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Anatomy of a cartoon (or more specifically, its characters)

Okay, this is my first topic post so i'll be as gentle as I can.

As the tile says, this is for us Darkwing fans who have always wondered about certain body designs of certain characters (this is a kids show people, if you do post, try not to be so drity if you can help it that is).

One thing that kind of bugs me is Megavolt (not saying Megs isn't cute, because that guy's as adorable as the rest of his teammates) but i've wondered why the poor guy has no ears, sure with the plug hat on the prongs on top look like fales ears but without it you're like "how do you hear anything, dude?". He's technically a Rat and in the show they've had rats with ears so why not him? The loads of fan-art i've seen can nicely render him with ears so it can be done (check out Deviantart) so raelly, what's the deal?

Hope this gets the ball rolling, i'll simply love the input on this and other points when they come to light (heh-heh). :megs1:
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