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My Worst Enemy (Second Chapter Uploaded)

Worst Enemy

Summary: Third of the “Tortured Soul” series, Posiwing Duck is known to have two dangerous enemies out of his entire rogue gallery: a highly-trained skilled assassin by the name of Ghost Hunter who is able to turn himself invisible and manipulate energy beams, and a nefarious doppelganger by the name of Negawing who is from an alternate dimension bent on conquering the world and is able to pull out weapons of destructive out of nowhere. Both enemies are descendants of two notorious weapons who had plagued Saint Canard over a hundred years ago; Ghost Cat and Negaduck, and one of them is determined to each the other’s legacy to continue their own.

Over the years both villains had established a rivalry towards each other as they battled Posiwing, but when one of them is able to succeed killing the younger masked mallard, their rival has became an all-out war. Now only the victor of this battle will prove who is truly Posiwing’s worst enemy…

Setting: Takes place in a alternate timeline where Ghost Hunter succeeds in killing Posiwing Duck.

Chapter One: Death of a Hero

Posiwing Duck was panting heavily as the battle had raged between him and his most dangerous adversary ever, the cybernetic panther’s attacks became more relentless and aggressive, and as time went by Posiwing found his body was weakening by each deadly assault as Ghost Hunter seemed to be growing stronger by the second. He brought his hand to his face to wipe the trickle of blood that was running down his beak. He was growing tired, he was losing his strength.

In a blur of shining, blood-soaked steel, Ghost Hunter sped across the room with inhumane speed. His katana were met by Posiwing’s, the loud screech of steel straining against steel echoing against the walls. They strained against each other for a moment before breaking away, Posiwing aimed a strike for his opponent’s chest. Ghost Hunter, already in the air after breaking away earlier, had no chance to dodge and let out a grunt as the katana grazed his chest, slicing cleanly through his purple cloak and leaving a thick red gash across it.

The panther stumbled back, eyes narrowing before rushing at Posiwing, slashing at the blue-clad mallard as he passed. Posiwing’s teeth clenched tightly to suppress the sudden scream that threatened to emerge his from his throat and tear through his beak as a thick crimson line appeared across his chest, the blood seeping into his jacket and turtleneck shirt.

“That wasn’t a strike to kill,” Ghost Hunter growled as he spun around to face Posiwing once again.

“Neither was yours,” Posiwing replied as he crossed his arms before him. “I want to make sure you live long enough for me to pay you back double what you did to my wife.”

“And here I thought you weren’t the type to fight for revenge, Dustin,” Ghost Hunter sneered, spitting the name as if it were poison.

“Normally, no. But I don’t mind making an exception for scum like you.” Posiwing hissed, black hues flashing. He then rushed past Ghost Hunter, slashing the cyborg across the chest as he did so and coming to a stop several feet away from him.

Posiwingg lanced over his shoulder to see the damage, only to have his eyes widen in surprise as he saw only a shredded bit of what had once been Ghost Hunter’s cloak where the cyborg should have been.

"Shit…" Posiwing hissed, glancing around for his opponent.

The next thing he registered was a hot, searing pain running diagonally from his left shoulder to across his torso. Posiwing let out a cry of agony, a few droplets of blood shooting from his mouth to splatter to the ground as he stumbled forward. He sucked in a shaky breath as he glanced down his front with wide, bloodshot eyes.

Ghost Hunter’s sword had reopened the wound from his previous battle against the cyborg! It wasn't nearly as deep as the original wound, but it was still deep, blood dripping from the slice in his jacket and turtleneck shirt onto the stone floor, completely soaking his shirt front in crimson.

"Well…that's interesting." Ghost Hunter remarked suddenly from a few yards in front of Posiwing, a horrible glint in his eyes. "One of your old battle scars? Is that one from I had inflicted a month ago? How quite ironic, now you’d partial understand why I’d been through when you mutilated me, although this will be only the beginning of the torment I have in store for you.”

