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In My World (Part 2 uploaded)

In My World

Part 1: Through the Screen

"Come on! If that's the best you've got you're never going to hit me." Melony groaned as she glanced at the several knives and weapons stuck in the wall behind her. "I must've really cheesed you off this time, considering you can't hit the broad side of a barn." she stepped to the side as another wave of blades whizzed past and made an outline of her on the wall. "Still missed." she taunted as she looked back.

Negaduck growled impatiently, "Stand still, so I can tear you limb from limb!" withdrawing another chainsaw, he charged forward and swung at her. "How dare you think you can just come back here after spending a day with that sappy do-gooder!" he screamed as the teeth of the weapon shredded some of her cape.

"Hey! This is my good cape!" she said as she dodged another wave of swipes, "Besides, its not like it set you back much."
Suddenly, he dropped the weapon and grabbed her by the throat. "Set me back much?! Nevermind the fact that you run around playing hero all day, but the goons you put in jail were in the process of stealing for me!"

Melony struggled out of his grip just enough to speak, "Heh heh, oh..." she fell to the floor as he shoved her back, "What were you needing with those parts anyway?" she put on a fake smile.

"Suddenly curious are we?" Negaduck turned and walked a few feet away, "Why? Are you just wanting to run off and let the dimwit know what's going on so you can get more of a kick out of this dimension?"

His words stung but she was used to it, "No..." she stood up, "I want in."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. A large duck stuck his head in tentatively, "Boss, the guy you sent to the junkyard is back already."

Ignoring his sibling, Negaduck nodded to the thug, "Send 'em in."

A moment later a small pikachu came through the door bearing the same color scheme as his employer. He carried a large piece of metal that looked like something from an old sci-fi movie. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything." he said as his eyes traveled over to Melony.

"No, just a few pest problems." the mallard glared for a moment at her before continuing. "Excellant. You found it in record time, I like that in a lackie." if he noticed the small pikachu beaming he didn't show it, "Was there any more nearby?"

"No boss, but there was enough aluminum around to keep a few dimwits electrified." Negachu grinned as he rethought shocking all the guards that tried to arrest him.

"Good, good." Negaduck pulled down on a cord hanging next to a large curtain that blended in with the wall, revealing a large lazer. "Then we can get down to business."


"Relax Taylor, its only midterms." one of my friends said as we walked out of the school and onto the bus.

"Yeah, but with the semesters, thats like forty percent of my final grade!" I sighed, ever since they had changed from trimesters the students had been flying in the dark. There was way too much on my plate with all my advanced classes.

"You worry too much." the girl said as she put her earbuds in, "Lighten up. Its not like anything hectic is going to happen in the next few days that'll mess with your mojo. You'll be fine."

"Yeah," I said as I looked out the window, "What's the worst that could happen?"


Storm pushed the door open and stepped into the warehouse before spotting Melony over by a large machine. It didn't take long before she was behind her. "So, this is what he's working on now, huh?"

The duckette stopped and fiddled with a knob, "Yep, he just won't tell me what it does." she adjusted it back to the right setting, "Probably because he's pretty PO'd still."

"What'd you do, hang out with his dopey twin again?" Storm already knew the answer before it came. She pushed back some white streaked hair as she glanced around the rest of the warehouse. "How long he been in this one?"

"A couple weeks." Melony said as she stood up, "A little longer than usual, but he's been busy with this I suppose." she walked over to where a small yellow ball lay sleeping, "He's been here ever since 'ol Negsy left." as she spoke she nudged the pikachu with her foot.

"Ungh." Storm's beak wrinkled, "Not that little rat."

"Who you calling a rat, witch?" Negachu stretched and bared his small fangs, "I'm just here to make sure a certain someone doesn't get too nosey." he narrowed his eyes at Melony as he spoke.

Storm scoffed, "And not just because you're always fanboying over Negaduck?" she waved him off, "Please. You're just a little sparking speck of dust to him."

As the two of them barked back and forth, Melony began toying with the control panel. "Let's see, hmm, doesn't look too hard." she had only twisted a few knobs when a bolt of electricity shot past her head. "What the-?"

By this time, Negachu and Storm had begun shooting off charges at each other. He hit her with one and started lauging. "Oh yeah?" she snapped her fingers, making a small black cloud form above his head and start raining on him. Then it struck him causing a sort of short out. "Sorry to rain on your parade." she sneered.

"Oh stop it, the both of you!." Melony groaned, "I'm busy."

"Hey! You're not supposed to be messing with that!" Negachu got up and shook his fur dry, "Besides, you're doing it all wrong."

"Oh, and you know how to make it work?" Storm asked sarcastically as she crossed her arms.

"Of course I do!"

"Then prove it." she challenged.

