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Anthro Water Fowl and Babies

So, I assume that duck people lay eggs? What do you suppose the gestational period is for them? Since they are far more advanced than actual ducks, I would assume it's closer to the 9 months of a human woman, yet in egg form. Thoughts? Feelings? And then how long do you think the baby stays in the egg before hatching? I would assume not very long, considering how far along it would already be from being inside the womb for so much longer than a regular duck. And I would imagine they don't sit on their eggs, lol. I can see maybe wrapping them up in a thick blanket and putting them in a bassinet or something.

I would also assume that it's more common to have only one egg/child instead of multiples at once. As Gosalyn is an only child, and Honker and Tank are obviously several years apart in age.

I'm trying to work something out that makes sense and yet isn't too weird. Input is appreciated.
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