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Frozen Wrath (Chapter Three uploaded, Status: Active)

Chapter Three:

Three months had passed. Piccolo and Gohan had trained at a vigorous pace, stopping only to eat and sleep. Vegeta had yet to be seen, but both Gohan and Piccolo had felt his power level steadily rise and knew that he was training just as hard as they were...

"Masenko-ha!" A blast of energy flew from Gohan's hands at Piccolo. Piccolo countered with a Light of Death (alternately ‘Special Beam Cannon’) energy blast. The two energy blasts collided and fought heavily to overwhelm the other. Gohan was steadily driven back, and knew he would lose this contest of power if he didn't do something.

Concentrating, his thoughts turned to his father, dead at the hands of an enemy he himself would be facing soon enough. Rage slowly wound itself into Gohan's thoughts. Summoning all the power he could manifest he yelled, "Haaaaaaa!"

A new wave of energy flew from Gohan's outstretched hands into his original blast, doubling the size of it. Piccolo's blast was devoured by the sheer mass of energy coming towards him. "What!" Piccolo yelled and threw himself out of the way at the last second. The blast struck the mountain he had been standing on a second earlier, and completely destroyed it. Piccolo was blown away by the force of the blast.

Piccolo stood up, and in anger teleported behind Gohan, who was breathing hard. Before Gohan had time to react Piccolo hit him with a double axe-handle right at the base of the neck. Gohan fell hard to the ground, nearly unconscious.

Where does that boy get so much power, Piccolo wondered. Floating down he landed beside Gohan and said, "That's enough for today, let's get some rest."

Gohan turned his head toward Piccolo and said, "No Master Piccolo, if I am to have any chance against Frieza I must become stronger. Please continue the session."

Piccolo, impressed by the boy's intestinal fortitude, smiled and nodded. “Alright then,” he said, his smirk widening a bit, “this time no holding back.”

Krillin flew at Yamcha trying his best to get the upper hand in their sparring session. Yamcha threw a punch, which Krillin ducked, and they started throwing punches and kicks at each other. Seeing an opening, Krillin managed to punch Yamcha in the stomach, followed by a knee to the face. Yamcha stumbled back, and threw an energy blast at Kririn. Surprised by the blast, Krillin caught it full force and landed heavily on his back.

"That was dirty, Yamcha!" Krillin proclaimed, beaming at his friend.

"Do you think Frieza's guys will fight any different against us? Remember they’re ruthless killers that will sort to any dirt trick to win a fight, which is why we can’t hold back," Yamcha asked with a knowing smile.

Krillin nodded, he had fought Frieza’s minions before, and knew exactly what to expect. Angered at himself for being caught by surprise, Krillin wished once again that Goku had been wished back to life before him. But, he knew that Yamcha, Tienshinhan, Chiaotzu could never be resurrected if Goku was wished back now.

Might as well make the most of it, Krillin thought. Although I would rather not die again...

Krillin’s thought were cut off as Yamcha attacked again. Yamcha caught him with an uppercut to the chin, which knocked Krillin into awareness. Ducking a second punch, Krillin sweeped Yamcha’s legs and catapulted himself onto Yamcha, driving his knees into Yamcha's stomach. Yamcha groaned as all the air left his lungs, but managed to throw Krillin off of him. Krillin landed on his feet and went into his stance. Yamcha grinned and prepared himself.

Tienshinhan closed his eyes and summoned all of his energy into a single dot. Extending his finger he pointed it at Chaiotzu, who sat fifty feet away with an apple sitting on his head. Chaiotzu gulped and said, "Good luck Tien.”

Knowing he was putting his friend's life at risk, Tien envisioned Chaiotzu sitting in his mind, and focused on the apple. With his eyes still shut, he yelled, "Dodon-pa!"

The single blast flew from his finger at a horrendous speed. Chaiotzu winced and shut his eyes. He felt the blast go right over his head. Opening his eyes, thinking Tien had missed, Chaiotzu was surprised to feel two halves of an apple fall into his lap.

"Way to go Tien!" Chaiotzu yelled, happy for his friend.

Tien smiled and said, "Ready for the next one?"

Chaiotzu grin abruptly dropped.

“Kaio-Ken Times Three!" Vegeta barely had time to blink before he felt the crushing punch land on his face. Goku continued the onslaught, pummeling the weaker Saiyan. Once again, Vegeta saw the massive Kamehameha energy wave overwhelm his own Galick Gun blast and rush towards him.

Shaking the memories from his head, Vegeta continued to ponder on how he could let a younger, lower classed warrior ever defeat him. I am the Prince of the Saiyan race, he mused, how could it possibly be that he was chosen as the Legendary Super Vegeta couldn't understand it, everything he had ever been taught about the Saiyan race was turning out wrong...wrong! I am supposed to be the strongest Saiyan ever to live, how could Kakarot have the power that I should clearly possess?

Releasing his rage, Vegeta powered up as much as possible and continued through a series of strenuous exercises designed to work out every muscle in his body. The training room that human woman had designed for him was the perfect place to train. He already had the gravity up to a hundred and fifty times normal. But, as of yet, he had been unable to become a Super Saiyan.

Frieza...Vegeta rush forward to your doom. He ginned evilly.

