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Friends don't always grow on trees

Disclaimer stuffs: I don't own diddly squat, except for Liz, she be mine.

This is the first Darkwing Duck themed story I've EVER posted anywhere as I tend to be extremely self conscious about my writing. Its a Liza/Bushroot story, but not like you might think. I wanted to write something that conveyed my OCs personality and Bushroot seemed like the perfect person to have her interact with.


Friends Don't Always Grow on Trees

Liz sighed as she leaned against the back door of the Hamburger Hippo stand, cigarette in one hand and drink in the other. It was the first real break she'd had all night, and she was thankful for the sudden lull in customers.

Taking a long drag from her cigarette, she glanced at her watch. Still two hours before the end of her shift and she still had to do homework when she got home. Tossing the cigarette to the ground, the girl crushed it under her boot and turned to head back inside, when a noise from the dumpster behind the building caught her attention.

Hesitantly, the girl took a step toward the trash receptacle, "Hello? Is someone there?" Something moved behind the dumpster and Liz took another step forward, hoping maybe it was just a stray cat or something.

There was a flash of green and Liz suddenly found herself tackled by a very large Venus flytrap. The girl squealed, more out of surprise than fear, as the creature sniffed at her.

"No, Spike! Down!" Someone called to the creature. Spike whined softly, before sitting back on his haunches and panting happily. "I'm so sorry, he knows not to jump on people."

Liz dusted herself off, "Its alright." She eyed the flytrap. "What is he?"

"You've never seen a Venus flytrap before?"

"Well sure I have, just not one that behaved like a dog. Hes cute." She turned her attention to the creatures owner, "Say, I know you. You're that Bushroot guy, right?"

Bushroot pulled the brown hat he was wearing further down on his head, "You're not gonna scream are you? I hate it when people scream."

"No... why are you poking around in the trash?"

The plant duck fidgeted nervously, "I wasn't poking in the trash, I was hiding."

"From what?"

Bushroot blinked, tilting his head to the side and regarding the girl with a confused expression. "Wouldn't you hide if everywhere you went people screamed and called you a freak?"

Liz considered this, "Well, I can't say thats ever happened to me. Do people really do that to you?"

"Most of the time, yes."

"Thats horrible!" She leaned forward to peer under the mans hat at his face, "You don't look like a freak to me."

"Re...really?" Bushroot hesitantly pulled the hat off. "You don't think I'm a freak?"

"No. Different, sure, but freak is such a terrible word. If anything, I'd say you're... very pretty, though maybe pretty isn't the word one should use in reference to a guy, but as far as plants go, you're quite lovely."

Bushroot suddenly brightened, "Really, you think so? Wow, thanks."

"Don't mention it. I'm Liza."


Liz smiled, "Its a pleasure to meet you, Reg. You wanna come inside. I'll get you some water."

"Are you... sure it won't be any trouble? I'd hate to scare away any of your customers."

"Oh pish posh! Its slow right now anyway. Besides, if my customers can't handle a mutant plant-duck, then they can just go eat somewhere else as far as I'm concerned."

"Are you always this nice to known criminals?" Bushroot asked as he followed Liz into the Hippo stand.

"Actually, you're the first criminal I've ever officially met. But, in general, I am this nice to pretty much everyone. The way I see it, being mean to people gets you nowhere in life. Do unto others and all that."

"I know some that might disagree with you."

"Yeah well, those people are idiots, so far as I care. Have a seat." She nodded toward a stool, then went to fill a small cup up with water. "So what kind of plant are you anyway?"

"I'm a Lyceum Nycanthropus," Bushroot replied, taking a seat on the stool. Spike sat in the floor next to him.

"Thats a flowering plant, isn't it?"

"Mmhm, you know plants?"

"Sorta," Liz handed the cup off to him and pulled up another stool. "We got to study them for a little while in one of my biology classes."

"Oh, you're a student?"

"Community college. I love flowers actually. Daffodils are my favorites."

Bushroot smiled, "Whys that?"

