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My dream

Dear Mal,

I had a dream last night. I was on the top of a building and I was waiting for you (your fan duck character). I have no idea why I was waiting for you but I think I was trying to track down the bad guys and thought that you will lead me to them. It then change to another scene where I am in a little wooden outdoor house with a female plant duck (I have no idea where she come from) and a female duck that is just like the joker girl from Batman (again, I have no idea where she come from). You (Mal) was outside the house near the front, looking around and then all of a sudden big monster bug creatures came out and attack us. You was beating the bugs up at the front while the female joker duck try to fight the bugs that got inside (she was not doing a good job fighting them). Me and the female plant duck was freak out as we are scared of bugs and we scream in horror as they got close to us. I grab the chair nearby and told the bugs to stay away or I will hit them with the chair. The plant duck then use her power to make a plant shield which surround the house with you (Mal), me, the plant duck and the joker duck inside. It kept the bugs outside where the smallest bugs are crawling all over the shield trying to break through it. I went outside to see what happen and then I ran back inside as I was worry that the bugs will break through and attack us. I went to the plant duck and saw that she can no longer hold the shield up. We thought that we were done for so I said to them that if we weren't enemies, we could have been good friends with each others (I the good guy while you (Mal), the plant duck and the joker duck are the bad guys). The others agree with me and then I told them how great they are. You (Mal) came in the house and I told you how great you are and that we could have been good friend. The shield than break and we look outside only to see that the bugs are gone. We have no idea how that happen but we were happy that they were gone. And that where my dream end as I woke up.

I hope you don't mind that my dream is using your character. Please don't Negsswipe me.

Thank Mal :crouchaction:
"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
"Crystal, that's my line!"
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