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Bridging Gaps (And Maybe Hearts)

Okay, I'm back with more story...Things are now going to be very awkward if you're a big Megavolt fan, if so, I apologize like I did for all the Bushroot lovers, I'm gonna apologize for each of these solo-moments as I don't wish to offend anyone's personal ideas and fantasies on each character...With that said, here are pages 73 and 74, enjoy.
I listen intently by the door, as Megavolt scratches his head and groans loudly with frustration.
Ugh...I can't believe I did it again! Why do I keep letting every opportunity slip away from me? What did you say?
He moves towards the door and I duck away before he can spot me.
Hey! I am not a wimp...
Confused and overly curious, I peek back into his bedroom and see him arguing with a light-bulb, he must have picked it up off something I can't see behind the door.
I rescued you while fighting Dorkwing, remember, so how am I a wimp...That's different, you don't know how hard it is to try and say what I want...Heh, just be honest. You make it sound so easy...Oh really, and since when did you become such an expert on the matter, huh...Hey, watch your language.
I quietly snicker at his self argument with the light-bulb, it's so cute, and strangely enough, I think I can almost understand the conversation, but I'm not entirely sure.
Look, things are...Complicated...I just can't tell her straight out how I feel.
Now that, I wasn't expecting to hear and I blush...He...Feels for me...Despite being frazzled, I stay by the door and listen, wanting to get the whole story and not just a piece...Who knows, it might not even be me he's talking about, it could be someone else.
You're joking right? I might have had a shot before, but now that the others are involved, I don't stand a chance...Were you not paying attention to anything I've told you...I happen to know for a fact, that they all have an interest in her, even NegaDuck, and he doesn't like anybody!
Okay, so that makes the list of possible other girls very, very, very, very, very, very short...Still, there's no way it's me he's talking about, it can't be.
It doesn't matter if we have a history together, she doesn't see me like that, I'm still just a friend in her eyes.
Holy cow, he is talking about me!
Oh, would you just shut up about that! Even if I did tell her it wouldn't make a difference...Well...I think she likes someone already. And what's worse is...I think it's Quackerjack.
All life drains from me, I'm too stunned to move or breathe, I've just died at his doorway...Not really of course.
They really seem to get along well with each other and she's even saved his life...You want proof? I've seen them kiss, twice! The first in the limo might have been an accident and the second in the alley might have been him showing his gratitude, but it was still a kiss...And what exactly give you that idea...Yeah, I guess you're right about that. She did say all those nice things didn't she...That's true! She did help me when I had my panic attack....Heh, she even said I was cute...Alright, you've convinced me. The next chance I get, I'll tell her.
He walks over to an unused lamp and screws in the light-bulb, gently petting it like a dog.
Thanks for the chat my friend, it was very enlightening. But now it's late, and we all must recharge for the night...Huh..Oh, and goodnight to you too.
He goes to his bed and kneels down to get something from under it, with the talk now over, the cold cruel hand of realization slaps me back to reality, but still a bit shaken by all that he's said, I end up stumbling my face into the door frame, which surprises the heck out of him.
He slips whatever he found back under the bed, and upon realizing he's only in his boxer-shorts, he quickly grabs a pillow from off his bed and covers himself, blushing in complete embarrassment.
Are you okay? What are you doing up here?
I rub my head and make some sort of sigh/groan noise.
I'm fine Elmo. I just wanted to wish you sweet dreams before I went to bed.
I lie, like I'd really tell him that I heard every word of what he said.
Oh...Well, thanks.” “No problem. Nighty-night.
I wobble as I go to leave, maybe that last bump to the noggin hit me harder then I thought.
Wait! Don't move!
He tosses the pillow aside and comes to my side, holding me up and guiding me into his room.
*dizzy sounding* What are doing?” “You hit your head. I think you've might of damaged your equilibrium.” “*beginning to slur* But that's in the ear.” “That's not good, you might have damaged your motor-functions too.
He sits me on his bed and feels my forehead.
I'm not sick. Just a little woozy is all.” “Maybe, but you're kind of warm and got several nasty bruises. All of which look very recent...What have you been doing, ramming your head into walls?” “Ha-ha, funny man, you should do stand-up.” “Well, at least you're okay enough to pick on me.” “No! Never...
I pull him into a warm hug and his eyes widen in shock.
I'd never do that and I'm sorry if I did. Forgive me Elmo.
He relaxes after a moment and holds me close as he sits beside me.
He snickers.
Yeah, I like huggies.