Posiwing sucked in a breath through clenched teeth as he glared at Ghost Hunter. "No. This wound stopped hurting a long time ago. Now it's just another reminder of another promise that I made."

He looked over at Jessica as he tightened the grip on his sword; he would do everything within in his power to protect her, even if it means killing Ghost Hunter.

“Another promise? Ah, the look in your eye says it all to me: you’re hoping you can save your pitiful wife from me? You seem to have made a lot of those; it’s rather stupid of you. One should never bring so many expectations upon themselves, they'll only drag you down in the end." Ghost Hunter drawled.

"Maybe to you it seems that way, but I don't regret making any of them. I doubt you'd understand why, though." Posiwing growled as he forced himself to stand upright.

Ghost Hunter snorted. “Then you’re a bigger fool then I thought.”

Posiwing made no reply to that as he suddenly shot towards Ghost Hunter again, becoming a blur of deadly steel. The moment he did this Ghost Hunter vanished once more, leaving nothing behind in his wake.

The blue-clad mallard skidded to a stop, frowning. Instead of looking around the vigilante closed his eyes, fists clenching around the katana as he simply listened.

“You’re more skilled than I anticipated, Dustin, but atlas I’ve grown weary of this battle, I’d give you a glimpse of the hell that awaits you before you die.” He could hear Ghost Hunter’s disembodied voice echoed around him.

But then he heard nothing again, save for the deafeningly silent for the longest time as he stood there, simply waiting. Every so often he would hear the sadistic murderer’s cackling laughter as he taunted him but he choose to ignore it.

It was then that his ears just barely caught the sound of steel slashing through the air…

The descendant of Darkwing fell back onto one foot, spinning around to face his opponent as he did so. He brought forth one blade to narrowly block both of the swords that had nearly dislocated his shoulders when he used the second blade to slash across the panther’s after doing this Posiwing flipped beneath Ghost Hunter’s arms to skid to a stop behind his opponent. “That’s for Jessica!” He snarled through gritted teeth.

Ghost Hunter let out a cry of pain as blood spurted from his new wound, eyes widening in shock. How did he…

Posiwing didn’t even give his adversary a chance to finish his own thoughts as he brought both swords over his shoulder. “And this is for everyone you’d killed over the years! Feel the pain you had inflicted on their lives, you heartless monster!” He snarled as he shot at Ghost Hunter once again, bringing both swords down in a diagonal slash across Ghost Hunter’s back.

Ghost Hunter slowly climbed to his feet as he did, sparks of electricity was gushing wounds as he rose to his feet which had took a deal amount of effort. And Posiwing could see the wild look in his eyes as they stared back in a mixture of inhumane hatred. “You will pay for that…” He snarled, his words dripping with venom. He had to admit that he had underestimated his opponent before but now he was furious, he will not be humiliated by him again!

He then held both swords above his right shoulder, as Posiwing brought the swords together in a defensive block, bracing himself for the incoming attack. And without any warning the panther had launched his devastating attack as he slicked both katanas downward, muscles tensing with the strength needed for the attack. “I am through with you and this miserable battle, its time we settle this in once and for all!” He cried angrily

The resulting wind shot at Posiwing, becoming two razor-sharp waves that sliced through the mallard, sending him flying upwards towards the ceiling. Crimson blood spurted from his new wounds and fell around him like rain, the ceiling cracked from the force of the attack.

The sound of glass breaking filled the room as Unknown brought his hands over his head to protect his face from the falling debris, he could see that Jessica was doing likewise. The armored crime-lord could see cracks were running all along the surface to the corners of the room, as bits stone fell from the ceiling. Unknown could see that one of the stone walls had collapsed on itself from the force of the attack, and much to his surprise he saw Posiwing fell to the floor as Ghost Hunter approached him, his face was twisted into a snarl.

Ghost Hunter stared at his opponent’s unmoving floor. “Get up,” he hissed. “I know you aren’t dead yet. Get up!”

