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Pimp your fanfiction!

Sure! Let's start with some of my REALLY REALLY OLD fanfic that has been edited slightly and posted up on ... ter_Pilots <---- This story is on crack. My best friend and I wrote it together and I'm pretty sure we thought we were hilarious at the time. I still think it's pretty fun, though.

And then there's my "epic" trilogy which I just finished yesterday! Started in late 2009, the beginning already needs some re-writes, but I'm putting it out there anyway. This one gets a little dark...well...they all get a little dark...but I promise everything turns out okay (though perhaps bittersweet) at the end!

Damn my OC, though. I still couldn't bring myself to kill that bitch. XD ... any_Book_I ... d_Remember ... ond_Chance

I've recently gone back and changed the titles to make them simpatico.
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