Liz shrugged, "Its silly... when I was little I used to spend a lot of time at my grandmas house in Duckburg. She had a big yard, but the only 'flowers' I ever saw growing there were flowing weeds, like dandelions and stuff, which are pretty in their own right, mind you, but I'd never seen a REAL flower just growing like those did. And then one day, there it was. This gorgeous yellow flower growing at the edge of the yard. It was the first real flower I'd ever seen that just seemed to be growing wild and not in someones garden. They've been my favorites ever since."

"Thats not silly at all, thats a beautiful story."

"Well thank you. I'm actually planning to start my own flower garden as soon as spring gets here. I bet you're amazing with plants, huh? Maybe you could come give me a hand with them."

"Really? You mean that?"

"Sure, why not? I'd love to have help from someone that could actually talk to my flowers for me." She grinned.

Bushroot didn't reply. He simply stared at the girl as if lost in some sort of trance. This had to be a dream. No one had ever been this nice to him before, especially not a girl. "You're not... single are you?" He mentally kicked himself. Why had he asked that? Now she probably would think he was a freak.

Liz was obviously surprised by the question, but didn't appear to be ready to slap him, so that was a good thing. "Me and relationships don't really mix, I'm afraid."

"Oh, well.. heh heh, I kinda have the same problem it seems."

"Really? A cute guy like you? You should be beating the ladies off with a stick."

Bushroot blinked at the girl, then glanced down at himself for a moment before speaking, "We are talking about me, right?

Liz giggled, "You're silly."

"Okay, I get why I don't have luck with relationships, but... you seem relatively normal to me."

"Being normal or not doesn't have anything to do with a persons ability to attract someone, Reg. Some people just aren't cut out for it. Love is a very delicate thing, it takes time and effort and it doesn't always go the way you want it to."

"Boy do I know how that is."

Liz frowned, "Love and relationships don't just happen over night, despite what the books and movies may tell you. Theres no such thing as love at first sight and people don't just go about falling in love all willy nilly. Love is like... well, its like a seed. It starts out small and may not even look like much to most people, but with the right kind of care, it can blossom into a beautiful flower. But sometimes things go wrong. Maybe the soil isn't right or its not getting enough sun, but whatever the reason, sometimes the flower just won't grow."

Bushroot sighed, "Flowers I'm good with though."

"Its an analogy, Reggie." Liz thought for a moment, "Its like this, if its meant to be, it will be. If not, then you move on and hope for the best. I believe theres someone for everyone, but sometimes it takes some of us longer than others to find that person. As for me, I used to want a relationship. Like most young girls, I dreamed of being swept off my feet by some dashing young man and one day having a big fairy tale wedding... but then I decided that instead of sitting around dreaming all the time, I should focus on doing something for myself. So I enrolled in college and now I'm doing something with my life. I don't need a relationship, having good friends is enough for me."

"I don't even have friends though."

"I'd be more than happy to be your friend, Reg."

"You... you would?"

"Of course. Everyone needs friends, even mutant plant-ducks."

"Gee... thanks, Liza, that... that means a whole lot to me. You're, by far, the nicest person I've ever met." He stood up and pulled his hat back on, "Its late though, and I should go... I don't want to keep you from your work."

"Oh, alright then," Liz stood as well, following him to the door. "Stop by any time, I work most nights. You can bring Spike back too," She patted the flytraps head.

Bushroot smiled, "I will. Goodnight, Liza."

"Goodnight, Reggie."

Bushroot remained where he was for several moments after Liza had closed the door, before turning and heading across the parking lot. For the first time in a really long time he felt... happy. Finally he had a friend, and he didn't even have to grow it himself.


Authors note: Lizas daffodil story is actually true for me. They are my absolute favorite flowers and its because I did find one growing at the edge of my grandmas yard when I was a kid. I thought I'd toss a bit of real life experience in there for fun. XD
'Normal' is a delusion. True wisdom comes to those who embrace their insanity. ~ Me

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