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Frozen Wrath (Chapter Three uploaded, Status: Active)

Frozen Wrath

Storyline Summary: Darkwing Duck has faced all sorts of bizarre and unusual enemies, he has faced powerful crime-lords such as Taurus Bulba and the most wicked duck known to mankind, Negaduck. However when an cold-blooded intergalactic ruler from a alternate dimension arrives to earth, intending to destroy it, Darkwing realizes he is gravely outmatched and decides to orchestrate an alliance with unexpected enemies and friends.

Author’s Note: This is an unusual crossover between Darkwing Duck and Dragon Ball Z Kai, its based on a cancelled role-play idea. The setting for Darkwing Duck, this story takes place in the present setting. For Dragon Ball Z Kai, it takes place in a alternate reality where one of the series main villains, Frieza, has killed the show’s hero, Goku, due to it being an alternate timeline some of the main antagonist’s henchmen that were killed had survived and are featured in this story. The chapters of this story will shift back and forth between both universes until the characters from the DBZ Kai verse will cross over.

Second Note: Even though Frieza (and his family) is the primary antagonist in this story he isn’t the only threat Darkwing and the others would contend with as there are threats such as Negaduck and Paddywhack, who will play vital roles, as well that plan to cause trouble.


In a different dimension, there had been an intergalactic alien overlord by the name of Frieza. A being so terrifying that his name strikes terror throughout the hearts of the universe, a being so powerful that he can easily demolished worlds without blinking an eye, a being so ruthless that he had conquered hundreds of worlds that were each apart of his empire that spread throughout the universe.

However he knew that despite of his extraordinary strength, he was not immortal and like all mortal beings is bound to die. One of Frieza’s mighty warriors were called the Saiyans, even their strength had him worried as he noted their increasing strength from each battle, he feared they would one day surpass his own dark power and destroy him, in retaliation he had destroyed their homeworld to prevent this threat.

Over the years Frieza had increased his raw power by creating forms that would help him suppress his strength, since then he had expanded his empire. Even though his father had took in great pride for his son’s work, his brother Cooler had shown contempt, wanting to seize the empire for himself and jealous that his father had chosen him (Frieza) as the heir instead of him he had attempted to assassinate his younger brother, which attempt had failed. Cooler knew he would never defeat his brother in a hand-to-hand combat as he was weaker than him and after his last mercenary had been disposed the older tyrant had stopped attacking his sibling as he feared Frieza would hunt him down. Frieza knew that he would not live forever and thus continue to increase his power while trying to find any sort of means to achieve immortality where he would expand his empire forever.

Frieza has shown great respect for his father, being the person responsible who had trained him and turned him into the person he is today. King Cold had existed in his secondary form, and unlike his sons he is unable to transform any further, but despite this the cruel changeling overlord is already stronger than both of his sons, Frieza knew that one day he would not only surpass his father in strength but would take control over his section of their empire.

Decades later he had journeyed to a planet to collect the mystical spheres known as “Dragon Balls”, which are said to grant the user any type of wish their heart desires, he wanted one wish: immortality, so he could live forever with no fears of dying and have the entire universe in the palm of his hands. A small rebellion of warriors had opposed him, despite the fact that they have bested his minions they proved to be no much for Frieza’s horrific power as he transform several times, vastly increasing his godlike powers until a Saiyan, who had survived the destruction of his planet, confronted Frieza.

The Saiyan, known as Goku, had pushed Frieza to a corner as he proved to be his equal in terms of strength, agility, speed and power. But Frieza was holding back and with a fifty percent display of his true power, Goku had been overwhelmed by the ferocious onslaught. Eventually he was able to summon enough energy for a powerful attack that had been assembled from the energies from Namek and the planets around it into a titanium. The explosion of the blast had been quite powerful and caught the ice-hearted tyrant straight on and he had thought to been perished from it when he had survived, although heavily wounded, he had struck down the green namekian warrior known as Piccolo and had murdered Goku’s own childhood friend, this had pushed the Saiyan over the edge and he became what Frieza had always feared through his own evil actions: a Super Saiyan.

