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Roles Reversed

Prologue: Bad Dreams

The small child was not giving up without a fight. She had fought the social worker the whole way from the police station. "No! I don't want to go with him! I want my Mom and Dad!" The social worker sighed as she had to pull the girl's arm to keep her form running. "Please, He is your only living relative. It's either with him or you go into an orphanage." "I don't care!" She replied. "I'd rather eat a can of worms!" The woman felt her stomach turn as she lost her appetite.

The front door opened and an kind, chubby old duck stepped out. "Now now, what's all this commotion?" The old duck was quite surprised with who he saw. "Gosalyn? Is that you?" "Who wants ta know!" The child replied as she continued to struggle with the woman. "Our apologies for not calling you Mr. Waddlemeyer. May we talk more inside?" The older duck stepped aside. "Of course, right this way."

Once inside, the social worker finally let go of Gosalyn's arm. She was ready to make a be line for the door when a timer in the kitchen sounded. "Oh, that would be my brownies. Would you two care for some?" Gosalyn walked around the living room as the social worker followed him into the kitchen.

"I'm aware of what happened and I'm more then happy to take Gosalyn in." He openly stated to her "I know it must be hard for her to have lost both her mother and father in one night. How she wasn't harmed I don't understand." The social worker nodded as she took a seat. "We found her asleep lying next to her father's body. The sight was quite gruesome indeed. She started fighting with us every since we tried to pull her off her father's body. Her spirit was completely shattered."

The old duck laughed. "Sir? I fail to see where this is funny." She stated looking up from her cup of coffee. "Her spirit seemed just fine to me." He then got serious. "I feel that my son and daughter-in-law's death was partly my fault. They were in charge of forming the plans for my new invention. Whoever it was that is responsible for their deaths either doesn't want me to complete the weapon, or they wanted the blue prints so they could build their own. It's that simple. Hurting the girl would be pointless since they would assume a child would know nothing of what was going on around them." The social worker took a sip of her coffee. "I see."

Meanwhile, Gosalyn had began looking around the living room. There were pictures everywhere. Most of them were of two ducks. Taking one off the book shelf, Gosalyn smiled when she recognized the younger duck to be her dad. His red hair was even messier then her was. Looking at others, she noticed that each one was of a different part of her father's life. There was one that showed a very happy father holding his newborn baby girl. Her red hair already shining through.

The social worker didn't want to get the girl's attention so, she left quietly. Professor Waddlemeyer approached Gosalyn and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I miss him too Gossie." Gosalyn wiped her beak against her sleeve and didn't answer him. He tried another approach. "I'm not as strong as you are. I don't have your strong spirit. I need your help to get me through this." Gosalyn looked up at his kind eyes that were beginning to sparkle with tears. It pained him to see her trying so hard to be strong when she needed to let her feelings show. She needed to grieve and grieve she did. She wrapped her arms around him and broke down in tears while the kind old man rubbed his hands through her hair.

A year and a half (and many happy memories later), Gosalyn was heading up to her Grandfather's laboratory. He had been spending most of his time over there for the past few months and Gosalyn had on clue what it was he was working on other then it was top secret and she didn't quite understand what it did because her grandfather liked to use big words.

When she got there, the place had been trashed and her grandfather was no where in sight. As Gosalyn walked into the lab she looked around. "Grandpa?....Grandpa! Where are you?!" She fell backwards and hugged her knees, rocking back and forth. First her parents then her grandfather. Was she destined to be alone? Was everyone she cared about destined to be taken from her and leave her completely alone?

That's when she heard another voice. "Gosalyn?" Her eyes snapped open and she looked around to see where it had come from. It wasn't her parents or her grandfather but, it sounded safe. She knew she could trust it. It was coming from the other room. She cautiously walked towards it. That was when she stopped. "What if this person also gets hurt because of me?" She didn't want to get any closer. "Stay back! I don't want you to risk your life for me!"

The voice replied with a reassuring chuckle. "Gos, before I met you, I didn't have a life worth risking." That was when Gosalyn knew she could trust him. But, as she made her way towards the voice an evil chuckle sounded from behind her. She turned to see two giant horns bearing down on her. "You are mine Gosalyn!" A dark menacing voice shouted. The tomboy lost all her nerve. She ran towards the door that the trusting voice had come from but, it seemed to get farther and farther away from her while the horns drew closer. Just as the horns towered over her Gosalyn fell out of bed.

She sat up visibly shaking. "It was all a dream. A stupid nightmare." She tried to force it away but, that evil voice that chased her down had terrified her. That's when another voice called up to her room. "Time to get up Gos or you'll be late for school!"

"Coming Dad!" She called back as she looked through her mess to get dressed and grab her back pack. After her father had called her, the dream didn't seem as scary. She didn't know why but, she shrugged it off and headed downstairs.
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