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Your Fanfiction Reading Criteria

I have to agree with the majority of what has already been said up there; frankly there is not much more to add save for my personal little preferences above the “general rules” that should apply for any fic, as for example the afore mentioned proper spelling and grammar.
Consider me agreeing with anything unless something of the following negates the former statement due to personal taste =)

I’m a rationally cold human being; meaning, I don’t really care much for Romance and the “Genre” Romance will make me turn away from the fic just as the “Rating M” will; unless the Summary does miracle work on my brain.
To me, Romance is noting but an empty belief.

I do however love platonic relationships like “Friendship” “Rivalry” “Family”
Examples for the Darkwing Fandom would probably be:

Friendship: Darkwing and LP
Rivalry: Darkwing and Giz or any other DW villain there is
Family: Darkwing and Gos

I don’t mind Morgana in-show and I will appreciate her if she appears in fics, but I will for example not read fanfics that focus on nothing else but DW and her being romantic with each other because frankly - I get bored by that.

What excites me in fanfics is peril. Preferably peril to Main Characters; you can probably call me sadistic on that, but the main characters is what I want to read about and I love to see conflict that is not too easily resolved. Handicap them maybe, to make things more interesting, like Darkwing needing a wheelchair in the “Steeminator”. A fanfic needs to be thrilling, put me on the edge and most importantly intrigue me to read on. Again, I don’t want to be bored by it.
Thus, up to a certain level I will tolerate gore, but really only to a level that still fits the fandom. I will be more comfortable with reading Gore in a “Mulan Fanfic” whose main plot device is a “war setting” than in DWD which is more cartoony oriented up to the point where it sports anvils, harmless accidents and bloodless chainsaws, if you catch me drift.
I also support Angst and Horror if the situation fits :>

OCs... I am careful with, though I’ll have to admit I’ve had plenty of OCs myself in other fandoms for a while. If they are introduced properly and take the spot they are supposed to have as minor characters or plot devices then I am fine with it, because ultimately I want to read about my favorite characters of the show.

Regardless of all that’s been said up there - there is well most of the time at least one fic that stands as an exception to the rule. I have stumbled over the occasional Romance story if it sold itself well or “tolerated” this plot device for the whole package of the fic itself was too interesting to ignore it entirely. I will accept OCs obtaining a bigger role if they are properly introduced and worked into the story at a healthy pace and I will read M-rated stories if the M-rated content is mostly related to violence instead of... that other reason to rate a story M.
I will also accept a poor spelling if that is really the only thing wrong with the fanfic and offer myself as a Beta to improve the fic so it can get the attention it deserves.

Though all of THESE - again - vary, concerning the relevant fandom.
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