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Darkwing Duck Elimination Game

Hello, everyone! Anyone up for a DW elimination game? If you're not familiar with the rules: Every character starts out with 10 points, you can either add or take a point from a character. When a character has no points left, the character is out of the game. You can vote every half hour, and for every turn you can add one point to a character and take one from another.

In order not to drag this out too long, a character can have a maximum of 50 points.

Let's begin!

DW +1
Ammonia Pine -1

DW: 11
Launchpad: 10
Gosalyn: 10
Honker: 10
J. Gander: 10
Grizzlikof: 10
GizmoDuck: 10
Morgana: 10
Neptunia: 10
Stegmutt: 10
Comet Guy: 10
Derek Blunt: 10
Megavolt: 10
Bushroot: 10
Spike: 10
Quackerjack: 10
Liquidator: 10
Negaduck: 10
Taurus Bulba: 10
Steelbeak: 10
Ammonia Pine: 09
Tuskernini: 10
Moliarty: 10
Dr. Fossil: 10
Splatter Phoenix: 10
Camille Chameleon: 10
Phineas Sharp: 10
The Bugmaster: 10
Paddywhack: 10
Darkwarrior: 10

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