"Goku...I'm concerned about the Earth. Frieza will arrive there in three months with his father and a ship of his minions. Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta are not yet powerful enough to deal with Frieza, and his father is more powerful than he is!" King Kai exclaimed. “Fortunately for us Cooler is weaker then Frieza but not by much. I doubt it would matter though in the end, earth is doomed Goku!”

Goku finished his kata and looked at King Kai, an expression of anger on his face. "I know...King Kai.”

King Kai, not liking this answer, yelled, "Goku, why didn't you just kill Frieza when you had the chance?"

Goku didn't answer. King Kai turned away, ashamed of himself for what he had said. Goku had done everything he could to save the Namekian race and their planet. He had saved the people, and his loved ones, by sacrificing his own life. There had to be something, some answer in the heavens that could allow Son Goku to save his friends once again.

Frieza grinned evilly. He had returned to Planet #79 and recovered from the bitter battle. He was now stronger than he had ever been before. In three months he would see the Earth and the last of the Saiyans destroyed.

However he wasn’t the only threat on the spaceship, there were two others as well. The creature that was with him was sitting in the command chair of the ship and was much taller than Frieza was. The changeling had a six-foot long pink, ring-lined tail that swished back and forth under his black cape, two muscular legs that were attached to a pair of bootless three toed feet, a massive torso was attached to the upper half of the lower body that wore highly advanced armor like the beings on board the ship only with a more regal bearing. The figure had a horned crowned and the light had revealed a purple and pink face.

The bare purple skin of the changeling’s arms and legs were exposed by sleeveless upper body, and short black trunks. The figure was Frieza’s father, the wicked giant King Cold that was in his race’s second form. Unlike either of his sons King Cold wasn’t able to transform, but the power he had was beyond both of his children were capable of and that alone had made him one of the most dangerous being the universe has ever seen. He had a disinterested, bored expression on his face.

Frieza, his father – King Cold- and his older brother – Cooler-, the last remaining members of their species, were now heading towards Earth, intending to destroy it.

“In a few short months we shall arrive at our destination, Frieza,” King Cold said, he spoke with a rather, deep, intimidating voice, unlike either of his children, the king had a pair of rather intimidating black horns that glinted ominously in the light as he shook his head, “I still think we should destroy the pathetic planet from space.” He said with a deep frown on his face, “Honestly, it would save us quite the effort.”

“I know father, but I want to slowly play with my prey before I finish them off,” the younger tyrant said with an evil smirk, the smallest and sleekest of the demonic trio, “I intend to force Vegeta to watch the destruction of his new found-home, it would bring back some rather fond memories,” he chuckled, referring to the time he had destroyed Planet Vegeta over two decades ago, “then I will kill him, this time I’d make sure the entire Saiyan species would be eradicate, there is no place left for them to hide from my wrath.”

“And what of you, my oldest son?” King Cold said, directing his gaze towards Cooler. “You’ve been so quite that I had hardly notice you were here. Do you intend to destroy those creatures that dare to oppose our supremacy?”

Cooler smiled, he wasn’t going to let his sibling have all the fun. “Yes, father,” he said calmly in an oddly metallic voice. He was very similar in appearance to his younger sibling, the only major difference being that the former was rather bulkier and more built than his brother. “Vegeta has made some allies, while Frieza is dealing with Vegeta I can kill the others.”

“And perhaps you’ll have the chance to show-off your own enormous power,” Frieza added, looking back at his father, “with the three of us working together there is no force in the universe that can stop us. I want to personally destroy every last one of those fetid monkeys for ruining my plans of immortality.”

King Cold chuckled darkly, “Have your fun, I would only get involved whenever there is no other choice. You alone, Frieza, are more than capable of extinguishing this threat, you’d only brought us along with you so we can play the role as spectators to your show.”

“Figures, you could never control that large ego of yours, even when we were children back in the day you always had the motivation to show-off.” Cooler said, scoffing at his brother.

“If I were you Cooler I’d shut that mouth of yours while you still can,” Frieza growled, swishing his tail in annoyance.

“Don’t worry Frieza, when you fail miserable trying to defeat Vegeta and his friends, I’ll be there to finish the job,” Cooler sniped, loving the fact that he could ruffle his brother so easily.

"Why you miserable little…!" Frieza growled, lunging towards his brother, who had seen this coming and had braced himself for a sibling scuffle as they started to roll over the floor, screaming profanities at the other in rage. It was strange how a couple of the most powerful beings of the universe fought like a couple of kids.

"Frieza! Cooler! Behave yourselves!" King Cold growled, forcibly pulling his two sons apart. They both flinched and mumbled "sorry, father" simultaneously.
"Honestly, I’d raised you both better than this! Alright, now, Frieza, you can have your fun. Kill the monkeys if you want, but don't dally about it, some of us got more important matters to intend with,” King Cold drawled, his look of passive indifference morphing into one of disgust as his eyes scanned the primitive human buildings he was surrounded by. .

"Oh, don't worry father, it won't take long!" Frieza replied smugly. His sinister laughter sounded throughout the spaceship as it headed towards Earth with haste.

((OOC: I’d been a fan of this series for quite some time to know that Frieza’s race was never classified in the show or the manga. Fans often call them “Changelings”, “ice-jins” and in some rare cases “Frost Demons”, one of those names would be used in this story. What I do know, then the fact they can transform several times and have a massive power, although this may be only for Frieza’s relatives, is that only the male members were shown but I always believed that there are also females of this race.
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