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Bridging Gaps (And Maybe Hearts)

So this is it, I’m putting up the first 2 pages of my DW fan-fiction and I’m for one glad I put it on paper. (If I had to remember this all from scratch I’d be in trouble)
Anyhow, tell me what you think of my OC and her role in the wonderful world of Darkwing Duck, enjoy.
(Also, the idea and characters of Darkwing Duck are the property of creator Tad Stones and the Disney Company, only the characters of Siren, NegaSiren, Veronica Vixen, Lou the bartender, Roy the guard, World the Virtual Reality program, and John Doe belong to me, so no sue for you)
The city of St.Canard, a place full of action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, and mystery.
A city inhabited by Villains with checkered pasts and damaged minds, but do not fret, there is hope for this poor city.
A Hero who sends the criminals running and keeps the citizens safe from relative harm, a Masked Mallard whose name is known throughout the city.
His name is...DuckMan...wait, sorry, must have been a typo, so let's try that again... his name is Darkwing Duck...yeah, that sounds about right...but this isn't about him, well, he's involved but not the star, sorry dude.
No, this story is about a unique girl who arose from the ashes to connect what was severed long ago by the misfortunes of I suppose the best way to get this ball rolling is to start at the beginning, shall we.
It was a nice and peaceful day in the city of St.Canard, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, there's not a single cloud in the sky, and everyone is positively happy with content.
A sudden explosion breaks the city's peace and the alarms at the First-National Bank go off like shrill cries, through the smoke innocent people run into the streets in terror as the police arrive, and as the smoke begins to fade a figure emerges.
A young silver-Wolf woman in a simple black out fit and burglar's mask stands in the busted doorway holding 2 very large bundles of stolen goods with a sadistic smile on her face.
"Freeze!" "Hold it right there!" "Don't move!"
The mix-breeds of officers order as they draw their gun at me.
"Move aside, you're in my way."
I warm them for their own good.
"Get down on the ground and put your hands up in the air!"
They shout and my smile becomes a twisted smirk.
"Heh, don't say I didn't warn you."
Inhaling deeply I release a powerful howl that forces all within a mile to cover their ears and drop to their knees in agony as the surrounding glass shatters which looks like falling stars to me.
Still howling I us this current state of incapacitation to my advantage by running as fast as I can and as far as possible before the howl fades away with my very breath.
Now a tad exhausted I scramble into a dark alley and hide behind a dumpster to catch my breath just as the cops go driving by, most likely still believing I’m on the move.
"Stupid...idiots...They probably...gave up...and are a…Doughnut Shop...."
I pant, just trying to regain myself, then let out a long sigh once I've stabilized.
" that's much better...Heh, I'm glad I don't pay taxes, I'd hate to fund such lousy law enforcement."
I look at my ill-gotten-gain and grin.
"And talk about lousy, that safe was way too easy to open. I almost feel like giving it all back out of pity...yeah, almost."
I snicker as I slowly walk out of the alley and head towards my safe-house, not even really trying to hide the 2 large bundles the now rest on top of my shoulders, and with only a few blocks away from my home and accomplishment I start to feel good.
"Just a little bit further and I'll be home-free...Nothing can stop me now."
I laugh in victory as I pick up a faster pace but must quickly halt when a puff of blue smoke suddenly appears in my path and I take a few steps back in defense.
"I am the Terror that Flaps in the Night...I am the wrong decision that ruins your entire day...I am Darkwing Duck!" Dwpose
The smoke clears and he reveals himself to me, but much to my amusement he’s facing the wrong way.
"Evildoer, prepare yourself. For I...Uh...Where'd you go?"
Asked the greatest Hero this city or I have ever seen, so to be polite and not run off like a coward, I let out a whistle and Darkwing turns around slightly embarrassed, which makes me snicker.
"Sorry, heh, but I’ve just gotta ask...Does that happen often?"
I just can't help but to tease the guy.
"Well, sometimes. It's just, the smoke makes things kind of...Hey...!"
He pulls out his multi-use gas-gun then points it at me, making me pout.
"Now let's just do this the easy way and surrender peacefully, shall we."
I sigh in mock insult.
"Geez, what's with everybody and their pet pulling a gun at a poor defenseless girl like me? Does it look like I’m carrying any weapons to you? Do I look dangerous or insane, is that it?"
Kind of rattled by the unexpected rant he slowly lowers his gun unsure.
"Well, uh, no, you don't, not exactly..."
But he raises it back up in an instant.
"But I’m not about to take any chances."
The seriousness of his words is quickly drowned out by my wicked chuckling.
"Yes, bravo my good man. You're truly smarter then you look...For indeed, I do possess a weapon, and it is right over there."
I point away behind him and he turns to look, with him now distracted I bark and his gun is blasted out of his hands then flies into a nearby storm drain, which needless to say has him a bit worried.
"Heh, I don't suppose you'd wait for me to get that back, would you?"
An evil look comes to my face as I shake my head and he gulps.
"Yeah...I didn't think you would." "Dance for me, Hero!"
I bark at his feet and he's quite fast to evade the blasts of sound.
"Hey, I’m not that bad."
He jokes to himself but leaves an opening for me to attack, I charge towards him when his back is turned and roar causing a massive blast of sound to slam him into a wall with such force that he actually goes through it along with several more.
"Eh, looks like you could use a few lessons, but hey, that's just my opinion."
Again, I can't help but tease before taking my leave to my safe-house, not really sure if all that damage even knocked him out or not, so it's just better to assume no and run like crazy while I’m still pumping with adrenaline till I’m home where I lock the place down tighter then Scrooge's vault.
"Phew...That was close...But man, what a rush, heh."
I smirk as I plop onto my couch and put the loot down before picking up the phone for a quick call.
"Hello, St.Canard News, you don't know it yet, but do I have a story for you...."

(skipping time)

"Tonight's top story. St.Canard's First-National Bank was robbed of what police are saying to be an estimated $6 million by this woman...A new Super Villainess by the name of Siren. Aside from the robbery, she has also caused around $400 thousand in damages to the city in her escape from the authorities. Not even Darkworm Duck was unable to apprehend this new threat, and she's still at large. If you see her, call police immediately...." *click*
I turn off my TV and smile.
"Yes, now I’m on the city's grid as a real threat...Mission accomplished."
To be continued.

Well there you have it, the first 2 pages of my fanfic, I really hoped you like it and thanks for reading.
(If there are enough supporters, I’ll post 3 and 4 as soon as I can, again thanks for your time)
"Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm a Super Villain."
"I reject this reality and so I'll substitute it with my own."
"I am Siren, remember my name, you pathetic fools, and don't you dare forget it." ~ Siren

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