This is nice Elmo, thank you.” “For what?” “For always being there for me, for making sure I'm okay...
I nuzzle his neck and he tenses up to my sudden affection...Either that or my nose is cold.
And for always knowing just what to do to make me feel better.
His hold on me strengthens and it gets my attention.
Elmo, is something the matter?
I look into his eyes but he turns away and now I'm worried.
Elmo? Elmo, what's wrong?
An unsettling sad look comes to his face, one of confusion mixed with some inner turmoil.
Lynsie...” “Yes, what is it?
He bites his bottom lip nervously.
Have you ever wanted to ask a question, but you were scared to know the answer?
My eyes widen with a blush, as every word he spoke moments ago replays in my head.
I...I...I can't say.” “Oh...Never mind then.
His sadness deepens and I just can't stand it.
I heard what you said.
His eyes widen and he looks at me in shock.
You...You heard...” “I heard every word Elmo. I...I never knew you had such feelings for me.” “No. Not had, have. I...I have feelings for you Lynsie. I care for you.
I'm not sure why, but my eyes start to water, and it gets to him.
Lynsie? Why are you crying?
Now I'm the one who looks away.
Lynsie? Talk to me, was it something I said, did I upset you?” “No...” “Then what's the matter? Why won't you look at me?” “Because...” “Because why?” “I can't say.” “What do you mean?
I stay silent...I can't tell him why, I can't tell him that if I look at him right now, then I might do something unbelievable, something shocking, something like...
He cups my cheek and turns me to face him, causing my eyes to lock-on with his.
I'm here for you. Please, just talk to m...
Something like this, is what I was going to say and you can guess why...His sweet words are cut short by the sudden coverage of my lips on his and his mind is completely shot...The kiss lasts for what feels like ages, but when I pull back just seconds later, I'm struck by the look on his face, a strange one that I can't describe...Mainly because I've never seen it before.
I'm sorry Elmo, I didn't mean...” “You kissed me?
I'm silenced with embarrassment, so I just nod.
Lynsie...You...You actually kissed me...You really kissed me!
He hugs me with such joy and happiness, I swear his head will explode in sheer delight, and he plants the biggest sweetest kiss on my cheek, if I weren't already blushing from embarrassment I'd set a record for fastest time turning red...Honestly, I've never seen him so ecstatic, and darn it if it doesn't make him more cuter.
You really do care for me!” “Of course I care for you, you're my best friend. The boy I can always count on to help me, to worry for me, to check and see if I'm alright. What made you think I didn't care?” “Well, nothing really, it's just...The way you get with the others, all open and affectionate...I guess I thought you were replacing me with them.” “Why Elmo Sputterspark, I do believe that was the dumbest thing you've ever said.
I tweak his nose and pout in mock insult.
Honestly, like I could replace you. None of those boys could ever hope to take your place. There can be only one Elmo and that's you, end of story.
He rubs his nose and chuckles as he nuzzles into my neck, making me giggle as his whiskers are ticklish.
I can't believe this is real. I've had dreams like this, but then something always happens to ruin it just when I'm about to be happy. Please Lynsie, prove to me that this is real and not just another cruel dream.” “And how would I do that?” “I don't care, surprise me.” “As you wish.
Still locked together in our fond embrace, I move closer to him and curl up against his chest with a sly smile.
Does this prove this is all real, or do I have to tell you embarrassing stories instead?” “Heh-heh, yep, this is real alright. No doubt about it now.
I smirk and put my arms around he neck.
You're such a silly boy Elmo. Brilliant, bright, charming, and cute, but o-so very silly sometimes.
He smiles and rubs my back gently.
You forget lucky, because only by luck did I find a girl as special as you.
I close my eyes in utter content.
And I'm lucky to have a boy as sweet as you in my life.
I kiss his neck.
Thank you Elmo.
He kisses my forehead and rest his head on mine.
Thank you Lynsie.
To be continued.

Alright, so it wasn't so bad, honestly I toned it down a lot, my story on paper has thing way more intense then this, which might show up in the next 2 pages, but really I'm glad it came out like this, it's softer, sweeter, more real, you could see this play out in real life unlike my draft version...With all the stuff I've wrote in these pages, I can see some killer screen shots come of it all, it's a bit random, but would any of you be interested in drawing your favorite moment of the story and posting them in the Insight page, a lot of you are crazy talented when it come to art so I bet you could pull it off if you tried...But as the norm with all these endy bits, I thank you all for reading and hoped you had fun.
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