Unable to match the Saiyan in his current status, Frieza had not only shot a deadly blast into the planet’s core (which will cause it to explode in a matter of moments) but had went to full power. As the titans battled Goku’s own friends had used the Dragon Balls to revive everyone that had died by Frieza and his goons had teleported safely back to earth while Frieza and Goku battled alone.

Frieza shook uncontrollably, unable to fully register what had just happened. The Namek-seijin dragon had not only granted his wish for immortality, but had sent every being on the doomed planet to Earth, with the exception of himself and the damned Saiyan. How did this escaped my attention, Frieza thought. I killed Vegeta and that little namek brat, how is it possible that they were resurrected? That monkey must have orchestrated some sort of elaborate plot while I wasn’t noticing, how unconceivable that these vermin think they can outsmart Frieza and make a fool out of me!

Shaking these thoughts from his head, he concentrated on the task at hand. The Namekian Homeworld has less than two minutes until it would be destroyed, and he still had an enemy to deal with.

Looking at his opponent, the previously unknown Saiyan that had thus far reminded Frieza that he was mortal, Frieza smiled and said, "Let us finish this monkey!"

Son Goku smiled and the fight once again began. Bursting into energy flames, Goku flew at his enemy. Frieza, nearly caught by surprise by the suddenness of the attack, barely managed to block the punch that was aimed right at his face. Frieza ducked under a second punch and thrust his knee into Goku's stomach. Goku gasped as the wind briefly flew out of his body, but immediately recovered and caught Frieza with a vicious uppercut that knocked Frieza back.

Frieza flew at Goku and fought with everything he had, time was getting short. Goku fought with the same fierceness, as both landed telltale blows against the other. The energy coming from the melee destroyed the nearby mountains and created a swirl of hurricanes. The two warriors continued the onslaught against one another, neither side gaining any significant advantage.

Finally they broke away from each other. Both gasping for breath, they both knew that the next mistake would end this long fight. Below them a volcano erupted. Flying out of the path of the deadly fountain of lava, Goku yelled, "This ends now Frieza!"

Clamping his palms together, Goku uttered, "Ka..."

Frieza simply hovered and waited. Yes, it was time to end this.


Frieza extended his arm above his head and concentrated. His hand writhed with purple energy.


Out of Frieza's hand the energy formed into a kienzan disc, a purple disk with a red center in its mass, it crackled with red electricity. Frieza grinned, this was his final attack, it was all he needed to win this battle.


"Haaaaaaa!" Goku's arms shot forward and a massive burst of energy shot from his hands, directly headed for Frieza. At the same time, Frieza reached back and, using all his momentum, hurled the disc at Goku. Controlling the disc, Frieza made it dodge the Kamehameha and fly straight at Goku.

"Now you die Saiyan!" Frieza yelled as he rolled out of the path of the huge Kamehameha. Laughing madly he watched as the disc continued its course.

Goku saw the disc coming towards him and immediately released the Kamehameha so he could dodge the disc. He leapt aside just before it hit him. Looking back to watch the disc, he failed to notice Frieza throw a second disc at him. Turning back just in time, Goku muttered, "What?”

There was no time for Goku to dodge the second disc. He tried anyway, leaping to his right. The disc sliced off his upper right torso, his now dead limb falling to the ground. Goku knew it was over, he had fought the most powerful being in the universe and ultimately ended up dying for it.

“No!" Goku screamed at the top of his lungs, to no avail. Nothing could save him now.

Frieza continued laughing. Finally he had beaten the strongest enemy he had ever faced. He was once again uncontested for the strongest in the universe. He walked up to the dying Saiyan and held his finger between Goku's eyes.

"You are finished you primitive savage, its natural that you could not achieve victory for I am the most powerful force this universe has ever seen.” He said, chuckling deviously. “But don’t fret just yet, I plan to set a course to your homeworld, ape, and plan to kill your brat and Vegeta, thus destroying the Saiyan race. Your world will set ablaze once I’m done terrorizing the populace, it would make a lovely display of fireworks this universe has ever seen once it explodes.” His murderous grin widened in satisfaction when Goku’s eyes widened in horror. “Now as a farewell gift I will put you out of your misery and mine.” He then prompty fired a purple laser-like beam which had pierced Goku’s brain, instantly killing him.

