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She Doesn't Look Japanese

This is the story of how my original version of Liz (hereby refered to as Story!Liz) met the Fearsome Five through my other OC, Amy. I totally just threw this together on the spot since I had never actually written down HOW Story!Liz met the gang. She was quite the wild goofball in her youth.

As all of my stories dealing with Amys past are currently written on paper and in a box in storage, this will require a bit of background info. My character, Amy Bloodstone, went to school with Drake Mallard and Elmo Sputterspark, and was actually Elmos best friend from second grade until their senior year of high school, when he had his little "accident".

After poor Elmos brain got fried, he and Amy drifted apart. She went on to college and became an accountant. She later lost her job due to charges of money fraud, and became a waitress/bartender at a pub. Eventually shes reunited with her childhood friend, and Megavolt introduces her to the Fearsome Five, for whom Amy begins doing freelance accounting work. She meets Liz at Hamburger Hippo one night and they quickly become friends.


Disclaimer: Blah blah blah don't own crap except Liz and Amy, yada yada and all that jazz.

She Doesn't Look Japanese

Amy sighed as she glanced at the girl in the passengers seat of her car. Liz had her head leaned against the window and was singing rather loudly with the song on the radio. Amy had been on her way to see Negaduck, when Liz had called her, asking for her to pick her up at a night club downtown. Realizing that her young friend had obviously been drinking, and not wanting to let her risk trying to drive home, Amy had agreed to give her a ride.

Pulling the car up to a seemingly abandoned warehouse, Amy cut the engine. "I have some business to take care of," she told the girl next to her. "Will you be okay out here by yourself?"

"Oh sure," Liz sat up, wobbling slightly, "I'll be just fine. You go do...whatever."

Amy looked skeptical. She started to get out of the car, then stopped, "Maybe you should come inside with me. I don't think I wanna leave you out here in this part of town while you're wasted."

"What? I ain't wasted..."

"Yeah, right," Amy got out and moved around to the other side of the car. Helping Liz out, the older woman steered her carefully toward the building. "Just do me a favor and try not to do anything too stupid."

Liz blinked, her eyes wandering around the interior of the warehouse as the two of them stepped inside.

"Hey, Ames," Megavolt smiled as the girls entered. "Whos this?" He nodded toward the wobbly girl at his friends side.

"This is Liza," Amy replied. "I was giving her a ride home. She can't drive right now."

"She doesn't look so good," it was Quackerjack.

"Shes drunk," Amy told him.

Bushroot gasped, eyeing Liz up and down, "How old is she?"

"Not tweny-one," Amy replied, sounding rather irritated. "Wheres Negs? He said he needed me for something."

"Back room."

Amy nodded, then turned to the girl beside her, "Stay here and don't move." With that, she hurried into a room at the back of the building.

Liz tilted her head to the side as she found herself surrounded by four villains, all of them staring at her with amusement. "Hey," the girl blinked rapidly, "you guys are... like, supervillains, right?"

"Uhh... yeah," Megavolt replied. "I'm Megavolt, and this is Bushy, Licky, and Quacky."

"Hi!" The others all waved.

"How'd you get alcohol if you're not twenty-one?" Bushroot wanted to know.

"Oh," Liz smiled, digging around in her pants pocket and pulling out an ID card, which she handed off to him.

Bushroot stared at it. It was quite obviously a fake. "Miko Arishima?"

"Yup," Liz nodded, matter of factly, "thats me!"

Bushroot arched a brow, "This says you're forty years old."

"I take really good care of myself," the girl replied.

The plant-duck tilted his head slightly, "And Japanese."

"Konnichiwa," Liz grinned.

Quackerjack giggled, "I like her!"

"So," Liz glanced around at the group, "how do you guys know Amy?"

"Megs went to school with her," Bushroot replied.

"Oh...Oh!" Liz turned to stare at the electrical genius, "You're the Elmo I keep hearing about!"

"Funny... shes never mentioned you."

"Probably didn't want the girl corrupted," the Liquidator replied.

"Judging by this ID, I'd say its a little late for that."

"So," a voice from behind them caused the four villains to turn. Negaduck was approaching them with Amy following behind him. He gave Liz a once over, "You're Liz?"

"Yeppers," Liz raised an eyebrow. "Damn... you're totally hot."

"You don't say?" Negs smirked, wrapping one arm around Amy. "See, what'd I tell ya, Ames, girls love me." He waggled his eyebrows at Liz.

Amy glared, "Negaduck, you leave that girl alone." Pulling herself away from the man, she grabbed Liz's hand and started for the door.

Liz stumbled slightly as Amy pulled her away. "Byeeeeee," she called cheerfully. "Nice meeting you guys."

"Sayonara, 'Miko'," Quackerjack waved.

The five villains watched them go. "She seemed nice," Bushroot remarked. "She'll probably never come back though."

"Sure she will," Quackerjack replied. "She forgot her ID."

'Normal' is a delusion. True wisdom comes to those who embrace their insanity. ~ Me

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