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The Tortured Soul (Final Chapter Uploaded, Status: Finished)

((OOC: The final chapter of the Tortured Soul Series… or is it? There might be a few surprises in store, I do not own any of the Darkwing Duck characters or the show but I do own Posiwing/Dustin, Negawing, Jessica, Nega-Jessica, Unknown and Ghost Hunter))

((Note: I do not own the song “The Revenge”, its own by Russel Allen and Jorn lande.))

Final Chapter:

All of Dustin’s clothes as his alter ego “Posiwing Duck” were finally put away in boxes to go up in storage. Earlier last night her husband had announced that he will abandon the Posiwing Duck identity, no longer wanting to partake in the role of a crime-fighter after discovering the realization he was becoming following the death of Ghost Hunter.

Even at seven months pregnant, Jessica finally was able to do the task, Dustin was currently was doing a Job Interview, he had wanted to realize his dream as a police officer like his father was before him, while she had remained home for the next following months until she was ready enough to become a officer. Neither of them knew what the gender of their child would be, they already had a name picked out for them: Mugshot or Drake, depending on the gender of the duckling. She felt the baby kick and she placed a warm hand on the stomach.

"Hey, little one. Are you awake?" The child kicked again. Jessica laughed. "I take that as a yes."

Jessica resumed her task of sealing up the boxes and mentally made sure to tell her husband to put it up in storage when he returns home after his interview. She sat the last box down by the other boxes on the floor. She went to close the closet door when she saw one last item she forgot.

Jessica pulled out a crème knit sweater. She had made it for Dustin a while ago. She finished it days before when Negawing had died in the explosion and had Dustin tried it on once. She had placed it in storage so he could wear it when winter came but had forgotten about it up until now.

Smiling, she decided to put it on. She took off her clothes and put on the sweater with a long black skirt. Jessica looked herself over in the mirror. The sweater fitted her well and didn't look too big because she was pregnant.
Jessica heard someone knocking at her door. "Must be some stupid salesman," Jessica thought. She left her room to go answer the door and tell the salesman off but saw a tall figure in a dark purple cloak standing a few feet away from her, the robe he(?) wore had concealed his entire body, his face was concealed in shadows. "May I help you?"

"Hello, you may not know me but I happened to be acquaintance of your husband from Junior High. He saved my life a long time ago when I nearly committed suicide after suffering a devastating tragedy and I just came to speak with him again.”

Jessica was already suspicious. Her husband never told her that he had saved a ‘friend’ from his childhood that nearly killed themselves. She glanced at the figure, there was a dark presence about this figure she could not comprehend. “You were one of Dustin’s friends?” She asked cautiously.

“You don’t believe me?” the cloaked figure asked, sounding a bit surprised.

“Why should I?” Jessica asked defiantly. “If something like that happened I would’ve heard it from him years ago. You’re not one of his friends, who are you?”

The figure smirked. “You saw right through me,” he remarked, “then I suppose I’d have to end this charade.” He then reached forward and grabbed her by the throat. “You’re right, I am not a friend of Dustin Mallard, for I happen to be his worst enemy.”

“W-worst enemy?” Jessica managed to breathe out as she grabbed the hand that was holding her and tried to pry the fingers off of her throat her eyes widened when she felt how cold the figures were. It was a unnaturally touch, it felt as if they were steel. And the grip the figure had could easily crush her with inhumane strength.

“Yes,” He removed his cloak so Jessica had a good look of his face. It was a panther, wearing a metallic mask over his face, and his eyes were dark green. She felt a chill running down her spine when she recognized the panther from her husband’s crime fighters. It was an enemy who they’d believe thought to be dead…it was Ghost Hunter. “I’m Ghost Hunter, I’ve come to extract my revenge by destroying everything Posiwing holds deal to him. Surely you know who I am, don’t you?”

How could she not? This man tried to kill her husband!
“Ah, I see that you have heard of me,” he commented, his smirk turning into a smug smile as he saw the expression on Jessica’s face. “You see Dustin took my life, and its only fitting I shall extract my revenge, and the best way to do that is to capture you and your unborn brat.”

“No, you won’t!” Jessica growled.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to argue with me. I have you by the throat with one hand and,” he formed a dark-crimson orb of energy in his other hand aiming it at the mallard’s stomach, “my other hand is ready to kill your child.”

Jessica started to cry but not for herself, for her unborn child. “No, please… don’t hurt my child.” She pleaded.

“That’s better,” Ghost Hunter said as the orb of energy dissipated into nothingness. “Fine, I shall spare your child’s life for the time being.” He released the death grip he had on Jessica’s throat then he backhanded her hard in the face with a closed fist. Jessica fell unconscious before she even hit the floor. “But I didn’t say I wouldn’t hurt you.” He said with dark chuckle.

Now that the black-feathered woman was unconscious, it was time for him to carry out the next phrase of his plan. He reached into his robe and pulled out a slip of paper that was written with text and placed it on a table. He then reached down to pick up the woman, slunging her over his shoulder and walked out of the two-story suburban house while humming to himself.

Dustin smiled as he drove home, the interview had went smoothly, he had been nervous the entire time but was relieved to know it wasn’t as horrible as he had originally thought to be. He had a good feeling that that the position was as good as his. As he thought about this he had already arrived at his home but then a chill went down his spine.

The front door was opened…

His eyes widened in alarm as he pulled into the driveway, quickly turning off the ignition and unbuckling his seat belt he jumped out of his car and ran towards his home. “Jessica?” He asked, hoping she would reply, he awaited for a few moments as he entered the building, “Jessica?” He asked again, his tone started to waver from fear.

Then he stopped when something had drawn his attention and he could felt his heart skip a beat when he saw the slip of paper. He snatched it from the table and read it, “Your wife is currently located at the warehouse at Pier Sixty-Five, we know who you are Posiwing.” His blood ran cold. He tired to keep his fingers from shaking as he sank down onto the couch holding it. All he could think about was his wife, the only woman in the world that gave him the purpose to keep living, the only woman he would spend the rest of his life with, now she was in the hands of a maniacal monster. He knew that the warehouse had belonged to Unknown, it seemed that the crime lord was responsible for her kidnapping. As he read over the note twice, his whole being shook. Where Posiwing Duck he was sure he could save the day in time, but Dustin Mallard was truly frightened for his wife. He read the rest of the note aloud again, and tried to keep his voice from shaking.

“’If you don’t meet me at the abandoned warehouse there you will pay the consequences, you will live with the knowledge that you could have saved her. Meet me there at midnight tonight, no theatrics, and do not be late. If you want her alive and well, your best bet is to follow these instructions to the letter, every minute you will be late she will lose a bone. I repeat, no funny business or you will be very sorry. You took my son away in cold-blood it is only fitting I shall take away someone that you’d love. Yours, Unknown.”

Dustin stood up, the cold pit in his stomach spreading to his entire body. “I have no choice but to follow his orders,” He said simply, voice and eyes as hard as flint. “This is about revenge, he wants to get back at me for damaging his empire and killing Negawing. I have to get her back, I will get her back if it’s the last thing I’ll do.”

