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Fanfic writing: throwing yourself at the ground and missing

I've written stories that I thought would rile the readers. I never write to upset people; I write the stories in my head, and sometimes they contain elements that may not be considered "safe." Several times I've done this in the Darkwing Duck fandom. In Darkwing Duck: The Next Generation I gave Negaduck a by-blow named Essobee. In Ahiru I killed Negaduck off. (Keep in mind these were written in the early '90s, and we APA writers were treading very lightly for fear the Mouse's lawyers would eat us alive.)

Later on in other fandoms the same thing happened. Some of my ReBoot stories stirred up a few readers, but less than I anticipated, and never for the reasons I expected.

Lately I've been writing in the Fraggle & Muppet universe. (In my continuity they're different parts of the same world.) Now, these are very wholesome, family-friendly shows, so I was concerned about introducing, um, risky elements. But I tell the stories I want to tell, so I went ahead. In Masks (the theme of which is the metapahorical masks people wear rather than showing their true selves) I portrayed Scooter in a gay relationship. Not one person objected, and the very element that I had worried about got many compliments in Muppet Central, the forum in which I originally posted it. In Commonplace Miracles and many of my other Fraggle stories I portray the Fraggle Five as adults in a "group marriage" type family, not knowing who fathered Mokey's child and not caring all that much, as they consider themselves all his parents. Nobody so much as batted an eye over the polyamorous arrangement. And last week I posted Dancing Through Life, based on It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas. The TV movie had a sequence in which we see what The Muppets would have been like if Kermit had never been born, and among other things Scooter was a cage dancer in a rave club. (I'm not making this up. I only wish I had that wild an imagination!) That image upset a lot of people. I wrote a very short bit about that Scooter and his sister Skeeter, portraying them as MDMA-using hustlers. (No NC-17 stuff onscreen, but loads of implications.) I was expecting the Muppet Central mod to gong it for utter unwholesomeness, but instead he okayed it, and it got some praise, both in the forum and via private message.

So... every so often I'll take a risk in my writing, expecting to take heat for it, and be surprised by the lack of backlash. It makes me think of the gag in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker books, in which people fly by throwing themselves at the ground and missing. Have any of you had experiences like this?
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