He grumbled several things under his breath as he climbed up to the panel. "It's so simple only idiots such as yourselves could not understand it." he said snidely, "I mean all you do is press this button." without even giving it a second thought, he pressed down on the button. Immediately, lights on the lazer blinked on as it powered up. "See, only someone like me could know how to do it." Negachu boasted, "Only someone who is smart enough to--"

"Know how to turn it back off?" Melony leaned forward and blinked at him.

"Off?" he spun around to see the lazer move and point them. "Uh, heh, I think I missed that chapter." he jumped onto her shoulder, "Where did you set it too?!"

She stammered, "I-I don't know! I didn't expect it to be finished already!"

"Wait, this is a transporter?" Storm looked down at the coordinates, "Umm, please tell me thats for an area code in this universe."

"Not likely!" Negachu cried out as a beam shot from the lazer and enveloped the three of them in light. The silvery beam then returned back into the machine and sent it through a wire as if it were an electric current into several parts of the machine and up the the small antennae on top. The end of the dish lit up as it sent the beam outward towards a satellite in space.


"Goodnight Sweetie!" a voice called from below.

"Goodnight mom!" I called back as I opened up my laptop and waited for it to power up. Having been through a long day of schoolwork and babysitting afterward I was exhausted. As the screen lit up I opened a can of soda and entered the password. The generic wallpaper came up as the applications appeared.
"I think I'll just check my email then go to sleep." I murmured to myself as I started up the browser. When the webpage loaded, I typed in my username and password before skimming over the new messages. "Spam, garbage, junk, college info..." The lights in the house died and the screen flashed off for a moment before they all came back on. My computer, instead of rebooting had stayed on the internet and showed a new message just recieved. "That's odd." The subject in for the email started off empty but then began stretching out longer and longer. At first, it seemed like random letters and symbols, but then I noticed a word that stood out and seemed to repeat every once in a while "negaduck".
Shrugging, I clicked on the message. When it opened though the message was empty. However, there was a rather large file attached to it. Considering my firewall didn't block it and my antivirus didn't warn me about it I went ahead and clicked to open it. Suddenly, the screen started glowing and getting brighter. "What the--?" as soon as I uttered the words the screen seemed to ripple and something shot out, knocking me to the floor. Looking down, I saw something yellow laying on top of me.
I quickly stood up and backed away just in time to see another thing fly out of my computer. I watched it for a moment. This one looked like a person, but was all white. "Oh god." I opened my mouth to scream as it started to move when a sudden explosion of pain made everything go black.


Part 2: Strange Meetings

"What do you mean 'It's not working'?!" Negaduck snarled in the face of an average sized scientist that was visibly shaking.

Pushing his glasses back up on his bill he repeated what he had just said, "It must have been used or something. The dimension it sent whatever...or whoever, to is now unstable due to it being in that dimension." he tried to shrink back further away from the steaming madman. Negaduck had had some of his lackies kidnap him to work on the machine and he knew that the slightest slip up could get him killed.

The yellow-clad duck glared down at him. "What?! I can't raid other dimensions right now because some idiot is in a certain dimension for messing around with my machine?!"

"Well, actually there is a possibility that it might be- gack!" he was stopped short as the menace grabbed him by the throat.

"Can you tell who exactly is in that dimension?" Negaduck growled angrily, the scientist shook his head, "Then I suggest you figure out a way to do so before you find yourself in early retirement!" he screamed before throwing him down at the base of the control panel. "You've got one hour." he said as he walked out of the room.


Everything was dark as I slowly opened my eyes. It took a few times before I could actually make sense of what was in front of my face. Two dark red eyes looked down at me as a small animal sat on my chest. Before I could say anything it grabbed my cheek and stretched it out as if testing to see if it were real.

"Amazing." the creature said, "It seems we were sent to a dimension with humans in it." it then glared at me, "You dare try to use a stinking pokeball and you'll be fried to a crisp!"

I covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming as I shoved it off my chest and jumped up. "Stay away from me. Things like you don't exist!"

"Oh, don't we all wish that were true." a voice from behind made me jump. As I turned around I lightning struck behind the figure making her look demonic. I took a step back away from the figure.

"You too! Stay back!" I glanced aroud the room, looking for something to defend myself. As I backed away, I snatched a plastic whiffleball bat that had been left from a few days ago. "Or I'll be forced to use this!"

The figure near the window scoffed, "That? Please."

I watched as the end of their finger glowed then felt the plastic start to feel warm. In a matter of seconds the weapon was reduced to a pile of liquid. "Oh sh**." I whizzed around to run and stopped as I realized another figure was standing right behind me. Instantly, I shrank back as they reached up and pulled the cord attached to the light in the center of the room.