Posiwing had pulled next to the warehouse, he took off his motorcycle helmet and glanced at the building. Instead of his silver-smoke entrance, he simply opened the door and stepped inside. After scanning the area, he moved into the light in the center of the spacious room.

“Unknown?” He called. The silence that greeted him froze his heart. Was he too late? Had he scared him off? But then he heard a familiar grunt. Turning, he saw Unknown standing some distance off, under the light fixture of a small bulb that was hanging above his head. No sign of Jessica.

“Good, you’re on time,” he drawled. He looked more self-satisfied than Posiwing had ever seen him.

“Where’s my wife?” Posiwing demanded, stepping forward. His heart was caught in his throat, but he tried to be heroic and strong. Inside, he was more afraid than he’d ever been before. He knew that the villain was smiling beneath the mask that he wore.

“I’m afraid she isn’t here.” He said, “You see Posiwing this was a trap to lure you to my clutches. Your fate will be determined in my own penthouse where she is kept.”

The hero could felt every bone in his body seemed to froze, cold, and stiff. His heart barely beat as his mind registered the words. “Why?” he demanded, his voice deflated, somewhat weak, “Why are you doing this?”

“Because you killed my son, Dustin,” he emphasized the last word as he then struck him in the side of the face with a ruthless right hook. “You and your wife will met a gruesome death and there’s nothing you can do to stop me, I know your weaknesses,” he delivered a left hook, this time landing the hero’s stomach, “I know your strengths, I know everything about you and I shall exploit it. I will break you, Dustin.” As he said those final words he whipped a brutal kick, landing Posiwing’s chest, the hero’s eyes widened as he felt the air rushed out of his lungs as he doubled over instinctively. “I want to see how you were capable enough to kill Negawing. Show me how you murdered him.” He said with a smirk on his lips.

“Fine,” Posiwing growled, “If you want to met the same fate as him then don’t say I didn’t warn you!” He managed to evade another kick as he performed a barrel roll then sprang to his feet and punched Unknown in the face. The force of the blow caused him to stagger backwards. He then struck him with two more punches, both blows landing successfully on his chest and knocking him further away. He was about to strike again when Unknown caught his fist and then elbowed him in the face, then grabbed him by the throat.

Unknown snarled at him as he tightened his grip, “If you think I am as soft as Negawing was then you’re clearly in for a surprise.”

He then headbutted him hard, Posiwing was seeing stars, completely dazed as his eyes watered from the impact. He nailed him hard right in the chest with a powerful kick. Posiwing was reeling as eh hacked up blood from the impact as he felt bones in his chesty break. He fell to the ground, already on his back as he coughed roughly, before slowly raising his head to see Unknown fired a fireball right at him, and Posiwing barely managed to get out of the way. He quickly scrambled up to his feet. He then ruthlessly battered the crime-fighter, each blow harder than the last, he was clearly quite enraged. Posiwing could barely believe how outclassed he was, even as Unknown brutally kicked him on the side of his head.

“I told you your fate had been sealed!” Unknown screamed in a frightful wrath, his face red and the veins on his neck throbbing. “I shall grant you a slow excruciating death as I rip you apart.”

Posiwing slowly climbed to his feet and whipped out his gun and fired it. This time Unknown couldn’t completely dodge the laser that was aimed right at him. It only clipped him on the shoulder, but it burned right through his armor and burned his skin raw as he stumbled back and fell down. He saw Posiwing’s arm extended with just a hint of smoke in front of the small weapon.

Unknown tried slamming his forearm into Posiwing’s chest, but Posiwing brought his own forearm up and blocked the shot. They both were grinding their teeth together, each trying to overpower the other with raw strength as their arms shook.

Posiwing managed to slam a knee right to the crime-lord’s stomach, before nailing him with a vicious uppercut as soon as he doubled over. He was about to strike again when Unknown had struck him hard with the back of his closed fist. Posiwing tried catching him with a knee to the back but Unknown blocked it. He almost effortlessly blocking the relentlessly fast punching combinations Posiwing was throwing at him. After a few seconds of this, Unknown finally slammed his fist hard against Posiwing’s stomach.

Posiwing gasped and doubled over, feeling like he had just been hit by a truck as he coughed up blood. He heard a dark chuckle.

“You’ve put up a good fight, Dustin, but I’m done with this shit now,” Unknown snarled as he prepared to deliver the killing shot once and for all. In a single motion, he raised both hands up over his head, grasped them together, and then violently brought his fists down on Posiwing’s head, forcing him to crash back into the ground.

The hero had slowly climbed to his teeth, this time it had took almost nearly all of his strength, he was barely able to dodge the villain’s elbow that was aimed at his face. Unknown quickly spun around and landed a couple of fast and hard punches right to Posiwing’s stomach, until the white-clad mallard finally recovered and caught his fists. Posiwing hauled Unknown closer to him and nailed him under the jaw with a hard knee.

Posiwing quickly reared back and threw a punch with all his strength behind hit, but he hit nothing but thin air as Unknown had phased out of sight. He barely had enough time to turn around to see the fireball that slammed into him, violently throwing him back down to the ground.

“I can see how he’d managed to kill Negawing, I’d never faced a warrior who was able to hold their own since Sonia,” Unknown said with a smirk of approval as he stood a few feet away from the vigilante. He stared at the hero who was trying to recover from taking the fireball from such a close range. His smirk spread. “Excellent form and technique, Dustin, I am most impressed.

Posiwing spit out a mouthful of blood as eh got back up to his feet. He looked up at Unknown, his eyes narrowed. Man, he’s heck of a lot stronger than I originally thought, but nowhere near Ghost Cat’s league though. I’d lucky I’m not facing this guy when he was at his prime, his age had reduced his abilities by a great amount but he is still able to give me a run for my money. How can I save Jessica in this rate if I can’t stop him?

“Yeah,” he finally said, giving a nod of respect. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

Unknown extended his hand toward the young mallard. “Join me, Posiwing. You’ve got potential and I hate to see it wasted. If you stand by my side and become my heir, I will forgave you and spare your wife. Imagine what we could accomplish together.”

Posiwing shook his head. “Thanks for the offer, but I would never join someone like you. Not after what you’ve done… I would rather die than to work with you. I haven’t sworn my allegiance to you, and I never will!”

“Then the only road for you is your destruction,” Unknown screamed at him, irate at how Posiwing could dismiss his offer, “I gave you a chance of salvation but since you turned your nose up on my offer then you’ve left me no choice but to kill you!” He brought his hands together , and pulled his hands back. “Heads up!” He screamed, right as he fired another fireball.

Posiwing saw the incoming deadly projectile heading towards him in a alarming rate, he brought his hands up. The fireball had struck him, and the ground started to shake alongside his arms , he could feel the skin of his palms burning raw from the fiery enemy as he struggled to control it. He squeezed his eyes shut as he valiantly tried to get control of it, but it was too powerful and the wave of fire finally exploded around him. The air rushed with dirt and smoke, making Unknown raise his hands to protect his eyes from it.

