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When OC's collide (but in a good way)

Okay, before anyone gets confused, this is a collaboration fic made by Jadie and me involving our OC's Liz and Siren after an odd meeting at Hamburger Hippo late one afternoon. It was pretty much a random idea I had and she agreed to it, so this is what came of our minds mashing onto one story idea, just to let you guys know, what i'm putting down now isn't the whole thing but just the first part, it tells Siren's opener just before the girls really meet, after which Jadie will post Liz's opener and then there will be the actual story of what happens. Hope that didn't give anyone a nasty headache, because then you couldn't read the story and we'll feel bad about it and be sad for a long time...Sorry, got a little weird there, but as they say, let's get it started, here's my part.
It was a typical day in the city of St.Canard, people were going about their live as they do every day, and the same applied to Hero's and Villain's alike, which for Siren was also true. However things for her were slower and more boring than she'd cared for things to get, F.O.W.L. was letting her off the leash for a couple of weeks and NegaDuck had the Sadistic Six reframing from all team activity till only he knows when, which was good in the way that she was free to do as she pleased but bad as after 4 days of just veg’ing on the couch and watch reruns of old forgotten cartoons, well, let's just say doing nothing was really gnawing at her nerves like rabid guard dogs. She needed to move, she needed to get outside, she needed to do some damage, she needed to have some fun, the kind of fun that only a criminal knows how to have, she needed a weak and tempting target to get her blood pumping again, and after seeing a lame commercial pass on her TV the devious wolf knew just what to do.
(skipping time)
*BOOM/alarm blaring*
Siren laughed with maniacal delight as she bolted from the Sixth National Bank (her fourth bank heist in 3 hours, not record setting, but still pretty good for an off day) trailing money from the 2 overstuffed duffle bags over her shoulders just not caring anymore if anyone noticed or not. Suddenly the familiar sound of police sirens began to hit her sensitive ears but it only added to her insane high and her laughter grew.
"Ohhh, *giggles wickedly* so the coppers wanna play, huh? Heh-heh-heh...Alrighty then, let's play!"
As the police began to close in on the more than usual demented wolf, Siren started running backwards and roared at them much to their horror, squad cars flew through the air with the greatest of ease, or at least they did till they hit light polls, buildings, other cars, etc. (you get the idea, it was a complete wreck). Satisfied that she was in the clear, Siren's pace slowed down to an almost childish trot and only once she had made it pass the train tracks did she finally come to a stop.
"Okay, that was momentarily amusing. And I did get a good haul out of all this, so...I'm gonna call this a win."
Now leaning against a crumpling brick wall a strange growl quickly alerted Siren to something she had been ignoring all day.
"*sigh* Great, now what do I do? It's too far to just go home and I haven't eaten all ding-dong day! Why didn't I make that mini piazza when I had the chance? Or remember to bring a soda?"
She knew that talking to herself wasn't going to help her, so she stopped acting foolish for the time being and looked around for any close by source of food, needless to say her search didn't last long as the simple ringing of a dinner bell caught her attention and she spotted a very pleasant eyesore that gave her hope.
"Hmmm...Hamburger Hippo...Perfect."
Slowly she approached the humble purple hippo shaped fast-food stand which seemed rather busy for a Friday and snarled to make her presences known, upon seeing her all the patrons fled the seen and so did the guy working behind the counter which made her regret even coming over in the first place. Just as she turned to leave, sudden movement hit her senses and she sat down hoping someone was brave enough to stay and take her order.
She tapped the bell but no one responded.
She slapped it and still got nothing.
She hit it hard but again no one come out which has really ticking her off (believe me, it's never good to tick her off), with her eye twitching in great annoyance she hurled the bell into the back and finally grabbed whoever was there's attention.
"Uh, okay...What the hell was that for?" "There's no one out here. Can you change that or what?" "Really?" "Would I be requesting you if I were lying?"
That sounded more insulting than intended, but in her defense, Siren was pretty agro at this point.
"Sure, just give me a sec. Okay?"
The wolf just rolled her eyes unamused.
"'s not like i'm wanted by the law or anything like that."
She muttered the last part to herself, not wanting to scare off the only server left in the joint, so she waited patiently but annoyed till at long last a young female duck came out with her face hidden behind a small notepad.
"Alright, so how can I help you this evening?"
The girl sounded as annoyed as Siren looked, probably still hung up on the whole bell thing.
"A cheeseburger, small fries, and large Koo-Koo cola." "Okay...That'll be $5.72."
The girl still had her bill in the notepad as the wolf pulled out a $100 from a duffle bag and slammed it down causing the girl to finally look at who exactly she was serving this evening.
"This should cover it, and do keep the change."
Siren made sure to grin evilly as she slid the money closer to the youth who's eyes had widened in shock, but not just 'cause a well-known supervillain was staring at her, but because no one had ever given her such an awesome tip.
"Y-you...You're really..."
The poor girl just couldn't finish and it only made the villain smirk.
"Careful girl, your face will stick that way if you leave it like that for too long."
The girl shook off her shock but it still lingered on her face, Siren was enjoying this a lot more than she originally thought she would and to think all she really came for was a quick snack, little did both girls know that this was only the beginning of something entirely more interesting than anything they could've thought of to happen.
To be point, Liz's opener, thank you for reading.
"Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm a Super Villain."
"I reject this reality and so I'll substitute it with my own."
"I am Siren, remember my name, you pathetic fools, and don't you dare forget it." ~ Siren

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