Posiwing lay there in silence for a moment before his arm twitched, he slowly got to his feet. “So then… you really were serious about making sure I lived.” He coughed. “You are determined to carry out your vengeance to the bitter end.”

Ghost Hunter’s eyes narrowed dangerously. As he then charged at Posiwing, aiming a kick for the vigilante’s jaw. Posiwing only just barely managed to dodge this, attempted to counteract with a punch that the mercenary had narrowly avoided by flipping back onto his hands and swinging another kick into Posiwing’s chest. This one connected, sending the weakened mallard flying into the nearest wall.

Posiwing slowly got to his feet and snorted as he stood, brushing a trail of blood from his lip with the back of his thumb. “One way or another I fill stop you. You’re nothing but a crazed psychopath, a disease with its only mission in life is to destroy others, I cannot allow you to live any-longer.”

“Don’t make me laugh, you were dead the moment you’d challenge me to direct confrontation!” Ghost Hunter cackled as he charged at Posiwing, striking the mallard with a kick to his shoulder, sending him forward into the neck kick to his ribs. The kick sent the mallard flying backwards into the last of the mercenary’s attacks as he disappeared and reappeared before him.

The final kick struck Posiwing in the lower back, sending him flying into the air. “Ghost Hunter, I’m joining in this battle!” He heard Unknown called over to him as the panther jumped back after this, just in time to avoid a blast of flames from the armored crime-lord.

The flames filled one half of the room, a loud cry of pain sounding from within the blaze as the fire enveloped the blue-clad mallard. After a few moments the flames cleared just enough to reveal a singed Posiwing, whom was stumbling a bit on his feet.

However, the fire was not entirely gone, and from the blaze came Ghost Hunter, with a horrible glint in his murderous eyes, arms crossed before him. “Hello again,” he said with another dark snicker.

Posiwing let out another cry as two deep gashes appeared across his front, the force of the blow sending him flying back to slam into the stone with a sickening crack. Groaning, the vigilante slid to the ground and stayed there, unmoving.

Unknown frowned as the fireball in his hand had dissipated into nothingness. “Is that it?”

“No, he’s not dead yet,” Ghost Hunter said, shaking his head. “Get up, Dustin,” he snarled, pointing the blade at his opponent with a crazed gleam in his eyes, “Get up so I can knock you back down. I am determined to make sure you live… only killing you by the inches.”

Posiwing let out a breathless gasp as he slowly got to his feet. But much to his surprise the panther suddenly vanished without a trace, leaving the room deathly silent. He gritted his teeth, glancing around. “Where is he?” He demanded, feeling the feathers on the back of his neck stand on end. Something horrible was about to happen…

Then he heard Jessica let out a cry as two slashes suddenly appeared across her chest, blood spurting from the wounds. “Jessica!” He screamed in terror, his eyes widened with horror as he rushed towards her but then he felt a small tear slashing across his face, had he been at the same spot a few seconds ago that sword would have taken his heard off. But then he felt another blow caught his shoulder, slicing through it and hitting the bone.

“Jessica… I’m coming,” he said, trying his best to ignore his pain as he rushed towards her, he could hear the sound of steel slicing through the thick layer of rock, one of the support beams nearby collapsed due to two slashes in its surface. Unknown let out a cry as one of the blows narrowly hit him, instead cleaving a great gash into the stone floor next to him.

“Ghost Hunter, stop this attack this instant!” He demanded, knowing that the panther was going so fast he can’t even tell where he was aiming. “You’re going to kill us all if you keep this up!” He warned, but before he knew what happened he felt a blow struck him in the stomach, had it not been for the armor he wore it would had pierced through his stomach.

Jessica was shuddering as she labored for breath, her warm bright emerald eyes were now only staring listlessly into space.