He smirked as the dust started to clear, but was surprised to see no sign of the blue-clad mallard. He reached up and finally brushed at his bloody nose, hardly able to believe that it had taken so much of his strength to overcome his opponent. He was sweating and out of breath. And now he believed he had stood victorious.

Or so he thought. A vicious knee slammed right into his spine, making him yell out in pain. He was quickly grabbed by the back of his head, causing him to bend over backwards before a fist brutally slammed right into his throat, forcing him to the ground.

He saw it was Posiwing standing over him but he saw something was different about him, his eyes were black and his was seething with rage as he glared down at the fallen crime lord who was coughing roughly. Still, he tried to force himself back up.

Unknown was wincing as he finally got back up to his feet. His muscles were aching; he was sure he had more than a few broken bones. He spit out blood on the ground before glaring at Posiwing. He had seen this aggression before, the last time it was displayed it had killed Ghost Hunter. He knew he might die if he faced him which is why he wouldn’t take such a risk.

“So this is what did Ghost Hunter in, well I will not repeat his mistake,” He snarled venomously as he pulled out his Infinity Blades. “Playtime is over, punk. Infinity Fury!” He crossed the blades. At the center of them a red mass of energy formed in the shape of an infinity symbol. Posiwing made a move to dodge it, but the crime-lord’s aim was too perfect. Everything he was, the blast had caught up with them. He kept moving, hoping to dodge it but the blast had always been a step ahead of him. Eventually the Infinity Fury caught Posiwing, and left him unconscious. “That was too close for comfort,” he said with a heavy sigh. The battle was over, he had triumphant.

Jessica awakened to find herself in abed. As she managed to sit up, she saw that she wasn’t in her room, she was in a queen-size canopy bed. The mattress was the softest she had ever been on and the sheets felt like silk. Where was she? She got out of bed and walked to the window, she was startled to see the city below her. She then remembered what took place: Ghost Hunter had captured her and is holding her hostage.

“Dustin,” she whispered underneath her breath, “does he knows where I am?” she sighed.

The door opened and Jessica turned attention to see who was coming in. It was a crocodile, one of Unknown’s flunkies. She remembered reading his criminal profile, he was a low-time petty mugger by the name of Mugshot, he had since been working with Unknown after the jailbreak a couple months ago. He was pushing a silver cart to her. Silver plates and platters were on the top and bottom of the cart and a lovely aroma was coming from them.

“Greetings,” he spoke in a cheerful tone as he closed the door and moved the cart to her. “I’m Mugshot, I am here to look after you as your caretaker.”

Jessica blinked. “Caretaker?”

“Yeah, Unknown ordered it. You’ve been out ever since you came in this morning. I was wondering if you would wake up and figure that if you did, you would be hungry so I fixed up this meal for you.”

He pulled off the cover from the top to bottom to reveal all the food he had prepared for Jessica. “Doesn’t it look delicious? This is the type of food you’d find at a five-star restaurant, Unknown has a staff of the best trained culinary chefs in the city.”

Jessica didn’t trust this guy one bit. Sure he was putting on a cheerful façade but he worked for Unknown, who apparently revived Ghost Hunter to kidnap her and had threaten he life of her unborn child. “No, hanks, I’m not hungry.”

“But you’ve got to eat,” Mugshot insisted. “You’re pregnant. Oh, I get it. You think this food if poisonous, its not. Trust me. If the boss wanted you dead, you would’ve already been dead by now.”

“So, he’s delaying my death is that it?”

“I don’t know, Miss Jessica. He never tells me his plans. All he told me was to be your caretaker.”

“How do you know my name? Why did Unknown told you to become my caretaker?” She demanded.

“Unknown told me your name. I’m to protect you from Ghost Hunter.”

“He’s still here?”

“Yes, Unknown promised him he would kill your husband once he gets here. I’m not sure how he survived apparently, in fact I believe he was already died, no one could live from being bifurcated like he did. I think Unknown’s scientists brought him back to life as a cyborg. I know he wants revenge on your husband but I don’t know what they has to do with Posiwing-“ he stopped short as everything clicked. “You’re Posiwing’s wife, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

Mugshot frowned. To Jessica’s surprised, the crocodile looked genuinely sorry for what was happening. “Then I guess this means you’re bait to bring out Posiwing.”

“You’re right,” She said sorrowfully, knowing there had been apart of Unknown’s plan.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Mugshot apologized. “Look, I’ve nothing against you or your husband just to let you know. Anyway, you really should eat, Ms. Jessica. Your food is starting to grow cold. It’s not poisonous.” Jessica still didn’t look sure. “I’ll try it myself.”

“No, I’ll try it,” Jessica said. There was something about this man that made her believed him. He looked truthfully sad to hear about her capture.

“No, you can’t eat it standing up. You have to eat it in bed. I’ll serve you your tray.”

"Um, all right," Jessica said not use to this behavior. She got in bed and Mugshot gave Jessica her first serving. Jessica ate it and found the food to be delicious.

"Well?" Mugshot asked expectantly.

"It's good. Thank you."

Mugshot smiled. "Thanks. I wanted it to be good. Unknown would scold me badly if it weren't. He wants you to
be taken care of here."

"That's hard to believe considering he is just as evil as Negawing,” she said dryly.

"Now, now that's not nice to say to the one who's given you a lovely room and board," Unknown said, leaning against the doorframe, “but your comments do flattery me.”

Mugshot turned and bowed before Unknown. “Sir, I didn’t expect your arrival.”

"Leave us," Unknown ordered. Mugshot quickly left the room. “There is some good news and bad news. The bad news is your husband has been captured, but the good news is you’ll get to live at least two more hours.”

Jessica glanced at the clock and saw that it was a few minutes passed one. “Why not kill us right now?”

Unknown chuckled darkly, “Because my son died exactly at three AM on this same day, I’d thought it would be fitting you and your husband will experience a horrible demise as I slowly grant you excruciating agony.”

“You signed your death warrant,” she said bravely, “my husband will not let you get away with this. He’ll break out and make you pay for everything you’d done.”

Unknown laughed, “I have no doubt that your husband could defeat me. He killed Negawing, but you see I’m his father. I’m strong as well, but unlike that dimwitted son of mine, I’m a lot smarter.”

“How smart can you be?” She asked with a smirk on her beak. "You kidnapped me, I’d give you that. But you clearly have failed to remember it was Posiwing that defeated both Negawing and Ghost Hunter, despite the odds against him he had triumphant at the end. If that doesn’t make you tremble in fear as it should, you must know that he will never give up, you may have different in a battle but he’ll spent every last breath in his body to stop you. He will defeat you at the end and he will save me, we will return home while you’ll answer for your crimes.”