The small space filled with light allowing me to actually see the figures standing around me. The small yellow one looked like a pikachu with red and black markings on its body. While the other two looked like humanoid ducks in....very familiar looking outfits. "Oh god."

"Now that we can see each other," The duckette who had been standing behind me said, "I can honestly say you looked better in the dark." she made a face, "What kind of mutant are you anyway? No beak, no muzzle, no snout..."

I ignored the comment that should've gotten me angry considering I wasn't the one with a huge beak on my face and looked at her, "Melony?"

"Yeah, that's my name, now as I was saying; what kind of...wait a second-"

"How do you know her name?" the other one, dressed in mostly black and a few spiked accessories, asked as she grabbed my shoulder.

"Relax Storm, I'll explain in a minute." I said without really thinking.

She spun me around, "Alright, how do you know my name?" there was a hostile tone in her voice as she glared suspiciously at me.

"I-I well created you...both of you." I stammered, realizing my mistake.

"Oh really? That's sure gonna surprise the heck out of mom and dad!" she turned around and stomped over to the window.

"Oh just drop it, hot head, its not like you ever knew your parents." the little pikachu said snidely earning a torched hide. "Hey! Thats not my fault!"

"I created you too Negachu." I said and I watched his small mouth drop. I stepped back and slid down the wall and onto the floor before burying my face in my hands. "This can't be happening. I have midterms this week!"

"Midterms? Pfft, what classes are you taking?" Melony asked as she sat down next to me.

"Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, English, and Spanish...." This was beginning to feel more in depth than it should.

"Whoa! Um, besides helping you manufacture a bomb, I got nothing." she shrugged sheepishly.

"Thats just because you dropped out of highschool and that's all you ever use chemicals for." Storm said from the corner.

"Okay, this isn't possible. You're all just figments of my imagination probably brought on by me eating junk food and staying up too late. All I have to do is wake myself up." I got up and banged my head against the wall, instantly giving myself a headache and making me dizzy. "Okay..." I said as I stumbled around for a second, "That felt more real than I had hoped."


Negaduck burst through the door of the warehouse followed closely by the rest of the Fearsome Five. "Well, what have you got? Good news I assume." he cocked an eyebrow as he spoke.

"Y-yes sir." the scientist fumbled with a small remote control, "Using this, you could send someone into the dimension terminate the disturbances to allow stability to reign again. Then the machine will be operational again."

"Is that so?" Negaduck narrowed his eyes, "Is it safe for someone without this special little trinket to go throught the portal?"

"I'm not sure, I suppose we'd have to test it first."

Negaduck grabbed hold of Bushroot and thrust him forward, "Alright, test it then."

"W-what?!" Bushroot stumbled and tried to back away, "W-What if it doesn't work?"

"Then we become the Fearsome Four." Negaduck said nonchalantly, "Now, start up the stupid machine before I really get annoyed." he growled.

The scientist ran over to the control panel, "Y-yes sir." he gulped as he pulled a lever and pressed down on a red button. The lazer turned and glowed at its tip before shooting a beam down, engulfing Bushroot, and sending him off in a secondary beam out the roof.

The yellow-clad menace tapped his foot and glared down at the small duck in a labcoat. The duck hurried to the secondary control panel and reviewed the readouts on the screen.


In the house nextdoor to the one currently housing a family, two ducks, and a pikachu, a computer screen lit up before spitting out the mutant plant duck onto the short shag carpet. Bushroot lifted his face to see a bed with a grown man sleeping. The mutant nearly gasped as he saw a glint as the moonlight hit a police badge lying on the dresser.


"Well?" Negaduck asked a few moments later.

Pushing his glasses back on the ridge of his bill, the small scientist answered. "He's there and alive." he turned around in his chair and pointed to the device in the menace's hand, "You can only get back by using that. Otherwise you can only return through whatever you come out of over there."

"Yeah yeah yeah, I get it." Negaduck pressed the button, "When I get my hands on whoever has been messing with my plans..." he was cut off as the four of them were hit with the lazer, sending them to the other dimension.

Outside the warehouse, Darkwing stepped back from the window, "Aha! So that's what's been going on with all the crimes the past few weeks." He pulled out his gas gun, "All I have to do is wait for that scientist to leave for a few minutes to give me time to pursue them."


One by one, the villains shot out of the computer and onto one another in a heap; Negaduck being the last. He swung his head around, taking in his surroundings when he saw Bushroot motioning to an object laying on the dresser. Upon seeing it a grin spread across the menace's face as he looked back at the man that was stirring.

"What? Who's there?!" The man sat up to see several figures standing in the room.

"Good evening, Officer." Negaduck growled as he advanced on the man. Within a few moments, he was bound and gagged. The menace dusted off his hands, "Now, that that's taken care of...its time we get down to business."
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