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My fanfic collection

Since I didn't want to keep spamming the forum with all my stories, and I don't like using, I made a site for them all. Excuse the ads and stuff, but angelfire was the easiest, simplest site builder I could find. If anyone knows of any better ones that have the same basic wysiwyg editor, let me know. I kinda miss geocities. ;_; If I still had my domain I'd just do all the html and crap myself, but beggars can't be choosers I guess.

Feel free to read my random stuff. Its all orderly and what not to go along with my story timeline. You're welcome to leave me comments and stuff here or PM them to me or whatever floats your boat. Enjoy. :3

The majority of my stories do contain swearing and one of them contains discussions of sex, but other than that, they're mostly safe. ;)
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