Unknown’s grin had grown somewhat, “For someone who has been kidnapped, you talk bravely. I see no fear in your eyes. The only time you showed fear was when Ghost Hunter told me he had threatened your child in order of you to cooperate. Well," he said as if thinking of something, "this prove to be quite interesting." Hel aughed again and left the room.

'What does he mean by that?' Jessica asked herself. She sighed as she looked out the window again. She wanted to go home but she knew she couldn’t until Posiwing could save her. Until then she would have to pray he’d come for her soon.

The only thing she felt relaxed about in this place was Mugshot, he was strange for a criminal. He was quite nice, friendly and helpful. It was strange to find him in a place full of evil. She felt sorry for him. She knew that the villain was working for Unknown because he didn’t had much choice, it was probably the only job he could afford to keep him from living on the street. She remembered how ruthless Negawing had been before his demise and she could imagine that Unknown had been far worse.

She put a hand on her stomach, rubbing it.”We’ll get out of here soon. Your father is going to save us,” she told the child.

It was then that the door had opened and she looked to see who it was, and she smiled. “Dustin!” She cried happily but then she froze when she saw who the figure was. It was Ghost Hunter, she felt her body was frozen stiff with fear. He glared at her as he approached her.

“My, for a mallard you do look quite beautiful,” he remarked coldly.

She was scared as she looked him, he had a dark expression in his eyes. She could see the evil in his eyes, it was darker than Negawing’s and Unknown’s, which she didn’t think was possible. “What do you want from me?” she demanded, unable to keep the fear from her voice.

A wicked smile grew on his face. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you. I’m quite gentle, there’s nothing to fear from me.” He said, feigning politeness as he then used his tail to wrap around her throat. She cried in pain.

He laughed evilly. He raised his tail to lift Jessica off the ground, she clutched the tail trying to pull it off her neck. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you go as soon as I break your scrawny neck!” He chortled.

She cried out in pain as his tail tightened around her neck. “Someone, help me!” She screamed in pain. His tail was getting tighter and tighter around her neck. Her vision was starting to fail her as she felt the life started to slip from her body. She knew if she didn’t do anything soon, she would die. She wasn’t. She had a child with her and she wanted it to live so she did the only thing possible.

She dug the toes of her shoes into his chest, Ghost Hunter felt the air inside his lungs burning with pain as he shut his eyes momentarily. How a weak woman could have hurt him like this? Unknown had his technicians gave him a body that was ten times stronger than his previous one. How could such a weak kick have hurt him so badly? His answer was simple: He hadn’t been expecting it and his defenses were down. At least he didn’t gave her the satisfaction of knowing that her weak attack had done some minor damage to him.

Jessica fell to her knees and clutched her neck, gasping and coughing for air. Ghost Hunter snarled at her, he couldn’t believe that this woman had managed to muster the strength to damage him. “How dare you inflict damage on my marvelous being. I won’t be foolish in prolonging this, I am going to end your life now.” He grinned darkly. “Prepare to die---ugh!” He suddenly fell over. Jessica blinked as she saw him about to fall on her so she moved as quickly as she could. She leaned against her bed and Ghost Hunter tumbled to the floor.

Jessica looked down at the floor. She didn’t know why the panther ha fallen, she looked at the door and saw Mugshot holding a gun. He rushed to her side. “Are you alright, Ms. Jessica?”

"I'll be in a little bit," Jessica said still coughing. "What did you do?"

"Why you," Ghost Hunter growled rising from the floor. Mugshot got in front of Jessica and held the gun out, aiming at him.

"Get out of here, Ghost Hunter. I'll use this stun gun again if I have to." Mugshot changed the settings. "See? I put it on thirty minute paralyzing. Come any closer and you'll be out for thirty minutes instead of one."

"You wouldn't dare fire again," Ghost Hunter challenged him.

"Our employmer gave me permission to use this weapon on you. He wanted me to protect Ms. Jessica from the likes of you.. You're not suppose to be in here anyway. Unknown said that you are are forbidden to come to this room."

"I don't care what Unknown said. That woman is my enemy's wife and she's having his brat. She must die!" Ghost Hunter shrieked with rage as he stepped forward and Mugshot fired. It hit straight in the chest. Ghost Hunter crumpled to the ground unconscious. Mugshot fired on him again to be sure.

Jessica looked over Mugshot at Ghost Hunter. "That's a powerful stun gun."

"Yeah, these specially made guns are set for specific targets. See?" He showed Jessica the dial on the gun. "This setting is for people like Ghost Hunter." He moves the dial to another setting. "This is for Posiwing Duck." He moves the dial again. "This is for crocodiles, I guess that’s me. Strangely enough it is never designed to target Unknown, I guess he didn’t want it to be used against him if it was used in the wrong hands. He switched it back to Ghost Hunter's setting. He gave the gun to Jessica, got off the bed and put Ghost Hunter's arm over her shoulder. "I'll dump him in his room. I don't know if he would come back in here once he regains consciousness, but until I get back, keep the gun. I'll get a spare one for you to use when I'm not in here later."

“Thank you,” Jessica said softly.

"You're welcome," Mugshot said as he quickly left the room. Shortly after he had returned the room. “I’ve got a question if you don’t mind if I asked.” He said to her.

“You can tell me.”

“What is love?”

"Love is to care for someone deeply that you would want to do whatever you can to protect them. It's a feeling inside you. Some people feel it instantly and for others it develops over time. There are so many types of love like the love a husband and wife share, parent and child, siblings, friends. You never knew love?" Jessica asked.

Mugshot shook his head. "No."

"What about your parents?"

"My parents were killed during a crossfire between rival gangs when I was four and I was forced into the criminal life since then. I’d had no other family to return to and little friends. I don’t want to work for Unknown, but if I threaten to leave this place then he’ll kill me for betraying me, its happened before.”

"I'm so sorry. That's terrible thing for a child to experience. Can't you use this gun on him to free yourself?” She asked him.

Mugshot looked appalled. "How can you suggest such a thing? I may don’t want to work for the guy but he doesn’t abuse me like he did with Negawing when he was alive. As long as I do what he wants, he won’t kill me.”

Jessica frowned. He’s too scared of Unknown to try it' "I thought you might want to get free. When my husband rescues me, you can to come with me. His reign of terror will be no more once Dustin gets through with him.”

Mugshot shook his head. "I can't. We can't. We're stuck here. Your husband may be strong but he’s no match for Unknown or Ghost Hunter whose even more powerful than he was before. He can’t face such odds, there’s no way in heck he could defeat them.”

Jessica looked confident. “No, its them that doesn’t stand a chance. They’ll find out the hard way at the end.”

“Is Posiwing really that strong?” Mugshot asked. “Strong as Unknown and Ghost Hunter?”

“Stronger,” she said with a soft chuckle, feeling pride for how strong her husband is. “Want me to tell you the heroic things he had accomplished that everyone thought wasn’t possible?”

Mugshot nodded. “Tell me.” He asked her but then added, “Please.”

“Well then, let me tell you since we’ve got a couple hours of freedom left.”

