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It's a little late but...

(Yeah, like it says this should have been done ages ago but I was lazy. Please don't kill me Negs, I beg for forgiveness.)

Greetings one and all, I am Lynn (as most of you know by now, sorry).
I've been lost in the magical wonderful world of Disney since birth and it is only here that i'm able to find my way through it all to speak of the greatness that is the Masked Mallard.
Darkwing Duck has and always will hold the best spot in my life, be it back when I was a kid and would imagine myself in the show or now when i'm a youthful adult and still see me in the cartoon (i'll never grow up, and no one can make me). I hope to share my knowledge/love of the show to whoever asks and maybe make some friends along the way. So let us go off the rails of this crazy train and have some fun DW style (though I perfer F5 style if ever given the choice, villains rock).
"Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm a Super Villain."
"I reject this reality and so I'll substitute it with my own."
"I am Siren, remember my name, you pathetic fools, and don't you dare forget it." ~ Siren

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