second bike's rider was the only caped duck that her boss wanted. As the motorcycle drove over the bridge, the silent follower smiled. This was as good a place as any to take him out. Taking out a small dart gun, She fired it at the bike. It hit the back wheel's rim and sent an electric shock wave through the bike killing the engine. The bike wobbled out of control and threw it's rider.

He rolled to a halt but, quickly jumped to his feet. Looking around then finally up at her he pulled out a weapon of his own. It was a miniature rocket launcher. He grinned and fired. She tried to dodge it but, the wind was stronger here over the bay and the rocket tore through the fabric of the glider sending her spiraling downward. She let go at the last moment and took a somewhat hard landing onto the bridge. unfortunately for her, she had landed five feet away from the Caped duck she had been following.

She backed up, somewhat frightened by his appearance. He didn't seem so intimidating from above but up close, he looked like he was ready to make war with the world. with spiked armored shoulder guards over his purple costume and large dark purple cape, He looked like he came straight from mid-evil times but, what made him truly menacing was the black mask and glowing red eyes, shadowed by the large dark grey fedora hat.

"What? shocked cause I broke your wings?" He asked as he glared at her. "Who are you and why'd you attack me?" Her fear diminished as his question reminded her of the job she had been hired for. "My name is none of your business. I am an assassin. Hired by the best to kill and collect a profit. And you are the target my employer wants."

The armored duck didn't say anything at first. She could tell he was thinking of something. He seemed to be just as cunning as she was. He grinned wickedly at her. "Are you sure they want me? Perhaps they really want Darkwing. Many people often get the two of us mixed up but, I couldn't be more different. Here, let me show you why."

without warning he pulled out net launcher and fired. The assassin dodged to the side and sliced the net to keep it from wrapping around her foot. He then came right at her and aimed to punch her square in the face. She dodged it again but, he had grabbed a hold of her cloak. "Oh no you don't! Get back here!" The cloak tightened around her neck as he dragged her back towards him. Taking out a small dagger she sliced through the end of her cape cutting the part he had away from her. In doing so, her hood was ripped off revealing her identity and her species.

The snow leopard's long furry tail swished back and forth in frustration. No one had ever seen what she looked like. There had been many rumors of who and what she was but now, this infernal duck knew the truth. "My boss will just have to settle with receiving you dead as apposed to alive!" She unsheathed her claws and pounced towards him. Her anger getting the better of her, something that didn't happen often.

This time it was his turn to dodge. As she missed him, he grabbed her by the tail and threw her over towards the edge of the bridge. She screeched in pain as her tail had been pulled. "You're dead meat duck!" She hissed. "If I had a dime for every time someone said that I'd be richer then Scrooge." He replied, amused by her threat. With a ferocious growl the assassin pounced towards him. He in turn merely jumped to the side revealing the open waters below. Her cat-like reflexes saved her as she grabbed the edge of the bridge.

Looking up and stared into the eyes of her prey. suddenly, she realized that she had become the prey and he was the predator. She hissed several curse words up at him. "Maybe next time you'll know better then to tangle with Darkwarrior Duck!" He growled as he stomped on her hand. She fell silently. Hearing the splash Darkwarrior walked back over to his bike. He had a long way to go back to his hideout. Picking up his motorcycle he rolled it along the road dreading the repairs he had to do thanks to the short circuit.

Unknown to the armored mallard, the assassin had survived. She had grabbed onto one of the support cables that ran underneath the bridge. She sighed in frustration as her bag floated for a moment on the water's surface before sinking into it's depths never to be seen again. Everything she needed to get the job done was in that bag and ever worse, her cell phone. She had paid an insane amount of money to upgrade it and now it had to be replaced. "This isn't over Darkwarrior Duck. I'll pay you back for this once I get the proper tools. No one can escape Hunter Z." She began heading back towards the city of St. Canard.

To Be continued.....
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