Posiwing’s eyes narrowed, but he kept his eyes on Jessica as he approached her. Why wasn’t she moving? Why wasn’t she even reacting to his presence? “Jessica? Jessica?” he cried, trying to draw some sort of reaction from his wife. But she didn’t stir, she simply remained there, shuddering and staring directly ahead. “Jessica, look at me! Come on, Jessica!” Again there was no response. “Jessica!” He cried, sounding desperate, his yell commanding out as a command. “I’m here! Look at me! Wake up, Jessica!”

For a moment Jessica’s eyes seemed to focus just a bit, but this vanished as quickly as it came, as if Posiwing had only imagined it. Posiwing felt a stab of pain going straight through his heart as he stared at her.

“D-Dustin… don’t…” a small, weak voice rasped, so quiet it could barely be heard.

Posiwing’s eyes widened as he looked back to Jessica. Had she just spoken? His eyes widened when he saw that she was panting and he quickly rushed over to her as he fell to his knees next to the convulsing woman. “Jessica!” He cried.

“D-Dustin… help… it h-hurts…” She whimpered, face contorting into one of agony as she lay there and twitched.

The vigilante, unsure of what to do, grabbed the woman and pulled him close, enclosing his wife’s convulsing body in his arms. “It’s all right… you’re going to be fine,” he murmured, trying to sound calm as he took Jessica’s shaking hands into his own. His fists clenched around her sweating palms, he could feel warm, flesh blood from the black-feathered mallard’s back soaking itno his shirt. His face twisted into one of rage, Ghost Hunter had done this intentionally, he will pay for this.

“D-Dustin…” Jessica stuttered, her smaller fist gripping the vigilante’s as he shuddered.

“Jessica…” Dustin squeezed back as he moved her hands so both of them were held in one of his while he used the other to brush some of her hair away from his eyes. His face twisted grimly and he knew the truth, she was dying and there was nothing he can do to stop it. He continued to squeeze her hand, watching as his beloved’s face contorted, sweat coating her black face.

He felt her pulse faltering beneath his fingertips, he could see the way her shaking lessened as the remaining strength was draining from her body.

“Don’t die, you’re not going to die… do you hear me?” He cried a she looked back to his wife’s face, his eyes narrowed as they were filled with rage, sorrow, and pain as he squeezed her hands in his own.

She gave a small, weak grin. “Dustin… don’t loose yourself, don’t become a monster like Ghost Hunter. Take… care of yourself. We’ll meet again… in Heaven.” She managed to croak out weakly.

“Jessica, you’re not allowed to die, damn it! You’re supposed to become a mother, remember? We were going to raise a family together, we were going to grow old together! Don’t let this scum take everything from you that’s important. You can’t fail, you hear me? You’re a police officer… your code is your honor… and I am your husband. I promise I would abandon my life as Posiwing Duck, that life means nothing to me anymore… I can’t go on without you.” He cried, his voice cracking with emotion as his tone becoming desperate as he held her close to his chest, feeling her heartbeat. He paused, sucking in breath as he felt her fingers squeeze around his once more.

“Jessica… before I met you I was just a crime-fighter, sure I had my parents but I had no one important in my life, I was alone with no friends. When I meet you everything had changed, I felt like I had a true reason to keep continuing my life, to survive battle after battle so I can live another day with you.” He wasn’t sure why he was still talking, but he felt as if maybe as long as he did, she would keep breathing. “You were the first thing that seemed important to me since as long as I can remember, my life has changed because of you… I’m different now… you gave me something new, a new promise I haven’t felt like this… you made me felt like I became a stronger person…” He paused again, voice cracking.

If he lost Jessica, he’d have nothing left. She was the reason why he abandoned his life as a vigilante, before than he had nothing left to live for but she had given him a sense of purpose.

She continued to smile weakly, saying nothing as her breath hitched. It hit Posiwing now, what he wanted to say. Needed to say, had to say.

“You can’t die, Jessica… don’t you see? You changed me… I can’t imagine living a life without you.. if I lost you… I can’t imagine it. You gave me this new reason to live, so you can’t die… because I love you…” he whispered.

