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The Old House (A horror story)

The Old House

"We're so dead..." Liz said as she glanced up at the dark, dilapidated house. "This is a bad idea."

"No its not," Quackerjack replied. "This is gonna be fun, you'll see."

Strangers with axes scared Liz less than the idea of spending the night in the old Stevens place. She'd heard stories about the old house, and none of them ended in 'fun'.

"To think I let Megavolt talk me into this stupid dare," the girl mumbled as she took a hesitant step toward the porch. "A whole night in this place... yeesh!"

"Love what they've done with the place," Quackerjack giggled as he pulled Liz up the wooden steps. "The old paint chipped look is SO very chic."

"You have heard the stories, right?" Liz asked. "They say theres bodies buried in the basement."

"Know what? That just makes it all the more interesting. Lets go!" Quackerjack tugged the girls hand as he pushed open the front door and they stepped inside.

The interior of the house was in no better shape than the outside. A thick layer of dust and dead leaves covered the floor and what few broken pieces of furniture there seemed to be. Across from the door, a rickety staircase lead to the second floor of the house. "There should be rules against being in here," Liz whispered.

"Rules were made to be broken," Quackerjack informed her. Pulling a small flashlight from his pocket, he flipped it on and did a sweep of the room. It appeared to be some sort of foyer. "I heard the last person that stayed here was never seen again."

"And THAT makes me feel better." Liz glanced around the room, gasping as Quackerjacks flashlight illuminated something written on the wall. "What the hell is that?!"

"So you think you're brave..." Quackerjack read the wall, "Think you have what it takes? No one survives the horrors of this place."

"Do you think its some kind of warning?" Liz asked nervously.

"I don't know," he replied. "Look, theres more..." He blinked, as realization swept over him. "Oh god, the stories are true!" The two of them stared in horror as they read the last line of the warning. "To know true terror, you must read the first word of every paragraph..."

-The End-

If you got it... I am SO sorry, please don't hurt me. I've wanted to do something like this for so long. >.>
'Normal' is a delusion. True wisdom comes to those who embrace their insanity. ~ Me

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