In his private study where he had spent most of his time, Unknown was pacing, every minute had felt like an eternity to him. He would often paused to glance at the clock on his wall from across the room then he would scowl as he resumed pacing, it was merely forty minutes away before he would carry out his revenge, within forty minutes he will avenged the surrogate son that he lost. Ghost Hunter stood rigidly at the center of the room, his metallic hands were crossed in front of him.

“It appears you have executed part of our plan quite smoothly, I have feared in your own mental incapacity you would blotch our revenge by killing her in the process.”

“Yes, Unknown, she had proven to be no match for me as expected.”

“I suppose you expect me to feel some sense of relief for defeating a mere woman but in fact, I’m angry at your recent actions. You had disobeyed a direct order, I told you that you’re forbidden to enter her room or cause her any harm, then you had the nerve to try to have her killed.”

Ghost Hunter stirred. “She left me no choice.”

Unknown came to a halt and turned towards the panther, “No choice? Don’t take me for a fool, Takeshi. Mugshot told me you went to her room with the only intention of killing her, you were seen strangling her! He was forced to use the stun gun to knock you unconscious, a weapon I know would even paralyze you for a few moments. Why won’t you simply follow my order and wait for her death as I specifically asked?”

“She’s carrying his child, I cannot allow her to continue his legacy.”

“But you against someone like Ms. Mallard? It hardly seems like an equitable match, Takeshi.”

“I think you’re forgetting that bitch is pregnant,” Ghost Hunter said with venom, “If this child lives it will likely bring our downfall, of course you’re a short-sighted fool not to realize this.”

Suddenly intrigued, Unknown moved closer, “Ah, what’s this? You have dared to insult me in front of my presence? I, the one who revived your miserable life?” Anger showed in his yellow eyes. “I, the one who had given you the chance of revenge?”

Ghost Hunter said nothing.

“Perhaps you’re not enjoying your new position in life? Perhaps you would take your own life like a coward, is that it?” Unknown stared at him. “Or perhaps you think you’re better to occupy my status as a crime lord than I am? Is that it, Takeshi? If so, then admit it as much!”

Breathing deeply, Ghost Hunter remained silent for a moment longer, “No, as a mercenary I am bound to serve you until my contract is fulfilled.”

“Interesting, so you intend to have me killed once your task, which is to eliminate Posiwing, is completed?”

Ghost Hunter inclined his head to Unknown. “You’ve got me wrong, why would I betray you?”

“Because I know you plan to strike me down, your loyalty towards me is limited, your precious government placed a bounty on me, one you cannot ignore,” Unknown sneered.

“I’ve no interest to claim such a bounty.”

“I find that hard to believe, given your reputation. Negawing had such a bounty when he was alive, and you certainly prepared to kill him for it, even if you failed.”

Ghost Hunter clenched his right hand. “Negawing was a fool, his threat could not be ignored, even back then he was a threat to you.”

“Perhaps he was once, he did thought he could kill me through poison.”

“Then you know why he had to die, he was foolish and yet dangerous to your plans.”

“Now, that brings me back to my earlier question, why haven’t you tried to strike me down? Because I possess powers you lack?” Unknown lifted his arms, hands deployed like claws as if to summon and hurl electricity, “Because you know I could easily overwhelm the delicate electrical systems in your body?”

Ghost Hunter stood his ground. “I don’t fear death, Unknown.”

Unknown grinned maliciously. “Then why go on living, Takeshi?”

Ghost Hunter looked down at him. “To extract my revenge on my sworn nemesis.”

Unknown lowered his hands. “Then I ask you one final time: Takeshi, why not strike me down?”

“Because by joining forces we can conquer any foe, including Posiwing,” Ghost Hunter said. “He will regret his mistake in the abyss while he’ll writhe in agony like a worm when I’m through with him.”

Unknown narrowed his eyes and nodded. “Then I suppose once he is dead we will see what destiny has in store for us: whenever you might plan to betray me or take Negawing’s place as my heir will be seen.”

“Yes, Unknown,” Ghost Hunter said finally. “Time will tell.”

“Good. Very good,” Unknown smiled in satisfaction, “And now you are ready to release your anger.”

Ghost Hunter evinced confusion.

“I believe we had waited long enough,” Unknown said, “Its only forty minutes away but let’s commence our course of vengeance.” He tipped his head to one side. “What say you, shall we change our schedule and see that Dustin Mallard and his wife will suffer a excruciating torment they cannot even comprehend?”

Ghost Hunter clenched his left hand. “That would be my most fervent wish, Unknown.”

Unknown clamped his hands on the cyborg’s upper arms. “Then I shall contact Mugshot and tell him to bring our guests directly to the torture chamber. We will make them sorry they’d ever crossed our paths.”

Jessica strolled down through the corridor, hers wrists were clamped with chains and she was accompanied by two guards. She saw Unknown stood before her, accompanied by several more guards, when they had approached him he had raised his hand to signal them, halting them in their tracks. The guards silently obeyed their commands as instructed. “As you may know that this is your final hour,” he said to her in a nonchalant tone, “your husband is in beyond that room, and he will be interrogated. You, on the other hand, will be tortured, Don’t fret your torment may be excruciating painful but it will not last as long as you feared,” he then paused as he then chuckled softly, “My mistake, it will be a slow anguished death.” Jessica gasped in horror.

“Now let’s go see your husband, I sure hope he keeps his beak shut. Torture is dull if you give in too easily.” He then dragged her by the shirt towards the torture chamber, “I want the rest of you to stand guard,” He ordered his men, “If they somehow escape this room I want you to eliminate them, understood?”

“Yes sir,” all four guards said in unison.

“Good.” He then turned towards the torture room, the door opened with a soft hiss as they entered. Upon entering, Jessica noticed that her husband, donned in his Posiwing Duck costume, was already bound to a chair behind a glass wall, his eyes appeared to be glazed over, as if he had been drugged. There were two guards inside the room, they both saluted Unknown, bowing their heads in respect. “Your husband has been given a nasty little serum,” Unknown told her. “He packs quite a punch, so to keep him in line, the drug we gave him will prevent him from breaking free. I’d do the same to you, except I want you to feel every bit of the paint hat’s coming your way.”

Unknown chuckled as he strapped Jessica to a machine with all manner of electrodes, hooks, blades, needles and other devices she had never seen before. She hadn’t been this afraid since the night when Negawing had attacked her home in an attempt to kill Dustin at his most vulnerable state in his civilian identity. Still, she tried to be as noble about it as possible for both of their sakes.

“Dustin, whatever you do, whatever happens to me, don’t give in! Don’t tell this scum anything!”

“Save it, girl, he can’t hear you, except when I let him hear your scream.” Unknown had then signaled the two guards to slap Posiwing back to consciousness, then he spoke into what appeared to be an intercom. “All right Posiwing, take a look over this way. As you can see, we have your wife here, bound and ready for your interrogation. The settings on this beautiful instrument can go as high as twenty, I’ll show you what one feels like.”

