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Time to stop lurking and actually say hello.

Hello, my name is Turquoisephoenix, and I am a chronic lurker.

I'm trying to fight off this crippling fear of actually engaging people in fandom, because while I have been visiting this board since over a year now (I think I found it when the comic was first announced, even), reading all the posts and topics and the like, I never actually talked to anyone. So it's going to sound creepy but I actually recognize quite a few people here.

I've been like this for years and years and years with the Darkwing fandom (I have a ton of fond memories of old Darkwing websites like Toaster Oven, License to Steel, and Greenhouse but again, never talked to anyone), actually, so I'm finally kicking myself in the butt so I can actually share thoughts with other Darkwing fans instead of being so afraid that everyone's going to rip me apart. I'm still a little uneasy with fandom in general (without talking too much about it, I was in fandoms where people actually actively sought me out and would pick fights with me in unrelated websites because I said I liked the newer material) but I realize that, at least here, that can't happen and this uneasiness needs to change.

...that's sort of why I'm joining after the comic is over, actually. Just to be extra safe. :dwcower:

With that explanation out of the way, I'm Turquoisephoenix. I'm in my early 20's, I'm mostly active on my Deviantart account, where I'm trying to draw more Darkwing Duck art now that I'm no longer afraid (again, this fear, it's so unhealthy) that I'm going to draw anyone off-model. To say that I love this show is an understatement, because I'm currently in a Animation BFA program because of this show. I also like to consider myself an addict of all things animated, so I figure a board like this, I can find people who not just like this show, but also other shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Animaniacs. I just need to talk to more people who share my interests. Hell, I just need to talk to more people period.

To sum it up, hi. Here's my first step to stepping into a broad new horizon, even if it is just a fan forum.

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