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Malicia Wrote:Another reoccurring trope: A female who joins the Fearsome Five and manages to get along with the entire group... I've seen that many, many times. The name is usually changed to "Sinister Six" -- which actually existed in the Spiderman universe. The F5 might actually be a parody of that.

I actually referenced something like that in one of my stories. Pretty sure I lost that story tho in a harddrive accident. I always stick with female characters, but kinda fell out of the whole having them actually join the gang thing. Amy and Liz aren't members, they just happen to hang out with them.

They're also both still good people and frown on the whole criminal business. They just tend to keep quiet about it. The only exception is when Liz feels people may be hurt or something. Thats when she'll stand up and say "This is not going down!" That almost ended very badly for her once.
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