(I want you to feel it in your bones
Want you to feel all of my pain
See all the demons in the world that you created)

He turned the switch on, and Jessica tensed up, refusing to scream. “Tough girl, eh? All right, we’ll try two.” He turned the setting up by one, and Jessica could not contain her pain any longer, she screamed in agony. “Right, as you can see Posiwing, this machine hurts a lot on the smallest settings. Every time you refuse to answer a question, I’ll turn the setting up one notch. Got me?”

Posiwing, tears in his eyes, nodded his head. “I’ll tell you everything, just don’t harm her,” He pleaded him.

A devious grin crept across Unknown’s face, “I’m not fully convinced,” he then turned the dial to three. Jessica cried out even greater than before, “This is what happens when you lie to me, so unless you do as I say or she will die.”

Tears were streaming down Posiwing’s face, “I’ll tell you anything,” he said, “just stop hurting her!”

“Aww, izzum’s gonna cwy?” Unknown laughed cruelly, his sadistic grin widening a bit. “At least we’re getting somewhere. So tell me, how did my son die? Oh, and if you plan to lie to me again I would know, I’ll turn the dial up again if you try.

“I don’t know what happened to him but I didn’t killed Negawing.”

Unknown’s smile disappeared into a frown, he knew that Posiwing was telling the truth. “Good, next question, if he isn’t dead then where is he?”

“I’ve don’t know… the last time I saw him is when he attacked me at my house six years ago, since then he hasn’t reappeared. He’s most likely at the Negaverse, bidding his time.”

“So… Negawing did know your identity and he’s at the Negaverse. Well, that’s just wonderful. That means, my son didn’t perished in the explosion, he’s somewhere in the Negaverse, most likely building himself an empire.” Unknown said, while rubbing his chin. But then he sneered, “He’s throwing away everything I had taught him, he is following in Negaduck’s footsteps instead of my own after everything I down, that miserable traitor will pay for this! I’m sorry Posiwing, it seems you and your wife were killed during our torture session, I do thank you for this relevant information, I will take it to my advantage by finding a means to travel to the Negaverse and kill Negawing for his treachery. “ Without any warning he began to turn the dial of the machine up to maximum, Posiwing could hear Jessica’s screams through the glass, at which point he decided they had taken enough. He fought through the drug and unleashed his own anger.

“I’ve had enough of you! Let her go!” Posiwing screamed furiously, his eyes becoming black as he managed to tear through his bonds, he then rushed forward as he tackled through the glass as it shattered around him and began pummeling Unknown as he pinned him to the floor in a state of blind rage. This time, Unknown could not stop the brutal assault.

(I want you to live one of my days
Want you to dream one of my dreams
The time has come for you to feel what I feel)

“No, this isn’t suppose to happen! You shouldn’t have the energy to fight back!” Unknown shouted angrily as he had barely managed to block the kick.

Posiwing ducked his head to dodge the left hook that had been aimed for his head then he brutally connected punch after punch with Unknown’s face, smashing his helmet. He then grabbed the plasma gun that had been placed on a table in the room, along with other weapons and horrific torture devices including a chainsaw, before he lifted his hand and fired a green blast at the torture device console, rendering it useless, and easily freeing Jessica from the device.

She looked at Posiwing, who was mindlessly pummeled the armored crime-lord, his mask had been shattered, revealing a gangly, featherless creature, a small patch of white fur could be seen on his head as his face was old, and filled with wrinkles, his yellow eyes had stared back at Posiwing with hatred.

“No wonder why he wears a mask,” Jessica commented to herself. But then she felt something being pressed against her neck, she gasped when she noticed it was a metallic claw from a metal hand, it had drawn a thin line of blood.

“I would stop if I were you,” chuckled a devious voice from behind Jessica, “unless you want your woman to have her throat slit.”

Posiwing, who had Unknown by the scuff of his neck with one hand, with his other cocked back into a fist and drawn back, ready to sock the crimelord’s battered form, looked over and his eyes were filled with shock when he saw a figure wearing a dark purple cloak, the figure had his hood removed revealing the face of an enemy he believed had died “No…” He spoke in a low, horrified voice, “It can’t be… you’re supposed to be dead.”

Jessica was shocked at the change of her husband’s voice, it had sounded identical to Negawing’s deep, growl, she had then noticed that his eyes were now a pair of glowing black hues and she felt her stomach tightened into knots.

“I was dead,” Ghost Hunter said, “but not even the gates of hell could keep me at bay from wreaking my revenge upon you and your family. Now do as I say and drop Unknown.”

Poswing glanced back at Unknown with a vicious glare as he growled, releasing Unknown, the crime-lord felt himself collapsing to the floor. He directed his cold gaze at Ghost Hunter who dropped Jessica to the floor, he had then reached forward and grabbed something from the table that was next to him and threw it at Posiwing. He caught it and saw that it was some sort of katana. “Let’s make this battle a little interesting, shall we?”

“I don’t know how you came back but this time I’m going to make sure there’ll be nothing left of you,” Posiwing sneered.

“As usual your bold threats fail to intimidate me,” Ghost Hunter said with a soft chuckle, “but it is I that will make sure there would be nothing left for you to be buried with.”

“That’s what this was all about? Revenge?” Posiwing hissed. “Have you ever heard the saying ‘he who seeks vengeance must dig two graves, one for his enemy and one for himself?” He inquired, his harsh, deep voice echoing through the room.

“I have,” Ghost Hunter responded easily, the sadistic grin was still in place.

“Good, I hope you listened to it,” Posiwing growled, finally looking up to fix Ghost Hunter with a savage gaze.

(I can remember now
Everything you ever said to me
I can recall the pain
And now the time has come
I can remember now
All the words that made me disappear
I can recall the pain
And now the time has come
For my revenge
For my revenge
Ooh my turn around)

Ghost Hunter made his way closer to Posiwing, who tightened his grip on the hilt of his burrowed katana and sidestepped cautiously to the left, forcing the former mercenary to adjust his course. Posiwing continued to circle Ghost Hunter, “You’re going to wish you’d stayed dead, otherwise you wouldn’t go through this torment before you die.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Ghost Hunter said, raising his blade somewhat. “I am your worst enemy, I am the one who exposed your identity and I shall be the one to kill you, not Unknown, not his pathetic protégé, only me!”

Posiwing tightened his grip on his sword, drew in a deep breath, and then rushed right towards the cyborg, who was also closing the distance between them as quickly as possible. Posiwing raised his sword over his head and quickly bright it down to slice the cyborg in half, but Ghost Hunter phased out of sight, reappearing right behind him. Posiwing ducked, avoiding a ruthless kick from behind that would have taken his head off.

Posiwing had managed to land the first punch, nailing Ghost Hunter right in the face. The cyborg absorbed the blow with a hiss, and then quickly retaliated by burying his knee hard against Posiwing’s stomach. Posiwing grasped as he doubled over, feeling blood rising in his throat. He had never been hit so hard in his life.