Frieza had then took a deep breath as he powered down, feeling his muscles shrinking in size as he returned to his base form. He needed to recuperate from his injuries that he’d endured, had he fought the Saiyan any longer than the his fatigue would catch up with him, weakening him any further. The sleek white tyrant then flew off to the nearest space pod, a large white pod that had resembled a space-ship.

When he’d arrived there he had noticed there were four other figures waiting for him next to the five space-pods. He had recognized them as the Ginyu Force, the group had consisted of the universe’s greatest elite soldiers. The Ginyu Force, minus the four-eyed pudgy creature known as Guldo, had survived their battle with the Saiyan and his allies, it was only minutes ago that they’d regained consciousness and had ran to the nearest spacecraft to escape the planet which is on the verge to exploding. He’d narrowed his eyes dangerously at their purple skinned horned leader who looked rather nervous. “Well, Ginyu it seems you have not died, give me one good reason why I should spare your pitiful life.” He growled.

“Sir it wasn’t my fault,” Ginyu stammered nervously, his body was visible shaking with terror, “I didn’t knew the Saiyan was that strong.”

“Save your miserable excuses for another day I’m in no mood to hear it,” Frieza said, his scowl deepened as his eyes darkened with rage. “Your lives will be spared for now since I’d acquired your assistance on purging Earth at the first moment I’d gain my strength back. Though I’d expect a full report on this when we’d get back to my base.”

The Ginyus sighed in relief when they’d realized, despite their efforts, that their lives would be spared.

“For a moment there I’d thought our gooses were cooked,” Remarked another member of the four-men squad with a rather deep voice. It was Recoome, a oafish giant of a man with red short hair.

“Shut it Recoome,” The third member hissed at him, a large blue creature, “he could still change his mind.”

“I’m taking this ship,” Frieza said as he rested a hand on a space-pod, it was Captain Ginyu’s.

Ginyu’s eyes widened in shock, “But that’s my---“ his protest was cut off abruptly when Frieza directed his angry gaze towards him, “N-never mind.” He said, the nervousness was creeping in his tone again, “you can use it.”

“Does this mean we’re not going to get paid?” Jeice, the small ruby-faced creature asked with a light Australian accent. However by this time Frieza had already climbed into the space-pod and the door immediately closed in response.

The Ginyu Force all sighed heavily, knowing their evil tyrant was disappointed in them. The only way they could restore his faith in them is by completing their mission by helping him eradicate the remaining Saiyans on Earth. They each headed to their remaining respective space-pods, minus Ginyu had ironically used his late team-member Guldo’s, and climbed in as the doors shut themselves.

The spacepods then took off, just as the planet behind them exploded in a blinding light, fortunately for them they were clear out of the blast range. Frieza stared through the small oval window on his spacecraft. He then reached fort he compartment overhead and opened it, taking out abrand new scouter with a red glass lens. He slipped it on over his left ear, the glass covering his left eye. He pressed the button on the side and a light flickered on his screen with the word ‘activated’ flashing. He then typed on a small console, programming the pod and those that had accompanied it to fly to planet #79, where he would rest and make preparations for the coming destruction of Earth.

As he made his way towards there he closed his eyes as he leaned back, he knew his father was currently at his planet and would certainly be interested where his son’s whereabouts in the last few weeks. He thought of the story he should tell him, about the threat that the Saiyans were capable of towards their family. He would convince his father to accompany him towards Earth, with them working together there would be no one in the universe that could stop him. He smiled darkly as he thought of it, he would extinguish the remaining rebellions who dare to oppose a threat to his reign of terror, he will bring his army which would consist from low-levels to elite class along with the remaining members of the Ginyu Force, after he’s done with Vegeta and Goku’s brat then he will destroy the Earth. He could clearly picture the horrific events in his mind as they’d happened. And as he did he slowly fell asleep while maintaining the same dark grin on his black lips.

He put a blinking, line-shaped metal clip on his forehead, and slipped into sleep. The computer monitored his vitals as he went into stasis until the trip ended.

What the tyrant didn't knew was it was going to prove more difficult than eradicating the people of Earth than he'd expected as an hero would be there to stop him.
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