A tear drop fell upon Jessica’s face to mingle with the sweat and blood upon it and Posiwing blinked… when had he started crying? He didn’t cry, Posiwing Duck did not cry!

But he was crying now, and he couldn’t stop it. The tears were streaming down his face as he held the woman he loved close to him, feeling her heartbeat slowing by the second, feeling her grip on his hand tightened as she took a final breath.

She smiled weakly up at him, innocent, trustying eyes of emerald green meeting Posiwing’s tear-filled blue orbs.

“I know.”

The words passed her beak-lips, a quiet whisper in his ear. Those were her final words before her heart finally stopped beating and her grip on Posiwing’s hand loosened.

Jessica Mallard died with a smile on her face.

Posiwing took a sudden, sharp intake of breath. He couldn’t accurately describe the sensation. A sudden chill had come over him, it was if a tight cord had been tied to his chest and had suddenly snapped, the recoil sending him stumbling. That cord had been connected to something, or someone, very dear to him, and to have it suddenly gone hurt like a physical blow. It was as if something had been torn from his chest, from his heart.

He hated it. He wished there would be some sort of noise. Something, anything, because if there was noise it would help take his mind off the tiny, beautiful form in his arms. If there was sound, maybe it could distract him from his grief: distract him from the tears still streaming down his cheeks.

This couldn't be real. It wasn't possible. Jessica could not be dead, she just couldn't be…

The blue-clad mallard sucked in a breath, eyes squeezing shut, his fingers tensing and pressing against Jessica's skin. He could feel the body's warmth ebbing away, slowly being squeezed out by death's frigid grip. This only made him want to hold the woman's body closer, made him not want to let her go…

Wake up, please wake up! He wanted to plead. He wanted to scream until Jessica's eyes finally opened once again and his wife would give him that warm, assuring smile just like she always did and Posiwing would realize Jessica had only been unconscious and needed severe medical attention, she would survive from this and everything would be fine then…

But even with these hopes rushing through his head, Posiwing knew they weren't true. Such things only happened in fairy tales, and Posiwing's life was anything but that.

Those wide, innocent eyes were never going to open again. Jessica would never laugh again, getting excited over the smallest indication of hope; she would never give him that special smile that was for him and only him, the same smile that gave him a strong reassurance that they could overcome any obstacle.

Jessica would never laugh again, never run around on the deck of the Going Merry getting excited over the smallest thing, never whine to him about how hungry he way, never give him that special smile that was for him and only him.

Never again.

He pulled away slightly, brushing away some of the blood on Jessica's face, caressing his wife’s soft black feathers with his own rough, white ones. A tear fell upon the woman’s face and Posiwing quickly wiped it away, tried to ignore it as several more quickly took its place.

Posiwing did not cry. He rarely, if ever, had felt the need to do so, and if he did he always brushed it off as a weakness that he could not afford to have. He never cried…except for this once.

For Jessica, tears were worth it.

Even so…Jessica wouldn't have wanted him to cry. Jessica wouldn't want him to be sad, would she? But even when Posiwing tried to will the tears to stop, they kept flowing anyway.

“I’m sorry for failing you when you needed me the most, Jessica…” he said softly, realizing how dry his throat was. She was the only person that had meant the world to him, and now she had been taken away. Why did he have to go through this, to have lose someone so important to him… Jessica had known of the dangers in Posiwing’s life as a crime-fighter and would take any risk, any sacrifice to be with him… and now she is gone, just like that, it was like he lost a piece of his heart that he can never reclaimed.

Jessica Rivers was dead, and she took a part of Posiwing with her that the vigilante would probably never get back in his life…

Posiwing bit his lip as he pulled Jessica's body close once more, rough, his fingers running their way through the woman’s matted, blood-soaked hair. He took another deep breath, and that was all the sound there was as the tears continued to stream down his cheeks.

All that accompanied his grief was a deafening silence that stretched throughout the room, ringing in his ears as if it were a sound in itself.

Posiwing still hated it.