Katana grasped in both hands, Ghost Hunter decided to take advantage of the situation as he took a single forward step and performed a lightning-fast underhand sweep that almost knocked the sword from Posiwing’s grip. Spinning and recovering from the previous blow, Posiwing regained his balance and raced forward, feinting a diagonal slash from the left, then twisting the blade around to the right and surging forward. The blade might have gotten past Ghost Hunter’s guard but instead it glanced off the back of his upraised hand, smoke curling from the inflicted injury. Posiwing countered quickly with an upsweep to Ghost Hunter’s neck, but the panther spun to the right, his blade held straight out in front of him as he completed a nearly, nearly cutting the vigilante in half.

Folding himself at the waist, Posiwing skittered backward, parrying a rapid series of curt but powerful slashes. Backflipping out of range, he twisted his body to the right, set the blade over his right shoulder, and rushed forward, hammering away. Ghost Hunter deflected the blows without altering his stance or giving ground, but in the process he had left his lower torso and legs unprotected.

In a blink Posiwing dropped into a crouch and pivoted through a turn for an instant, it seemed that the blade was going to pass clear through Ghost Hunter’s torso, but the panther leapt high, half twisting in midair and coming down behind Posiwing. Posiwing rolled as Ghost Hunter’s katana struck the floor at the spot he had just vacated seconds ago, scrambling to his webbed feet, Posiwing hurled himself forward, catching the panther in the right forearm.

Snarling, Ghost Hunter took his left hand from the katana’s hilt to dampen the sparks at the site of what should have been a wound. Astonishment eclipsed Posiwing’s follow-up attack.

“I know you didn’t have a heart,” he said, taking starting steps, “but I didn’t knew that you’re not fully robotic.”

With determined strides, Ghost Hunter advanced on Posiwing, sweeping his blade from side to side, “I was fortunate that I still have a body left that could be rebuilt after what you’d done to me!” He continued his resolute march.

“That was your doing, you tried to kill me, you were a threat to had to be eradicated.”

Ghost Hunter loosed what could have been a laugh, he stopped short him a few meters away from him. “You know the saying, ‘what doesn’t kill it only makes it stronger’, that rule applies to me as well. I’m no longer the same weakling you’d fought before,” he raised the sword, “Now join your ancestors in oblivion!”

(Do you believe I will forget?
Do you think that I won't see
All the lies that you are hiding behind?
Now is your turn to live in fear
Now is your turn to hide in the dark
The time has come for you to feel what I feel)

Ghost Hunter closed the distance between them in a heartbeat, slashing left and right with potent vertical strokes, narrowly missing Posiwing time and again, but destroying everything touched by the electric-powered blade. No whirling now; no wind-milling or deft lunges. He simply used his bulk and size to remain embedded to the floor, and Posiwing had no defense against it.

Posiwing’s slashing strike to Ghost Hunter’s lower left leg, owning as much as luck as to skill, released another shower of crimson sparks.

Ghost Hunter’s enraged response was Posiwing’s only assurance that he was still fighting a living being, his opponent had to be more flesh-and-blood than cyborg, or he wouldn’t have raged, his fighting style was starting to become aggressive to the point he was nearly blinded with hatred; less focus in his violent attacks. Posiwing left his body growing weaker, he knew he had to end this fight soon.

Posiwing’s determination to thrust his sword into his adversary’s chest had forced the cybernetic panther to adopt a more defensive style that had left his limbs vulnerable. Ghost Hunter had kept his blade straight out in front of him, manipulating it deftly with wrists only, elbows pressed tightly to his sides. Only when Posiwing left him no choice did he shuffle with his feet to avoid an attack.

Ghost Hunter grabbed him by the back of his head and forced him backwards, raising one powerful fist back, when Posiwing took a swing at him with his sword. Ghost Hunter phased out of sight again.

Posiwing looked frantically around, trying to catch sight of Ghost Hunter. The cyborg suddenly appeared right behind him, landing a vicious kick to the base of Posiwing’s spine. Posiwing crashed back to the ground almost instantly.

Jessica took an unconscious step forward, her jaw clenched tight. She was trying not to be emotionally involved, but she was feeling. Posiwing was her husband, and he was facing Ghost Hunter alone, and he was starting to lose.

Ghost Hunter’s shrill laughter had drawn her attention, “A worthy opponent at last! I shall truly enjoy breaking you, Dustin!”

Get up, Jessica mentally begged her husband, who was struggling to get back up to his hands and knees, visibly shaken by the blow to his back and the subsequent impact. Ghost Hunter was advancing towards him quickly, raising the blade above his head for a killing stride. “Get up, Dustin!” She cried at the top of her lungs.

Posiwing’s eyes wide open as he barely dodged to the side through a barrel roll, right as Ghost Hunter brutally slammed his blade down into the ground where Posiwing’s head had been, missing by mere nanoseconds. Ghost Hunter sneered angrily as he looked over towards the mallard, his tail whipping into the ground, cracking it on impact.

The cyborg instantly shot towards him in a beam of crimson light like a torpedo, “I will kill you!” he shrieked at the top of his lungs, cackling like the madman he was. Posiwing swung his sword down right as they were about to meet. Ghost Hunter phased out of sight and kicked the sword out of his hands, and they both began exchanging punches and kicks. It was a blur of moves, blocks in the hand-to-hand combat that looked like a stalemate.

Jessica was sweating like she was the one in an intense life-or-death battle. Something is wrong, she thought to herself worriedly. They appear to be equal in strength, but – she mentally trailed off as her eyes twitched as she watched Ghost Hunter easily break the stalemate by kicking Posiwing hard in the side of the head. Posiwing instantly responded, breaking the hand-to-hand combat by pulling out his ray-gun and firing a beam of blue energy that nailed the cyborg right in the face, forcing him to back away. Posiwing charged right at Ghost Hunter again, but the panther phased out of sight again.

The longer the fight went, the more it looked like Ghost Hunter was gaining the advantage by each passing second. Posiwing looked like he was struggling more and more to keep up with the cyborg’s outstanding speed. And the longer it went, the more punishment Posiwing was taking. Jessica grit her teeth when Ghost Hunter slammed an elbow right to Posiwing’s ribs, making him cough up blood. Posiwing furiously, almost desperately, swung back, but Ghost Hunter ducked almost with ease, coming up behind the masked mallard. Before Posiwing could even turn around, Ghost Hunter had already fired a bolt of powerful crimson energy that hit Posiwing square in the back.

“What’s the matter, Posiwing, can’t keep up with my speed?!” Ghost Hunter taunted as he charged forward, striking the mallard in the jaw with a ruthless kick. “Are you starting to regret challenging a superior entity like me into a battle, are you finally regretting that you wished you had died a merciful chance when I gave you the chance before this all started” he continued, his grin widening as he caught the punch that had been thrown at him, “I cannot be defeated by you or by anyone else!” He snarled as he pummeled Posiwing with a rapid series of punches and kicks before knocking him away with a crimson blast. Posiwing screamed in pain as he was thrown against a wall with so much force that he nearly went right through it.

