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Reunited and it feels so Goul! Part 2; Darkwing double date?

"Daringly, our hero scales the slippery slopes in secrecy in his most fearless recon expadition to date!" The patter of Darkwing's feet was obscured by the soft soled boots he'd put on before coming. His mode was to remain as tealthy as possible. So why does he keep narrating? " This surveillance mission is of the utmost importance; to find out what those giggling goulish girls are gafawing at."

The brim of his beak bends around the crook of Morgana's parlor window until his whole head is visible. The window is closed, but he can see the knees of both ladies sitting on one of the sofas, wracked with laughter. What were they laughing at? He had to know, even if it cost him is life. With a steady and practiced hand, he managed to drop the screwdriver he'd brought to jimmy the window open. It clattered down the side of the slobe bellow and into the bushes but Darkwing Duck would not be detoured. He reached, stretching himself like taffy to try and separate the window from it's base with just his wings. It worked, sort of. He could only get it a few inches up without completely dislocating his wrists. However, a few inches was more than enough to satisfy the crime fighter's curiosity.

The two were still cracking up and it could be ascertained that Morgana was telling a story. "...And so they show up and start prancing around and making everyone totally sick to their stomachs with... oh what's the word?"

"Nausiating sweetness?" Sharonna offered. "Those disgusting little furballs give me cavities just thinking about them. I can't believe he thought they'd improve your image."

"Oh, he was just trying to help. Failing miserabley, but trying." The laugh again and Darkwing sinks a little on the shingles of the roof outside. "But that's not even the best part. Negaduck shows up and-" There's a crash outside that prevented Morgan from finishing.

The pair rush to the window and peer out into the yard. A purple smudge is compressed into the wet ground bellow. "Dark?" Morgana calls down. "Are you alright?"

"Oh.. you know... the usual broken places and aches." He replies with his beak barely poking up from the mud.

"Well what were you doing on the roof anyway? Spying on us?"

"No, no... just- uh- out for an evening stroll along the more affluent rooves of St. Canard." He stands, brushing himself off and wringing out his cape.

"I see." Morgana folds her arms and nods to her blonde companion. "Well you'd better come inside and dry off. There's something I want to talk to you about before you go."

"I'll be right there my sweet!" The mighty mallards manages to muster the motivation to stand and slink toward the door. What could Morgana possibly want to talk to him about? They'd made plans to see eachother that weekend, so why couldn't it wait til then? Normally Darkwing wouldn't hesitate to fly up the stairs and grab his beloved around the waist, but there was something about her recently that bade him to stay at a distance. Maybe it was that best friend of hers?

"That must be it!" He thought aloud. "That friend of hers has convinced her that I'm no good. Well, I'll show her who's no good!" He mutters incoherently as he climbs the stairs to the sitting room of Morgana's house.

He bursts through the door, his feet barely touching the ground. "Here I am Morgi-worgi puddin' pie!" Fluttering around her, Dark finally wraps his wings around her tiny waist and kisses her.

"Oh gag." Sharonna mumbles watching the display from the window. "Talk about nausiating sweetness."

"Don't judge!" Morgana laughs, embracing her admirer. "Dark , there's something i was hoping to talk to you about before our date this weekend. Would you come with me to the bedroom?"

There was a note in Darkwing Ducks mind that sounded like a perfectly tuned triangle. It reverbarated through his brain and caused all rational thought to cease. Morgana? Bedroom? What? The male bird litterally floated after her down the hall, leaving Sharonna to sit back on the sofa.

"Dark honey," Morgana began, "I know I haven't gotten to spend as much time with you since Sharonna's been back-"
"Really? I hadn't noticed." He feined a casual air.
"But I'm convinced that you can help her."
"Say no more! Robbers? Kidnappers? mail theives? Let me at'em! For there is no crime to complex for Darkwi-"
"No, it's nothing like that, it's something... more difficult."
His eyes grew large and hopeful. "An international espionage mission?"
"A blind date."
"A blind date?"
"A blind Date! I want you to find her someone she'd be perfect for."
"Where on my cape does it say Darkwing Date Delivery?"
"Oh please Dark!" She leans in and kisses him on the cheek. "I've tried convincing her that she should find someone but she thinks she's better off dying alone. And so I made a... a little speech about the two of us and she-"
"Was inspired to begin life anew with an eternal soul mate?"
"Laughed in my face. So I want to prove her wrong. I want you to find someone she can't resist so that when she falls in love I can say I told you so."
"Geeze Morg, I've never seen this side of you before. I kind of like it." His eyebrows flutted and he straightened his hat. "Never-the-less, I'm a crime fighter, not a matchmaker. How am I supposed to find someone she'd like for sure."
"I'll make you a list!"
"Of people? Cause that's almost too easy for this show."
"No, of qualities. If you can find someone who has a good deal of them than they'll be perfect! At least... I think that's what will happen."
"Hope... hope that's what will happen. Please do this for me Dark Darling and I'll make it worth your while." She tugged at the broach affixing her shawl around her neck and smiled deviously.
"I really REALLY like this side of you."
She giggled and turned him toward the hall. "Remember, you can't say a word about this to anyone until you find the guy. If she finds out... well she isn't going to be very happy."
"No problem! Darkwing Duck can keep a secret."


Later, back at the Mallard household, Drake returns to find both Launchpad and Gosalyn right where he left them, on the couch playing video games. "Don't you know too many of those video games will rot your brain?"
"Well obviously we do, because you keep telling us Dad!" Gosalyn shouts, whacking buttons furiously on her controler as Launchpad stares rather blankly at the screen ahead. "So, what was new in the city tonight? Megavolt playing with the power again?"

"Nope, something far more insidious was afoot." Drake hangs up the cape and fedora in the secret panel behind the closet wall.

"Oooh, Negaduck takin' over the city again?" Her eyes never leaving the screen.

"Nope, Morgana wants me to set that old friend of hers up on a date."

"What?" Both players turn to look at the duck sitting down with the paper in the chair near them.

"Yep, she figures I'm good enough detective to crack a list of qualities in order to find her perfect match." He cracks his fingers and begins reading. "Hey wait! She forgot to give me the list!" He tosses the paper aside. "How am I supposed to find this schmo if I dont have the-" Bats flutter through the wall like phantoms and carry between them a piece of paper with Morgana's hand writing. "Oh... heheh... here it is."

"Hi Eek, hi Squeak!" Gosalyn greets as the two rodents flutter back through the wall.

"Now let's see... hmm... Well there's one guy that comes to mind off the bat, but that's stupid! She'd never go for that. Then again, theres... no, no, no! Not him either... than who?"

"When do you have to figure it out by DW?"

"In two days, before my date this weekend. Oh! I don't want to share my date with two other people! Why can't that lady just find her own date and stop crowding in on mine?"

"Well, my uncle always told me, never date sisters unless you want both. I guess they're kind of like that huh?" Launchpad allowed his character to die in the game and got up to stand over Drake. "I'd be your wing man... but I think things might be awkward what with us having the same last name and all."

"Oh, that's okay friend, I'll figure something out before two days are up."

Stay turned for part 3
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