And then the silence was finally broken with Ghost Hunter's cold, heartless laughter. It echoed throughout the room, reverberating off the walls. It was a hollow, horrible sound, the sound of a madman cackling in triumph.

“I have finally done the unthinkable, I had finally broken you! I had taken away what’s important to you, and now with your wife gone you lost everything! How does it feel to know that you’d lost everything?” Ghost Hunter cried as he glanced at Posiwing’s kneeling form, a horrible sadistic grin upon his face. “To have come so close, only to fail at the very end? You didn’t defeated me soon enough, and now your wife is dead! Do you feel pain? Grief? Guilt? Despair? Now you know what happens to those who dare attempt to foil the plans of the great Ghost Hunter!”

Posiwing remained silent, shadows falling over his face so no one could catch his expression, though his entire body stiffened.

Ghost Hunter chuckled. "Speechless? This is what happens to those who disrupt my plans! You were foolish enough to try, and now look at yourself. You should had simply died instead of stopping me, and now you’ve paid the grievous mistake by letting me live! In the end, you are nothing but a pathetic weakling, and I’d finally broken you.” He then scoffed in disgust. “They say that love is the greatest power in the world, but in the end that wasn’t nearly enough to save your wife. Let this be a final lesson for you and all who dare oppose me! Regardless, I will have my revenge one way or another!”

“Then do it!” Posiwing growled as he stood to his feet, glaring at the cybernetic panther him with daggers, if looks could kill then he would have dropped dead right there. “I’ve got no other purpose to live so ago ahead and finish me off.”

“As you wish,” the panther said with a sadistic grin as he then vanished and reappeared before Posiwing, “Prepare to-“ but he didn’t even finished as Posiwing struck a kick into Ghost Hunter’s jaw and then sliced another gash across the panther’s already mangled chest. “Gah!” He let out a cry of pain as he reeled backwards, blood gushing from this new wound. He pulled his lips into a ferocious snarl as he glared back at the mallard, “You insolent fool!” He roared as he then stroke him with a kick to the stomach with as much strength he could muster. The force of the attack sent Posiwing flying back into the already cracked wall.

With a loud shattering noise Posiwing broke through the wall, his body flying into the night sky. He seemed to hang there in the sky among the stairs for a brief moment; time seemed to stop altogether, before he tumbled downwards and landed with a sickening thud upon the ground.

Ghost Hunter rushed over to the great hole in the wall, staring down at his fallen opponent for a moment, wind whipping through his hair. Then, without a word he jumped from the tower after the mallard, blood-soaked katana glistening in the starlight as he followed him. He wasn’t going to rest until things were finished.

Blood was running into Posiwing’s eyes, he fought to remain consciousness, above him Ghost Hunte jumped from the gaping hole in the wall, dropping to the floor with a grace he hadn’t displayed before and landing just meters away, with his metallic hands crossed in front of him, the night win whipped through his hair as he fixed his cold, green eyes upon the twitching, bleeding form of Posiwing.

The other man was covered in gash after gash, bleeding so profusely he could barely move as Ghost Hunter approached him, lightning flashed behind him giving him a demonic profile as he drew his sword. Posiwing blinked blood from his eyes, lifted his sword hand only to realize that he had lost the weapon during his fight, he slumped back, loosed a ragged, resigned exhalation. Ghost Hunter had also noticed that his enemy’s eyes were now longer black but had regained their normal, bright, blue hues.

“I knew when I took this job I wouldn’t have to worry from dying of old age,” he told the cyborg, before pausing to cough up a bit of blood. The splotch of crimson landed with a small splat in the pool of blood surrounding him. “Of all the enemies I made over the years, I thought it was Negawing who would most likely kill me; he was my worst enemy after all.”

Ghost Hunter said nothing, he simply stood there before the vigilante, the silver blades of his katana dyed completely red. Blood covered his body, both his and his opponent’s, as he stared down at Posiwing with hard, unfeeling eyes. The eyes of a demon.