“He can’t keep up,” Jessica muttered, barely above a whisper, feeling like her tongue was bruned just by admitting it out loud. “He’s not fast enough…” She watched as Posiwing shakily forced himself to get back up to his hands and knees.

Her husband was their only shot for survival, but he was losing the fight. Ghost Hunter had deceived them, he had shown to be toying him the entire time, he had wanted to mislead them to believe they stood a chance against him while he had the advantage the entire time. It would be a matter of time before Ghost Hunter finally wore him down enough and ended the battle permanently.

She could feel Unknown’s gaze shifting on her, and it made the small airs on the back of her neck rise as fresh sweat broke out on her body. She was so sure that the armored crimelord was about to attack her, that she brought out her hand from its holster although she was aware that the crimelord would likely dodge the attack. But Unknown looked casually back at the battle, smirking in approval as the fight became more and more one-sided in Ghost Hunter’s favor.

(I can remember now
Everything you ever said to me
I can recall the pain
And now the time has come
But I can remember now
All the words that made me disappear
I can recall the pain
And now the time has come
For my revenge
This is my vengeance)

Posiwing was becoming desperate, it was brutally obvious that he was lacking the fatigue to continue this fight, and Ghost Hunter had already sniffed it out and was taking fully advantage like a rapid shark. He turned around, only to catch another hard punch to the face, forcing blood to fly out of his beak.

“What’s the matter, Dustin? Can’t keep up? I thought this was going to be a challenge!” Ghost Hunter mocked.

Posiwing growled as he wacked his brain for any ideas, trying to get some new kind of stragety to regain an advantage in the fight that was quickly slipping out of his grasp. He had managed to gotten behind the cyborg as he barely dodged a punch that was aimed at him, he was about to struck him from behind when Ghost Hunter did a backflip, dodging the attempted kick from Posiwing.

“Come on, Dustin! Fight me!” Ghost Hunter shouted, Posiwing glared up at him, short of breath now. Ghost Hunter cackled, “I think its time for me to end this pathetic battle, don’t you agree?” He then charged forward again, landing a brutal kick right to Posiwing’s head, catching the vigilante completely by surprise.

Posiwing was slowly lifting himself to his feet when Ghost Hunter’s shout had been the only warning, “Stay down!” he was knocked to the ground. He coughed up blood as he leaped to his feet and flipped himself over the cyborg’s head. “What?!” The panther cried in shock.

Posiwing hooked his arms underneath Ghost Hunter’s, locking them back and holding him in place, doing it so fast that the cyborg didn’t have time to rect. His muscles strained past the brink as he exerted every ounce of strength he had to keep Ghost Hunter in place as he looked over at his wife, “Fire at him!”

Jessica’s eyes widened when she knew what his strategy was. She was hesitated for a fleeting, fraction of a second. She could kill the cyborg right now with a bullet to the head – but would she kill Posiwing at the same time? It took a brief, precious moment of time for her to remember that her husband might possibly not become a victim of her attack. She needed to fire the gun, she only had one shot to end this nightmare for good.

But by then, it was already too late.

Ghost Hunter threw his head back, slamming the back of his head right into Posiwing’'s face. The blow alone damn near knocked Posiwing out cold, before Ghost Hunter broke through the his grasp and then promptly smashed his elbow hard into the vigilante’s neck, forcing Posiwing crash back down to the ground. Ghost Hunter then turned back, saw the bullet spiraling up towards him, and just barely flipped out of the way.

“Goddammit!” Posiwing screamed in frustration, as he saw the enraged Ghost Hunter dodging the bullet. He gave a valiant effort of trying to defend himself, but he was outclassed as the cyborg charged at him. It wasn’t long before Ghost Hunter fired a vicious and powerful energy blast into Posiwing’s chest, sending him flying out of the ground and crashing into the wall across from them. The cyborg laughed cruelly.

“That was quite clever, had I not reacted as quickly as I did I would had likely been killed by your wife,” he said to them in mock politeness, “but unfortunately for you I am growing tired of this pointless battle, its quite apparent that you stand no chance against me. Why prolong your demise any longer when you know there’s no hope for you?”

He smirked sadistically. His usual M.O. was to finish off who he was killing. It was a waste of time to do otherwise. Long torture sessions were Negawing’s or Unknown game, but tonight, he was willing to play that game. He looked over at Unknown, “I believe you wanted to participate in Posiwing’s death, didn’t you, Unknown?”

“I think that was a great idea,” Unknown said with a devious chuckle.

(I can remember now
Everything you ever said to me
I can recall the pain
And now the time has come)

Posiwing slowly struggled up to his hands and knees. His ears were ringing, and he raised a shaking hand to rub his eyes, trying to clear his vision from Ghost Hunter’s blow. He was badly burned by the cyborg’s previous energy technique. He landed back on the ground hard from another ferocious blow, he coughed roughly when he did. His body was shaking as he slowly sat up, sweat running into his eyes. He forced himself to dive out of the way though when Ghost Hunter sent a powerful blast directly at him. The floor ruptured where he had just been.

Posiwing could barely react before he found himself trying to defend himself against both Ghost Hunter and Unknown at the same time. Unknown wasn’t as strong as Ghost Hunter, but fighting at this fatigue, it hardly made a difference. Whenever Posiwing could land a blow on one, the other capitalized. He was fighting with desperation, which only made him start to slip in his technique. Ghost Hunter capitalized with a tenacity that proved why he was the most feared enemy he had ever encounter, kneeing Posiwing so hard in the stomach, Posiwing could practically feel his insides being destroyed. He doubled over, not even able to take one breath before Unknown roughly grabbed a handful of his white feather hair and forced Posiwing to arch backwards, letting Ghost Hunter slam his elbow hard into Posiwing’s chest.

Posiwing managed to get back up to his knees before Ghost Hunter leveled him with a punch that forced him flat on his back. Posiwing groaned in pain when he felt his beak break from the blow.

“Well, I believe this pathetic battle has gone off long enough,” Ghost Hunter laughed as he started to approach Posiwing’s fallen form. “You had put up a good fight but alas you cannot hope to defeat me, its time I’m rid of myself of you for good.” He was lifting his hand, energy started to glow through his fingertips as he smiled darkly. “Farewell,” he said as his eyes gleamed with sadistic glee.

But he didn’t had the chance to fire it as something heavy struck him in the back of the head, he cried as he took several steps forward. Anger suddenly sparked in his green eyes, as he was fueled with hatred. Who hit me?! Was his first thought as his eyes glanced around and stopped when he saw the gun lying a few feet away from him. He snarled as he directed his murderous gaze over his shoulder to see Jessica. “You dare to hit me you insignificant wrench?!” He hissed furiously, stalking back over to the completely defenseless woman, he pic
"You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done... I would have saved you." - Batman

"That actually is... pretty funny.""- Joker
(Batman to Joker before the latter's death in Arkham City video game, 2011)

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