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Bridging Gaps (And Maybe Hearts): Insight

lupineleigh Wrote:Welcome back, Lynn. Even though it's been a long time, and I've forgotten parts of the story, I do still remember Siren without having to go back and read anything. I think that is a pretty good sign of good characterization since you've left an imprint on me.
Glad to hear that. If I recall right, you were the most frequent reader (or the one that commented the most), and also the only other person with a wolf icon. Just got internet after a month of waiting, I've gone over the old posts and fixed them where they needed, plus I'm trying my hardest to make the remaining bits before hitting the 100 mark work. My written version is good for me to read, but not great when I think about it, so putting it on here is really helpful in terms of fixing and getting it to feel more like what I originally wanted (I also get to add more character interaction which rocks!). I plan to begin reposting the re-worked and the new parts of the story as soon as I type up part #100. I know that will take its time but I at least want to get that far into it so I'll be hooked and want to keep typing. And it shouldn't take me long, last I recall I had posted into the 70s so the last 30 something won't be much, the only hard part will be toning down some stuff I wrote into more believable scenes (good example being the scenes at Megavolt's lighthouse, originally they were out of character and more naughty but still in a PG13 way, I'm fixing this). Just let me know what you think of the bits up so far, do they need to be toned down more or are they still safe, are they believable, is anyone out of character? Oh crud, it's going on 8am and I haven't slept yet, I'll stop now before I ramble on for too long, nighty night. ^_^
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"I am Siren, remember my name, you pathetic fools, and don't you dare forget it." ~ Siren

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