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Way back in the day I wrote "Life, The Multiverse, and Everything" and "Pairaducks Lost," which dealt with the Posiverse. I handled it as a direct opposite to the Negaverse. Whereas the Negaverse is a dark, scary, unfriendly, unclean place where you never go out without protection, the Posiverse is the kind of place where people are basically good, and a stranger is regarded as a friend. Which is not to say that there isn't evil and crime--there'd be no need for a Posiduck in that case--but it isn't very common. Posiduck is needed to bring such aberrations under control.

The household in my story is Morgana, Drake, Launchpad (an equilateral triangle) and their children. Four were born to them, and there's also Gosalyn, who is (as of the time frame of the stories I wrote) a troubled teen who her adoptive parents are determined to keep from backsliding. She at first joins Negaduck's organization, thinking it's merely some sort of gang. Negaduck is under the impression that this goody-goody universe is populated by sheep, and is not expecting that the goody-goody Darkwing analogue (and his family) can actually fight back effectively.
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