Then after a few more moments he let a soft chuckle to escape his lips as he responded, “He never had what it takes to bring your downfall, and when I’m finished with you I will go after that fool and kill him, that way it will prove I’d always been your worst enemy,” Ghost Hunter responded as he came to a halt.

“That may be true,” Posiwing said, as if to himself, “but your reign of terror will be stopped, even though I won’t live to see that day.” His eyes darted to his right and then left, as if searching for some means of escape.

Ghost Hunter fell silent for a moment, making up his mind about something as he then replied, “You are clearly mistaken, I have no end.”

Posiwing chuckled. “Typical arrogance, just like any other villain you are blinded by pride and that will be your undoing.”

Then his stomach convulsed, and he coughed blood. The fall hadn’t only broken several bones, but ruptured an vital organ. He was dying. Backing away from the panther by using whatever little strength he could muster to use his only moveable arm and his leg to crawl away from the panther, trying to maintain as much distance s he could.

He could feel the wind tugging at his clothing, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth, as he clearly struggle to live. Ghost Hunter stood over him, his right hand resting on the hilt of his sword, though he had no intentions of using it against his enemy since he was in no condition to continue the fight.

Not too long ago our positions were reserved with him standing over him as he watched me die, now the tables have turned.

More importantly, the former mercenary’s blood-lust had been appeared; replaced by self-possession of a sort he had never before experienced, it was as if he had crossed some invisible threshold to a new world. It had felt to him that he had done more then avenging himself from his previous loss, but had claim a piece of his soul. He felt invulnerable in a way that had nothing to do with the cybernetic components that had replaced the organic limbs of his body, nor the gadgets, but rather that the prostheses were less than a burden. And it took the death of his worst enemy to usher him over that threshold.

He gazed down at Posiwing, as it should had been before his resurrection. He recalled the way the hero had gazed down at him, watching the life vanquish from his enemy’s eyes, someday he would gaze down at Negawing and Unknown in the same way.

Posiwing coughed weakly, “What are you waiting for, Takeshi? Strike me down, there is no way I can survive this.”

Ghost Hunter planted his fists on his hips, “Then you do accept your fate. It is inevitable after all.”

“Yes, there’s no point in denying it, death comes to us all at the end and I’m not afraid of it, but I know you are,” He studied at his enemy’s face and he could see a flicker of emotion in his enemy’s eyes, it had been brief but he could recognized it as fear. But then much to Ghost Hunter’s surprise the masked vigilante appeared to be grinning at him. He coughed blood and a laugh, “It seems my words speak the truth,” his expression suddenly changed, from smug to almost rapturous. “Soon Jessica,” he muttered, mostly to himself, “Soon I’ll be with you.”

Ghost Hunter pressed closer to hear him, “Even in your final moments, your mind foolishly clings to the prospect of hope, there is nothing but oblivion that awaits you.”

“You are wrong, Takeshi, you may have no belief for an afterlife and that’s why I pity you,” Posiwing said, his tone was now weaker than before, “You may have killed me but now I can join my love, you will not receive the same reward. It’s a shame that it had to end this way with violence, instead of settling this in a peaceful compromise.” His bloodstained lips form themselves into a sublime smile, “It doesn’t matter if you survive this night, it doesn’t matter if you got away with my murder or if you find and slaughter ever hero as you did with me, because I understand that someone will rise to stop you, a bright light will shine even through the darkest night of despair and grief, and despite after your greatest attempts to destroy all that stands for justice, you are destined to fall for good… will never… die…”

Ghost Hunter was still gazing down at Posiwing’s inert body when Unknown and several guards were clad in dark red body armor from head to toe had emerged from the building. Unknown scowled in disgust at the sight of the corpse. “So ends the career of Posiwing Duck. But now we’ve got another issue to contend with, what our young feathered friend had told us earlier when we interrogated him it seems my former protégé Negawing is currently residing in the Negaverse.”

Ghost Hunter smiled, “Then I suppose we’d journey to the Negaverse to bring the battle to him.”
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